Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: November 8, 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: November 8, 2022

The full moon total lunar eclipse on November 8th is happening at 6:01 am (EST) and it's full of surprises. Sitting at 16° Taurus this full moon will conjoin exact with Uranus bringing radical change and growth. 

Uneasy Change and Unexpected Surprises 

It's obvious that on the full moons our energy is almost always heightened in some creative way. However, the eclipse intensifies our emotional layers and we're ready for action. Taurus is the theme of this total lunar eclipse so the change is going to come in a slow approached way. 

Powered by Uranus, our emotions become unstable but ready for a release (closings: full moon) and inspired (Uranus) by new outcomes (North Node). With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio also squeezed into this eclipse, we value our relationships and communications right now. We may even look in new ways of connecting to ourselves as Scorpio rules our deepest layers. 

There's an uneasy cosmic energy right now as Saturn delays the impulsivity that's generally seen on the full moons. Due to this, frustration rises and we feel stuck in some type of way. It's important to go with the flow of Uranus' need for change and be gentle with yourself as you take on new challenges or periods of growth. 

Pluto quincunx Mars Retrograde

On top of this already intense and impactful eclipse, we also have Pluto at a quincunx to Mars retrograding. With Mars in direct station, we're ready to move forward but the retrograde slows us down. Pluto brings obsession and transformation to wherever it lands in the chart but when it's met with a complication (the quincunx) from a malefic planet, there's an intensity that surrounds our asserting side.

This transit alone can bring out the absolute worst in those around you (or yourself) right now and it's a boiling, dramatic cosmic interaction. With Mars in Gemini, there's a need to assert without care but the challenge from Pluto brings trouble that's not needed. 

Signs most affected: Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces

Mars retrograde will also square Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces just as Pluto harmonizes the planetary duo through a sextile. The Mars-Neptune square has been going on back and forth since the very beginning of October but once again, it's applying due to the retrograde of Mars. 

Through this eclipse there's a lot of lessons to be learned. We may feel lost or confused in our purpose and feel called to action. The North Node conjunction provides a new path forward towards emotional and physical security. 

It can be a turning point for the economy as every big Uranus event brings but there's an aggression or misrepresentation happening below the surface here. There's a falling and transformation of our resources right now and how we use those things to our own knowledge. 

Eclipses usually hold the same thing for a period over 6 months. It's an ongoing lesson of growth (as it should be) and a time to do things differently. While Taurus energy doesn't like to change course, Uranus' encouragement leave it no choice. It's either sit and be uncomfortable as everything changes around you, or change the things within you as you watch the things around you change too.