Jupiter Square Uranus: January 17, 2021

Jupiter Square Uranus: January 17, 2021

The planet Uranus will come into a challenging aspect (square) with Jupiter in Aquarius on January 17, 2021. This influence is a big one because anytime a slower moving planet is in focus, we can expect many lessons! 2020 was all about Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. But this year, we are focused on Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

If you check out the blog post I had wrote for The Dark Pixie Astrology, I cover a bit about how this influence will play out in my forecast and predictions for the year 2021.

Jupiter Square Uranus

The Jupiter-Uranus square is going to impact society at whole and we will all feel this transit. Jupiter just moved into Aquarius in December 2020 and Uranus turns direct on January 14, 2021.

Jupiter in Aquarius gives us a broad outlook on our community and we want change and can be quite impulsive to get it. Whatever helps save the world, we're all for it with Jupiter in Aquarius. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius so our rebellious sides are likely to act out because we want to shake things up!


This transit brings an impulsive, risk-taking attitude so be cautious and make sure you do not overlook important details! It can be easy to gloss over things with Jupiter.

With Mars conjunct Uranus, we may be more impatient and anxious in trying to get our way. Try to tap into the rational and disciplined nature of Saturn in Aquarius. Using the energy of this aspect, others will be more willing to hear you out.

With all of this energy happening just days after Uranus turns direct motion, there can be a lot of restlessness happening. If change is what you're after, go for it! This transit is all about change for the better good. Just don't go in over your head. The expansion of Jupiter can get you into some troubles!