An Astrological Overview Of COVID-19: The 21st Century Pandemic

An Astrological Overview Of COVID-19: The 21st Century Pandemic

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) was first started in Wuhan, China, December 2019.  As of 18 April 2020, more than 2.29 million cases have been reported across 210 countries and territories, resulting in more than 157,000 deaths. More than 583,000 people have recovered.

The first case in my country, which I will be using for this blog post (United States), was in Washington, U.S., 21 January 2020. In the month of January 2020, we had some pretty strong, rare astrological transits that happened. Could this have been an indicator of coronavirus? I certainly think so.

Let me explain:

Looking at the first case of coronavirus from an astrological P.O.V., I decided to pull the astrology chart for January 21, 2020 in Washington.

As you can see, here we have Saturn and Pluto in conjunction. These two planets paired up together on January 12, 2020. This conjunction happened under the sign of Capricorn, which represents the public, government, economics and businesses.

Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions and Pluto is all about uncovering what’s been hidden, death and rebirth. The average Saturn-Pluto cycle happens about every 30 years.

This does not mean that a deadly pandemic happens every 30 years. It just means every 30 or so years, something very dramatic and life changing happens. However, the reason for this virus is due to the third planet moving in conjunction with Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter.

1990 Was The Last Time Saturn-Pluto Conjoined:

  • Jun 21, 1990: 7.7 Manjil-Rudbar Earthquake with hundreds of aftershocks hits Iran; killed about 50,000 people.
  • Jul 2, 1990: 1,426 pilgrims trampled to death after a panic in a tunnel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Aug 7, 1990: US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia beginning Operation Desert Shield

Jupiter & Pluto Conjunction

Jupiter expands everything it touches. It grows, amplifies and puts things into a larger perspective. When you have Jupiter touching deadly Pluto, this is what causes the spread of coronavirus. Jupiter and Pluto will stay in conjunction for the entire year but will occasionally drift off apart further than 6° out. The planets will be in tight conjunction (6° or less) on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th.

Now, as scary as it all might seem, Jupiter also brings new visions, gifts, and breakthroughs. So I do believe if we the people come together as one and work with the Universe to stay safe from this virus, we can overcome it. Jupiter will also be moving into Aquarius and meet up with Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020.

With this restrictive influence lifted for several or so months, we may literally begin to feel like we can relax and be at ease again. This brings revolution but restrictions, lessons learned. This transit will wake up many people and bring our unique goals and ideas together as a community (Aquarius) to start the process to bettering our Earth and making a change.


On March 21, 2020, Saturn left Capricorn and moved into Aquarius. Saturn had been in Capricorn for the last 3 years and will also be in Aquarius for the next 3 years. However, Saturn does turn retrograde this year, starting in Aquarius and moving back into Capricorn in July. Saturn then turns direct and will move into Aquarius on December 17, 2020. Here, Saturn will then stay for the rest of it’s transit cycle.

Aquarius brings on social gatherings, events, public places, social organizations and groups. Saturn brings restriction, control, and structure. Interestingly enough, Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 21, 2020.

On March 13, President Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency. Businesses started closing, clubs, music shows, events, churches, and more. We were ordered to remain in isolation, (Saturn in Aquarius seriously represents isolating to a T!) and social distancing.

I personally believe that once Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn in July, we will begin to have a lift on things and almost if not everything will once again be opened. As of April 18, many businesses are already in the process of opening up again and more are supposed to open through the month of May.

However, I still believe that we shouldn’t start neglecting the safety regulations because I don’t think that’s the end of Coronavirus. I think that we have about a 6 month window and around November 2020, we may be hit with another first case of coronavirus.

Due to this transit lasting 3 years, I don’t think we’re going to officially be in the clear until the nearing of 2023. Maybe not coronavirus, but many weird and restrictive things can begin to happen. They’ve already started talking about extending social distancing until 2022. I honestly hope that’s not the case, but from my astrological point of view, this is the conclusion I’ve came to.

Mars-Neptune Square Transit

Another interesting transit that I scoped out was the Mars-Neptune square transit. On the birth of coronavirus, Mars in Sagittarius made a 4° square to planet Neptune in Pisces. This transit can be very dangerous and does in fact cause panic. Many people went through (still going through) a roller coaster of emotions and fear. After moving through bold and fiery Sagittarius for six weeks, Mars entered into Capricorn on February 16. Mars stayed in Capricorn until March 30, when it moved into Aquarius. Aquarius is all about humanitarian acts, change and your community. Then you have Mars who is about action.

  • March 28, 2020, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization to allow hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate products donated for certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19.
  • March 29, 2020, the FDA issued an immediately in effect guidance that outlines an enforcement policy to help expand the availability and capability of sterilizers, disinfectant devices and air purifiers. The devices are designed for many things, including but not limited to, killing pathogens or microorganisms in the air (Aquarius: air sign).

Mars Moves Into Aries: Control Your Urges!

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, once Saturn moves back into Capricorn in July, I truly feel as if many people are going to thing things are “normal” again. This can lead to many irresponsible behaviors and negligence in following health guidelines. On June 27, 2020, Mars moves into Aries. Now normally Mars only lasts in one sign for 6 weeks. BUT! This transit is going to last until January 6, 2021, while retrograding from September 10 to November 13.

Since Mars like to act on impulse and Aries can be quite irresponsible at their worst, this planetary transit can cause many people to start disobeying and wanting their in dependency and freedom back.

Since Mars in Aries represents war, people will not stop until they get this. Yes, this could even mean rioting! However, I think this is just going to influence people to put this virus in the past (because that’s what it’s going to feel like when Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn, remember?) and neglect safety regulations. Therefore, causing an outbreak again in November as I came to conclusion on earlier.

When Mars is in Aries, this also brings political matters up front. Ironically, this is also when the U.S. presidential elections. Once Mars stations direct on November 13, a week after U.S. presidential elections, anger and frustration could rise and will rise fast.

Needless to say, this election is going to bring on an outrage stronger than ever. This will be the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction until another 30 years, and if this isn’t handled in the way it should be, we could seriously be setting ourselves up to something much, much worse in the years to come.

History Outlook Of Jupiter-Pluto & The Relevance To Coronavirus:

  • The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918. Throughout history, many of the biggest plagues and pandemics have been apart of the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction. The Spanish Flu happened to be hit with this transit, just like Coronavirus. In January and February 1918, Jupiter and Pluto were both together in the sign of Cancer, the zodiac sign that rules the United States (July 4, 1776).
  • The next pandemic outbreak we had was the swine flu. When the first case of swine flu was detected in early 2009, Jupiter and Pluto were both moving in Capricorn, though not making a close conjunction (6° or less). However, the energy still applies, just not nearly as intense.
  • In 1981, the HIV epidemic. Here we had Jupiter and Pluto making an exact conjunction in Libra, the sign of relationships, others and marriage, in October and November 1981.


Overall, I do believe there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Only if humanity comes together as one and works together to help better our planet Earth. As I’ve mentioned, Jupiter always brings rewards and that’s what we could look forward to by the end of this. Although I do believe our economy will suffer for the next few years, I do believe we will come out of this as one and united with new, brighter, and bigger visions. On a philosophical and spiritual level that is. So there is no need to worry and I don’t want to cause feelings of worry. Just remember to practice the health guidelines, wash your hands, disinfect, and please continue to social distance.