All About Your Life Path Number in Numerology

All About Your Life Path Number in Numerology

Your life path number is considered to be the most important number in your numerology chart. Your Life Path number reveals a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter during this lifetime.

How Can I Find My Life Path Number?

It’s pretty simple math to find your life path number. Follow this strategy and you can feel confident in finding yours and others life path number.

  • Reduce each unit of your birth date (month/day/year) to a single-digit number or a Master number (Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33)
  • Next, add each of the resulting digits (or Master numbers) together and reduce the total again to a single digit, or a Master number.

For example, if you were born on January 01, 2020, you would calculate your Life Path as follows:

Month: January is the 1st month of the year. 01 reduces to 1 (0+ 1= 1).

Day: The date of birth is 01. 01 reduces to 1 (0+ 1 = 1).

Year: The year of birth is 2020. 2020 reduces to 4 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4). If you end up with a double digit number (other than a Master number), you would just reduce it again. (1 + 9 + 9 + 6 =25 / 2 + 5 = 7).

Now add the resulting single-digit numbers: 1 + 1 + 4 = 6. The Life Path number in this case is 6. If you have life path 11, 22, or 33, you are considered to have a Master Number.

Life Path 1

Life path number 1 individuals are strong leaders, independent, and generally are hard workers. They are fueled by energy and many have a passion for art. They set goals and express determination to reach these goals. They want to be first place in all that they do.

Expressive and bold, number 1 can sometimes get impatient if things aren’t moving fast enough. They can become flustered and irritated if things aren’t going their way. This person is all about doing things their way or no way. This behavior can lead to extremes however. It would be smart for a 1 to learn compromise and agreeing to disagree.

Creative and innovative, 1 loves to tackle new projects. Often enough, the find creative ways to solve problems and enjoy the rush of figuring things out along the way. They tend to multi-task quite well so handling many different tasks as once is a breeze.

They can be overly demanding, critical, and arrogant. It’s not that they mean to come across in this way… it’s just that they have such a strong need to be ahead of the game and success, that they often will focus on what it is they need to get there and disregarding those around them. Unevolved person can become very egotistical.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 3: both of you are charming and creative. You fuel inspiration in the other
  • Life path 5: you share common interests and goals. You both are always moving and be quite the power couple.
  • Life path 9: opposites DO attract. Life path 9 can teach 1 to compromise and life path 1 can teach 9 to be more assertive.

Life Path 2

Life path number 2 individuals in numerology, are one of the most loyal personality numbers. They strive for harmony and balance in their friendships and relationships. Number 2 can have trouble with standing their ground and sticking up for themselves often. This is due to the fact that they are natural peace seekers.

Therefore, they often neglect their own emotions in order to place others first. While empathy is not a bad thing, it can lead to number 2 feeling like a doormat throughout their life. It’s important for this number to find their backbone and stand their ground.

Life path 2 has a harmonious nature and thrives well when placed in healthy relationships. In fact, this number is quite the romantic. They compromise well with others which makes getting through the tough parts in a relationship more bearable for them. You’re a natural mediator and an ever better communicator. Your empathy is so strong that you can understand the emotions of others effectively.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 2: 2’s understand other 2’s. Indecisiveness can cause friction.
  • Life path 8: practical and down-to-earth, 8 offers guidance and protection to 2.
  • Life path 9: both romantically inclined and share high emotional intensity between each other.

Life Path 3

Life path number 3 individuals in numerology is an optimistic and creative number. They like to learn new things and know quite a lot. Due to their curious nature, it can be hard for a life path 3 to ever know what life path they needs to be on. They’re always trying something new or jumping to the next! They do make great writers, speakers, actors or teachers.

They are excellent communicators and love to connect with others . Number 3 has a childlike personality and a bright aura that surrounds them. However, it can be difficult for a 3 to understand their own emotions. It takes this life path number many years of learning about emotions before they ever truly can express them properly.

Therefore, they tend to be filled with much self-doubt. With such amazing potential, they end up feeling insecure and go off track. This number pays to much attention to the details rather than the bigger picture and easily overthinks themselves to death. It’s important for a 3 to express their talents freely in order to not fall in a pit of anxiety or depression.

Life path 3 is romantic and a die-hard lover. It can be hard for them to let go of relationships due to their loyalty. This leads to many of them staying in unhappy relationships for too long. It’s important for a 3 to be grounded and stand up for themselves. Otherwise, they easily will become a doormat.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 1: both charming and intelligent, these two compliment each other well as they inspire each other
  • Life path 6: stability and encouragement is found in this relationship and usually, their chemistry is strong
  • Life path 9: both are adventurous and wild at heart, never a dull moment when 3’s and 9’s link

Life Path 4

Life path number 4 individuals in numerology are determined and often successful. Hard-working and practical, this life path number is somebody who certainly will not let others down. They have a hard time with ever finding peace since there minds are constantly going at a rapid speed. Mental stimulation is important to this life path number, otherwise they can suffer with quite a bit of anxiety.

They are dependable and fairly organized. They prefer routine and order but they can be stubborn as well. They like to see things as, “it’s my way or the highway” and this can cause them some tension with their peers. They’re bold, honest, and very loyal. Life path 4 can struggle to relate to others emotions which can sometimes make them appear as insensitive.

The life path 4 is a seeker of knowledge and has great leadership skills. They come across as too serious most of the time and do tend to be argumentative, whether they want to admit to that or not. Their home is their sanctuary and it’s important that life path 4 has somewhere they can call home. If their home is sloppy and unorganized, you can bet that they 4 will not be satisfied and prone more to depression. Physical clutter is emotional clutter to these people. They prefer to keep things organized and tidy.

Life path 4 is overall very protective over those they love, including themselves. They will guard their hearts and not give it out easily. They will defend their friends and family and refuse to back down until they’ve made their point. These individuals stray away from the big risk-takers, rule breakers, and rebel souls. They prefer to stick to a traditional way of living and not make many erratic spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 4: these two can help each other reach success. Both stable and secure, they will feel at harmony together
  • Life path 6: both are practical and can find it easy to commit to each other. They can offer one another the security they’re both looking for
  • Life path 8: each share similar values and interests and allow the other to have the space they need in order to reach career goals as career is most important for these two numbers

Life Path 5

Life path number 5 individuals in numerology are playful, freedom-loving, and outgoing. They are creative and quite dramatic as well. They thrive with the arts and need to be able to express themselves. Life path 5 is a quick learner and probably knows quite a bit. Talented and successful. However, this life path number has so much energy that often enough, they appear scattered or make poor choices. 

This life path number also is known for their impatience. They do everything so quickly and they expect others to do so as well. If others do not meet their expectations, the life path 5 can feel let down and frustrated. This number likes to take risks and also doesn’t stay at one thing for too long. Once something new comes along and it’s more excited, they can just leave their project in the dust and maybe return another day to it.

Adventurous and freedom-loving, this number requires their space in relationships. They love attention and admiration, but they need to be able to do their own thing to feel themselves. They’re not much for routine so something exciting in love is guaranteed to keep them around. It’s hard to land a life path 5 but if you give them their freedom, they’ll give you a lifelong love and loyalty.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 3: both will bring creativity to the other and the relationship is sure to be fun. Both require freedom and while this relationship will never be dull, it can be short lived but exciting
  • Life path 5: both share same values and can find mutual ground often enough. They can offer one another the freedom they both need
  • Life path 9: each share similar values and interests and allow the other to have freedom. This relationship can be fun and exciting while providing freedom they both need, and can communicate easily about their feelings

Life Path 6

Life path number 6 individuals in numerology tend to be nurturing and enjoys helping those in need. Especially close loved ones! However, due to their ability to give, give, give, this life path number can become a doormat if they don’t learn boundaries. Many other life path numbers tend to reach out to 6’s for guidance and answers. Even complete strangers! This number attracts others, easily.

It’s important that a life path 6 learn the balance between giving too much and taking on more responsibility than they can handle. This number is a workaholic and if this energy is not balanced with relaxation, a 6 will appear to be anxious overwhelmed quite often. They also have a natural critical eye and can spot out the details pretty quickly. They are perfectionists and expect others to be this way as well.

Due to a 6’s high expectations, they can get discouraged in others around them more so than often. If a 6 can learn to channel the balance of their need to act self-righteous and to being open-minded and helpful, they can be enjoyable and intelligent number signs to be around.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 2: 2’s will create stability and security in the 6’s life and these keywords are important to a 6. They both can provide each other with loyalty and compromise
  • Life path 6: both share same values and each want long lasting, stable relationships. They can both provide each other a strong and secured foundation as both of their focus’s will be on commitment 
  • Life path 9: this coupling creates harmony between the two of them. They are both nurturing numbers and are caring. The 9 can inspire the 6 to a wider outlook on life. The 6 should avoid being critical to 9’s visions and 9 should avoid being too egoistic. 

Life Path 7

Life path number 7 individuals in numerology are naturally intuitive. They may feel as if they don’t belong in this world, always feeling different from the rest. They are so in touch with the Universe and radiate a harmonious energy. This life path number usually chooses solitude over a group gathering. They are independent and loyal people.

Number 7 expresses knowledge beyond the depths of this world. They are on a constant mission to find the truth. However, they can become dissatisfied quite easily if their expectations are not met. This can cause life path 7 to have many disappointments in life.

This numerology life path number comes across as aloof and distant but the reality is, they’re just being yourself. It’s important for them to express their true nature and not fake an image to meet societies standards. They are different and need to learn how to embrace it. The moment they become more comfortable with who they are is the moment that others can appreciate their unique personality as well.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 2: 2’s will create stability for number 7 and the 7 will provide understanding to the 2’s life. The connection is always almost immediate
  • Life path 3: Both of these life paths are on the never-ending search for truth. 3’s can bring creativity to the 7 and the 7 can bring a sense of seriousness to the 3’s wild heart
  • Life path 4: 4’s bring the security to a 7 and this also makes for a committed relationship. The two of them are goal-oriented and grounded

Life Path 8

Life path number 8 individuals in numerology are practical individuals. The number 8 needs personal freedom in the terms of finances. They crave financial stability and will do all that it takes in order to succeed. However, their income is up/down which often leads to a love/hate relationship with money. These individuals often feel threatened in their own personal power and need to find a healthy balance in maintaining it. 

The Life Path 8 has outstanding entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities. They just have to unlock these qualities to reach their Highest Self. Quite often, this life path number tends to be a workaholic. Making little time for fun and play. They can push themselves past their limits easily. This usually leads life path 8 to be very stressed out. It’s important to find the balance between personal power and material gain.

This number approaches life with a fearless attitude. Learning to be more authoritative than domineering will be an important life lesson for these numbers. However, they need to learn to loosen up a bit and show compassion where compassion is needed. They are so set on proving themselves and sometimes they can neglect the needs of others because of it. This need for approval often stems from a difficult childhood.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 2: 2’s are goal-oriented and the life path 8 admires this. These two bring each other to balance if they can find common ground when it comes to compromising
  • Life path 4: Both of these life paths are similar. Difficult childhoods bring mutual understandings with these two. They both have great respect for one another
  • Life path 6: 6’s and 8’s are both goal-oriented and practical. They have similar paths with similar interests, but need to be careful of trying to not dominate the other

Life Path 9

Life path number 9 in numerology are enthusiastic and natural humanitarians. This number carries the vibration of all the other numbers, making it a very strong life path number. This number represents endings into new beginnings. The number 9 is a wise old soul and have great wisdom. They’re extremely gifted with the spiritual realm. It’s important that they get in touch with their spirituality. The key concept for this number is to let things go, wrapping it up, and finding completion. 

Childhood could have been quite difficult for these life paths. They may have felt, and still feel, as if they don’t really “belong”. An outcast or a black sheep would be the perfect word to describe this life path number. The life path 9 is a great inspiration for humanity. Others naturally gravitate towards this number due to their charismatic personality. Natural leaders and artists, this life path number has what it takes to lead humanity to a better cause. The life path 9 can sometimes focus too much on helping others, when they really need to make sure they’re giving themselves the same amount of love they do for others.

Compatible with:

  • Life path 3: Life path 3 and 9 are both adventurous and creative. They get along quite well and have mutual understanding and respect for one another
  • Life path 6: Both of these life paths are similar. They both lean towards a humanitarian lifestyle and care deeply about the needs of others. They share the same life path interests
  • Life path 9: Two 9’s make for perfect compatibility. They both are share the same interests and are very similar to one another. They will both thrive from the one another