Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius: The Great Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius: The Great Conjunction

Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction with each other. However, this is the first time these two planets have came so close together near Christmas in a very long time.

The reason these two planets conjunct each other (passing each other at an exact orb size), is due to the fact that Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun and Saturn's movement takes 29 years around the Sun. Jupiter will be moving past Saturn this year on December 21, 2020, otherwise known as this Great Conjunction we're hearing about all over social media.

Saturn Return for 1991-1994 Natives

Saturn has been in Aquarius since March 21, 2020. This is exciting due to the fact that the last time Saturn was in Aquarius was in 1991! If you were born from February 6, 1991 - May 26 1993, or June 29 - January 28, 1994, you are having a Saturn Return. Saturn went retrograde in July (moving backwards) and moved back into Capricorn. Then, went direct again into Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will stay here for the next 2 years.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

Jupiter will then be following closely behind to move into Aquarius on December 21, 2020 which will then put Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction to each other. Saturn brings on challenges that shape and mold us to become the person we need. We are responsible and hardworking under Saturn. Jupiter brings a vision and optimistic views to our beliefs. We look for a better way of doing things under this influence. Aquarius wants change and freedom. It also represents astrology, community, Science, space, and modern medicine.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

With Jupiter conjunct Saturn, you may have a hard time making up your mind as you feel pulled between your need for Jupiter's energy of freedom and expansion, and the need for discipline under Capricorn. Once you have balance, you have an ideal blend of enthusiasm and structure. This is also a favorable aspect for small businesses which will be beneficial right now because of COVID. New business plans and the growth of businesses are highlighted.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius also bring on a new vision to a better way of doing things from a humanitarian mindset. Things in society just aren't working out right now and we can come together during these hard times to help each other and help our planet. Saturn brings the means to achieve this and Jupiter opens our minds to how we can make this happen. Social media will probably have an influence on how this will play out. Especially with COVID.

This conjunction will have an effect on everybody, but those going through their Saturn returns right now might feel this transit more. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius placements will also feel this transit strongly. These impacted natives will feel this energy shift faster than everybody else will. Look at your natal chart and see where Aquarius falls in your chart to see where this conjunction is taking place in your own life.

Through the Houses

The First House in Aquarius

This transit will influence how you relate with others, the impression you make on the world, doing things in a new way, and following your own lead. You've been on a spiritual journey for quite some time and ending things in your life that haven't aligned with you. Now it's time to clean out the closet entirely. Jupiter is bringing a new vision into an unconventional way of doing things. Saturn is putting a reigns on this independence you have and reminding you to be responsible and add structure to your daily life. You might change your style or the way you doing things completely. The choices are endless.

The Second House in Aquarius

Aquarius on the second house puts the spotlight on your values and what's most important. You may have new ideas about making money so perhaps starting a new business or business plan will be ideal for you. Jupiter brings this bright vision on what to do and Saturn enforces responsibility and order to do so. However, Saturn can also make this success go slower which is teaching you patience.

The Third House in Aquarius

How you communicate, think, and process information are all influenced under this conjunction. With Jupiter here, you have many ideas at once and looking to expand your mind. This may be a chatty time for you as you want to share these new visions with everybody. You can feel as though you can express yourself more under this transit but you might feel that it's hard to do with Saturn sitting there. Your new ideas can come off as a surprise and shock those around you as they can be quite unconventional. Either way, you will figure it out.

The Fourth House in Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn debuting in your fourth house is connected to home environment and family. You may change things in your home whether this is furniture or moving. Saturn brings a more traditional approach to this area and also hardships. Jupiter is asking that you look towards a new approach and Saturn asking for you to cut off any negativity that's in your home life. Your environment is ready for a change.

The Fifth House in Aquarius

Creativity is flowing for you at this moment. You may consider looking into something new that allows you to express yourself in the most authentic way. Jupiter is the seeker of Higher Truth and when in Aquarius, these visions come in a more different approach. You might feel a creativity block holding you back from Saturn.

The Sixth House in Aquarius

This is the house of work, routine, and health. Jupiter might give you a new idea on how to manage through your day. Saturn will also help this process as it brings responsibility to the sixth house. Your schedule can seem pretty all over the place and you need to find balance and a routine. How you handle tasks and your approach to a healthier lifestyle can all come about under this influence. You may look into a different style such as holistic healing or metaphysical healing.

The Seventh House in Aquarius

This conjunction will bring your relationships with others to surface. Your need for independence and freedom is prominent but Jupiter may bring somebody important into your life. Saturn can make this relationship or break it. What you want in a relationship and how you relate with others will be a major focus for you.

The Eighth House in Aquarius

Transformation and rebirth are the keywords for the eighth house. As well as possessions and connections. Jupiter gives you the feeling of up for undergoing any transformation you seek. This can be a good time for shadow work and soul searching. You may find you transform yourself in an unusual way. Saturn can make this house feel isolating while also helping you clear out the closet of any demons you're still hanging on to.

The Ninth House in Aquarius

This is a fun house for Jupiter to be in since Jupiter is the ninth house ruler. With Jupiter in your ninth house, you are optimistic and want to seek a Higher Truth. You may do this in an unconventional type of way. Saturn needs you to stay grounded through this transit and not go over your own head chasing false ideas. Seeking a deeper meaning to life and tapping into your adventurous side is highlighted under this transit. Religion, spirituality, or philosophical beliefs will all surface.

The Tenth House in Aquarius

How do you handle responsibility? Have you been careless lately, especially in your workplace? Saturn is bringing structure to this area of your life and making you see the bigger picture. Whether this is a business plan or a 9-5 job, there's some cleaning up to do. Maybe you'll seek a promotion during this time or look for a career. Jupiter brings the vision on what to do and gives you the courage to do. This might be done in an unusual way.

The Eleventh House in Aquarius

Friendships, community, and technology are all highlighted by this transit. You may be more social during this time and expressing yourself differently through social media and in your community. You can look for open-minded and stable friendships when Saturn and Jupiter are passing your eleventh house. Making new friends will happen under this transit by sharing the same views on life and ideas. These new relationships may be different or unusual. You also get more in touch with your humanitarian nature under this influence and might have a plan for a better future on Earth.

The Twelfth House in Aquarius

Your focus is on boundaries. This conjunction is pulling you to retreat inside yourself. It can be quite isolating with Saturn here but Jupiter will give you the optimistic soul-searching attitude you desperately seek. You may look into a new religion or spirituality. There can be a call to help others with this transit but Saturn is asking for you to help yourself first. You may begin to take an interest in things that are slightly unusual or unconventional.