Interpreting Children's Birth Charts

Interpreting Children's Birth Charts

Parenting can be pretty hard, there’s no denying that. Not to say that Astrology will make it any less difficult, but it definitely does point out potentials to help get you through it and understand better with a bit of ease. When looking at a child's chart, I wouldn’t recommend taking in every little detail. Save that through the years as they grow, while also using the transits of the planets to help you in the present time. We’ll save that part for another time though.

For now, lets talk about your children’s’ natal chart.

This can be looked at as a blueprint of the child’s’ life. This does not cover the entire chart but more of the relevant placements to help you understand and potentially help raise your child in a different perspective based on their own personal traits. Remembering that any hard aspects can be acknowledged and you can turn them around to better your child once you understand them. Difficult aspects can be an amazing learning and growth process, so take advantage of those squares, oppositions, and conjunctions! ​

When studying your child’s chart, these are the most relevant areas to look at in my opinion:

This house shows our masked identity, the ego we try to portray & people’s first impressions of us. The Cusp sign will show the traits of your child’s image and the planets inside this house will show how those traits are being triggered while the aspects will show if this is in a harmonious, or challenging influence. If the first house is empty, no worries. It’s very common to have an empty house, multiple even as well.

This just means that the natal chart person might need some work in this area and might not have a very good understanding on who they are. Or this could mean that this certain area is not as important to them as a more energized house. If you are still curious though, just look at the ruling planet of the Ascendants Sign.

For instance, if your Ascendant is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, you can then find where Saturn is in your natal chart and what area of life it is influencing your behavior in. You can find which area of life its affecting by the houses. You can then tie the two houses together to get a better understanding on the empty first house.

Imum Coeli/Fourth House

The fourth house in the natal chart represents our home, family, roots. This area shows all the way down to our childhood & what gives us security. Look at the Zodiac sign to see where your roots lay, the planets (if any) will show how your roots have a personal affect on you, while the aspects made will show if this is in a harmonious or challenging manner.

An empty fourth house simply just means that family planning probably isn’t a huge deal for the native — for the most part, they have that part of their life figured out or the native doesn’t feel “close” to their family.

The Fifth House

The heart and ego. This house show creativity, children and pleasure. Everything you find in this house represents what you are meant to give to the world. Our 5th house is defined by the zodiac sign on the cusp, as well as any planets that fall into this house and any aspects made.

An empty Fifth House could indicate that the life areas here simply aren’t a major focus for this person. They might genuinely enjoy a friendly get-together or be a doting, devoted parent, but its not their main focus in life. These signs/planets in your child’s chart will give you a huge understanding on their personality.

I personally feel that when looking in a child’s natal chart, the Moon is the most go-to planet (in astrology, the moon is counted as a planet).

Sun Sign

Note the house placement, and aspects made. The Sun is the role we’re given in life. It’s one of the most important areas of a natives chart. When looking at which house the Sun falls in, this can show you what part of life your child is going to leave their mark on the world.

Moon Sign

Note the house placement, aspects made. The Moon is the soul, the emotions, reactions, and who we are behind closed doors. The Moon shows our security, our roots, the way we nurture and receive love, and what makes us tick. This sign will also reveal how one handles things on a personal level.

No matter how hard one tries to not express their Moon signs, the Moon will always be felt deep within and acted out unconsciously. Sometimes, according to the person, your Moon can influence you more than your Sun! Dominant Zodiac Sign: Note the house placement and any planetary aspects made.

Your child can have a higher percentage/power in a complete different sign from their Sun sign. This can help you tap deeper into the layers of their personalities. This information can be found by using Simple Chart Delineation by Walter Pullen, Astrology Chart Method through

Dominant element/modality

The method I use is 4 tallies for Sun, 4 for Moon, 2 for Rising and 1 tally for all other planets. To determine this, I look at which element and planets score higher. This will help you get an even deeper understanding of who your child is.

The Personal Planets

Mercury: will help show your child’s thoughts, communication, and learning skills. Look at the Zodiac sign Mercury falls under. Wherever Mercury falls, look at the aspects to see how challenged or harmonious this persons Mercury is.

Venus: will show the natives values, compassion and love towards self and others. Look at the Zodiac sign Venus falls under. Wherever Venus falls, look at the aspects to see how challenged or harmonious this persons Venus is.

Mars: will give us a look in the natives emotions, their drive and tempers. Look at the Zodiac sign Mars falls under to see the traits of their Mars. Then point out any aspects to see how challenged or harmonious this persons Mars is.