Mercury Preshadow Retrograde: August 24, 2022

Mercury Preshadow Retrograde: August 24, 2022

Mercury Retrograde Time...

It's that time of year again where Mercury begins to station for retrograde but not without the preshadow time. Mercury's preshadow retrograde will start in Virgo on August 24th. The preshadow phase is always the most intense retrograde cycle due to its ability to cause miscommunication and errors. Mercury's retrograde is the time we sit and reflect on everything that happened during the preshadow - whereas the postshadow allows us to move differently from what we've learned.

Mercury in Preshadow Retrograde...

Starting in Virgo, Mercury's ruling sign, the planet of intellect causes some confusion. Being that Virgo is very detailed and analytical - you may notice that you're struggling more to tackle down the little things during the preshadow retrograde. 

With a trine to Mars, we might feel more compelled to act on our decisions but thinking and planning carefully is encouraged during this influence. Neptune opposing the preshadow retrograde reminds us that everything is not as it seems and also to not get distracted. This is especially true for the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. 

A week before the retrograde begins, Jupiter opposes Mercury's preshadow movement (who is now in Libra) and there's a cosmic influence to go overboard. Since Libra is the sign of our relationship with others and also has people-pleasing tendencies; it's important to remain balanced with both self and others.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra...

Mercury begins to station for retrograde in the airy sign of Libra on Sept. 9th which causes an imbalance to relationships of all kinds. Being that Libra carefully weighs the pro's and con's, Mercury in retrograde can have you favoring one side more than the other and tipping the Libran scales. Decision making is not favorable during this period of time due to Libra's inability to decide when in lower vibration & Mercury retro clouding your perception and thoughts anyways. 

As Jupiter still opposes Mercury in Libra, we're pulled to express ourselves without holding back (Jupiter in Aries) but then shy away from conflict in order to keep the peace (Mercury in Libra). On the other hand, relationships may demand more of your time and if they're feeling one-sided then this retrograde allows you to see what's working and what isn't. Are you able to balance and move forth or is it time to cut contact and let go? 

Since Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, it will move back into Virgo on September 23rd which is the same day the Sun moves into Libra. With Venus in Virgo, Mercury will conjoin the planet of partnership and finances on the exact day of our New Moon in Libra. Intention setting can be hard during this time so don't get overwhelmed with creating a New Moon ritual. Sometimes, it's best to just observe. 

As Mercury and Venus conjoin together in Virgo, you're going to want to triple check your bank account and avoid splurging on unnecessary purchases. This planetary alignment also brings trouble to relationships with Mercury in retrograde and given that the theme is Virgo, there can be miscommunication and criticism in your romantic relationships or business partnerships. You can miss important details in regards to your finances, values, or health. 

This timing might also bring on extra anxiety for the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Rest assured, the retrograde is just about over around this time & with the New Moon in Libra, you can set intentions to attract partners or partnerships that align with your souls purpose.

With Mercury finishing its retrograde cycle on October 1st, it ends its retrophase with a square to Mars which can lead us to impulse decisions that we'll later regret or steer us in the wrong direction. This transit is almost like the universes way of testing your limits to see how mature and responsible you can be. All that aside, Mercury will enter its postshadow retrograde on October 1st and will allow you to clean up any damage from the previous weeks until October 16th when the planet of skill and communication finally sobers up.

Hang in there this retrograde season... you got this!