Jupiter in Pisces: The Great Spiritual Awakening

Jupiter in Pisces: The Great Spiritual Awakening


On May 13, 2021 Jupiter entered into the home sign of Pisces. This transit is so renewing and gives us all a big breath of fresh air and serenity. Jupiter will stay in Pisces until July 28th, 2021 as it retrogrades back into Aquarius. So this is just a small preview of what's to come. Jupiter will then move back into Pisces on December 29th,2021 and will be here for almost the entire year of 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces

With Jupiter in Pisces, our spirituality and awareness comes into focus + our creative expression. It's a time of manifesting self-acceptance and getting in touch with your Divine self. This is a period where the saying "careful what you wish for" is on point. With Jupiter in Pisces, your thoughts can manifest your reality more than ever! So be careful what you ask for, think, or say during this period.

Jupiter is the genie of the planets. He grants wishes and makes shit happen. Pisces is connected to the Universal Source. Do you see where I'm going with this? Now, more than ever, we are connected to the Universe and we're blessed. What you ask for can happen! Of course, you still need to work for it. However, things will come more at ease.

With all of the chaos and madness around the world right now, Jupiter entering Pisces softens the outrage. It's a time where compassion takes a stand and we can all be a bit more loving. This transit will only last a short while.

Like I said, Jupiter will soon dance its way back into Aquarius in the next couple of months. Take this time to focus on what you want to bring into your life. Things will start to unfold, but you may not see progress and your "wish being granted" until Jupiter finally makes itself back at home in Pisces in December.

Troubles for Jupiter

I think the biggest part of Jupiter being in Pisces for these couple months is the fact that Saturn and Uranus will make its second square of the year, right before Jupiter goes retrograde! Saturn-Uranus squares brings rebellion to authority. Chaos to structure. New ideas come to focus and ideas are running at the speed of lightening under the square transit. I feel that we shouldn't trust to easily around this period because of Jupiter's generosity and optimism being disillusioned or in a state of confusion through Pisces.


This is a brief period where we feel good right now. Our spiritual connection is heightened and our empathy is strong. This is the perfect time for manifesting what you want because you can be sure to get it. For a more detailed horoscope of where Jupiter is blessing you, find Pisces in your chart. Whichever house Pisces resides in, this is the area of life Jupiter is making things juicy for you.