Career Houses in the Birth Chart

Career Houses in the Birth Chart

Let’s discuss the career houses of astrology in your birth chart. The career houses in astrology are the earth houses and are known as 2nd, 6th, and 10th in a birth chart. While these astrology houses all have one common goal in mind (work), they approach it differently. This post will discuss making money, approach to work, and career goals based off your astrology birth chart.

Career Houses in the Birth Chart

The 2nd house in your birth chart is how you look to make money. It’s a very materialistic house & its focus is on hustling for the bag. This house doesn’t care if it takes a short amount of time or a bit longer to make money. Strong 2nd house people just gain satisfaction through any source of income. Those with strong 2nd house placements will seek purpose of making money and spending money.

The 6th house focuses on their perfection in the workplace. Strong 6th houses are driven by the quality of their work and enjoy sorting out the details, solving problems, analyzing records. Money is great and they get that. However, they’re more motivated to feeling successful. Those with a heavy 6th house need to be knowledgeable of their work. They're often workaholics. The work place needs to be a place of constant satisfaction for these people to motivated by their success.

Now, the 10th house. The 10th house is referred to as the midheaven and career house. The difference between work & career is the time spent in between. Work is our daily tasks (6th house) and it provides us with rewards (2nd house). A career is something we build towards and it takes time (10th house). This is the house of long-term goals. Those with strong a 10th house are driven by their achievement and recognition.

Status is more important that hustling for the bag (like the 2nd house). Strong 10th house aren’t as materialistic as the 2nd house and they don’t fixate over their work environment like the 6th house. Strong 10th house people build slowly. They are very focused on their career for long term success and are motivated by their accomplishments and what they can put out into the world.

Carl Jung's Theory

Another good way of look at this is using Carl Jung’s theory on the developmental stages of the signs. The second house is ruled by Taurus and is focused on themselves. It’s a survival instinct. They need to make money to survive.

Virgo (6th house) is adolescent & is focused on the people around them. This dictates their relationship with work. Virgo on the 6th house strive for perfection because they don’t want others to see them fail. Very independent.

Capricorn (10th house) is elder and focused on what they can put out into the world. It’s a mindset on improving the structures around them and knowing their part in society & how to add to it.

Do you have any strong 2nd, 6th, or 10th house placements?

The planets and aspects in these houses can change your viewpoint on some things. If you have fire career houses (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you are hyperactive and fierce about getting what you want. It’s hard to change your mind once your direction is set. Fire career houses are always looking for more opportunities to grow. You can also be irresponsible with your money and make impulsive career moves.

If you have earth career houses (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you are practical, materialistic, and a lover for routine. You're goal oriented and can approach things logically which helps you climb the ladder to success. You like to save your money. Strong earth houses may stay with a job for a very long time.

If you have air career houses (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you’re a little scattered and it’s hard for you to know what you want. You can be flighty and jump from job to the next because you want to keep your options open. You approach things rationally and always looking to take in new information about your career. Your money comes and goes.

If you have water career houses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), your feelings are strongly linked to your success or financial stability. You’re a caretaker but can also have a hard time with saving money. Your emotions change a lot when it comes to your career focus. This can leave you feeling confused on your desired goals. Your intuition is also linked strongly to your career choices. On other occasions, you let it misguide you.