Neptune Retrograde And What You Need To Know

Neptune Retrograde And What You Need To Know

Neptune goes retrograde every year for nearly half the year. It's not as big of a deal as inner planets turning retrograde (like Mercury) but it's still one that should be considered important. Neptune is the planet of mysticism, spirituality, fantasy, confusion, delusion, and deceit. This planet makes you view things and people from rose-colored glasses and heavy Neptunian natives may always feel like they are in a fog.

This planet has a hard time with learning boundaries and can easily fall into self-sabotage. Addiction and guilt are often associated with Neptune. Compassion, intuition, and empathy are also highlighted with this planet.

Neptune in Pisces

(2012-2026) - It is important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign. Neptune in Pisces is ready to sacrifice anything for doing good to others. They may fall back on addiction issues. They're more dependent on others and that puts their individuality at stake. Neptune in Pisces have a different perception of life when compared to the other zodiacs. They hate physical and mental pains in life and work to alleviate it from others. They also highly sensitive to the feeling of others and emotional to the core.

Neptune in Retrograde

Neptune retrograde will last from June 25 - December 1. Retrogrades happen when a planet slows down in orbit which gives an illusion that it's moving backwards. It's not, but it does look and feel that way. When a retrograde happens, spiritually we're asked to pause and reflect on the theme of whichever planet and sign is retrograding.

It can be a time of healing, understanding, letting go, and sometimes agitation. Retrogrades aren't a walk in the park but, Neptune in retrograde is easier than most retrogrades. This planet moves so slow as it is and it may take several days to feel the effect of the retrograde set. With Neptune in Pisces, the water signs might feel it first.

Be careful that you do not let yourself become easily manipulated under this retrograde. This can be a great time to reflect on your spiritual or creative path too! We can discover new artistic abilities and find ourselves get entangled in spiritual awakenings during this retrograde.

Try not to get sucked into others beliefs of stigmas during Neptune's retrograde. You need to stay true to your own callings and direction during this time. Question everything and everybody. Though you can feel out of sorts at times, use the Neptunian energy in spirituality to help you connect to a Higher Source in the time of doubt if that's your cup of tea.