Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022

Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022

Happening on July 13, 2022 we're having our full moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees and 21 seconds. Full moons are the time where everything comes to an end. Things must come to an end in order for a new chapter to begin. With the theme being Cancer-Capricorn, this can be influenced with our ties to family and home or work and status.

July 12th: Moon Transits Into Capricorn

The moon begins to position itself in Capricorn on July 12th and in harmony with Mars in Taurus. This gives a boost of energy and excitement to tackle down our tasks & plan accordingly. Throughout the day, this energy applies tightly which only increases our vitality. 

However, Neptune is set to challenge the influence here & we can become easily distracted or choose to avoid responsibilities. On the other hand, our creative side is expressed spiritually and poetically. Thankfully, this cosmic influence is only prominent in the early hours of July 12th and eventually separates as the moons moves quickly through Capricornus. 

Throughout the afternoon, Jupiter in Aries greets the moon with a 90 degree angle (square) which is a challenge to the moons course. We can feel rushed or eager to accomplish something and may risk going overboard. There's also an upfront attitude to this cosmic vibe and cockiness is likely. Avoid arrogance under this influence and if you feel on edge, pour that energy into something more productive. 

July 13th: Full Moon in Capricorn

In the very early hours of July 13th, the moon begins to apply with both Mercury and Chiron which will have an influence for the remainder of the day. This can be a triggering energy and our emotions are certainly put to the test with this influence. Mars moving off the moons course can leave us feeling less irritated and as the moon approaches the Sun in opposition, we feel more sensitive and aware.

There's a certain discomfort when Moon and Mercury are not in sync together. A push and pull effect happens within our thoughts and emotions. Heart vs. head type of thing. Chiron being added to this mix stirs in some insecurity and can bring past failures to the surface which Capricorn energy doesn't stand for. There's a tension happening here but it's not exactly a doomed transit either.

Throughout the morning of the Capricorn full moon, radical Uranus greets the moons transit with a harmonious energy (trine) and seeks a change in routine. Capricorn likes to remain tradition while Uranus wants to shake things up. Uranus in Taurus however is focused on what makes you feel good. This full moon calls for a release on whatever doesn't bring you pleasure. 

While Uranus energy can be chaotic and unpredictable, Capricorn is realistic and responsible. Full moons always provide us with a boost of energy & excitement. The Capricorn energy is ambitious, hardworking, determined, and the ultimate go-getter. 

Tackling down our goals and closing out whatever isn't working will be the theme for this full moon. This can even be a good time to revisit past goals and achievements, make changes and accommodations where it's needed, and bring new, innovative, approaches to whatever it may be. 

Throughout the afternoon, a minor challenge between the full moon and Venus in Gemini causes an interruption on relationships of all kinds. It's likely that relationships can feel pessimistic or shallow with this planetary alignment. There can be a need to only pertain to the self right now or focus solely on our own personal rewards. Being mindful of others will be beneficial during this time. 

At the same time, we can get wrapped up in the delusions of others and allow others to take advantage of us too. Neptune clouds our vision at the same time Moon-Venus quincunx one another. Fortunately enough, this cosmic vibration is in harmony with the moons transit creating a beautiful 60 degree angle (sextile) throughout the cosmos. 

Intuition and creativity is at its peak with Moon-Neptune and finding a grounding (Capricorn) practice that spiritually connects you (Neptune) through music, art, or meditation is highly favored. Dreams can also be vivid... especially for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces placements.

Later in the evening, Pluto intensifies the cosmic energy by squaring the moons transit. There can be emotions that bubble to the surface and let out in a very overreactive or cold way. On the other hand, you can feel more in tune with your needs and take certain measurements to get things done during this time. 

Pluto is about transformation and rebirth. It's also concerned with power and control. Capricorn is about recognition and structure. It's also concerned with power and control. You can use this energy how you see fit and apply it to your life how you feel is useful. This can be a chaotic time or a time of personal breakthroughs.

The choice is entirely up to you. 

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