• Understanding the cosmic language

    Understanding the language of astrology can help you navigate your life and take control over your situations. Life is unpredictable but astrology allows us to have a cushion for the fall. It is your cosmic blueprint and it can tell you many things about yourself. Astrology can show you how to reach fulfillment and self-awareness. It can pinpoint the best and worst days when it comes to planning. You can even study your relationships with others all through astrology.

about kelsie

Young and enthusiastic, Kelsie has been studying astrology for a very long time. While she does enjoy traditional systems, she leans more into practicing tropical western astrology. She analyzes the movement and positions of the planetary bodies & approaches her readings with a calming and inviting vibe. Focusing on how astrology can build your intuition, confidence, and self-awareness, Kelsie offers insight based on client experience, her own experience, and her years of knowledge on astrology alone. She is able to make observations that will have you in an "aha" moment & recognizes patterns within charts that can help you feel understood. Kelsie is a self-taught astrologer but one day hopes to complete a certification course for her own personal achievement reward.