Jupiter Retrogrades Back Into Aquarius

Jupiter Retrogrades Back Into Aquarius


Jupiter has been at home in the sign of watery Pisces for a minute now. However, this expansive planet has went back into the sign, Aquarius. The energy we have been feeling since May 13th has been a small taste of freedom.

Things began to reopen, masks weren't mandatory if vaccinated, and we've been on a spiritual high as a collective. However, this was just a sweet taste because now, Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until December 28th.

It's crazy to me that when Jupiter entered back into Aquarius, mandatory masking came back. Some states are even talking about another lockdown. The same events that played out from December 19, 2021 until current will be played out again, but much lighter this time.

Jupiter in Aquarius Retrograde

Once Jupiter reenters Pisces on December 28th, this planet of optimism will remain here throughout 2022. With Jupiter in Aquarius, our optimism is once again shifted to focus on the collective. Jupiter in Aquarius is now finishing up the business that has been working out in your life since December 19th until July 28th.

Think back to what your goals for your future were from the time Jupiter was in Aquarius. It's time to reassess those goals, get creative, and innovate. When Jupiter moves back into Pisces in 2022, as a collective, we will undergo a major spiritual transformation filled with abundance and prosperity. Get your priorities in check during the Aquarius transit though!

Jupiter retrograde, like any retrograde planet, have us looking inwards rather than outwards. It's easy to stay optimistic and walk the walk with direct motions but retrogrades make us pause and reflect. Personal philosophy and how you put that into the collective to benefit humanity is going to be the key theme for Jupiter in Aquarius.