New Moon in Leo: July 28, 2022

New Moon in Leo: July 28, 2022

The New Moon happening on July 28th, sits at 5 degrees Leo. This makes our New Moon highly extra. With a trine to Jupiter in Aries, we have big aspirations and feelings larger than life with this extravagant aspect.

Moon Moves into Leo

Early morning, the Moon moves into Leo after its last couple of days in the sign of Cancer. During this moment, we can feel more inspired after having a period of retreat and rest. As Neptune is still within its 120 degree trine figure, dreams can be prominent and show new creative ideas throughout early morning of July 28th. This later separates as the morning goes on but we can still tap into that artistic and spiritual nature within us under the New Moons timing.

New Moons are all about new periods of growth. It's an entire fresh moment for you to say, "ok, I'm ready to plant these seeds now". Being that this is happening in Leo, you may feel more inspired to bring new opportunities and growth into your life. 

Leo asks us to get inspired and be playful. However, the New Moons are also signify quiet and stillness. Happening at 5 degrees, this is the natural degree of Leo. Many of us can tune into our inner child and higher creative self & become inspired and bold with your talents. 

New Moon in Leo

This sign likes a show and due to the New Moon being influenced by Jupiter, we can be over-exaggerate or dramatic. This is fixed nature we're talking about with this New Moon and the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) can have a difficult time changing their course and stick to what's familiar. Leo can be adventurous but this sign can be careless in the process.

As Mars squares the movement of the Sun & Moon, we may find ourselves impatient or a built up of unreleased energy needing to be burned off. You can express yourself healthily through a creative project or tapping into whatever brings you joy. Leo represents the arts and theatre & is creative and expressive. Allow the energy of Leo to flow through you in your New Moon ritual. 

Moon conjoins Mercury

Due to the moon orbiting the fastest in our solar system, it makes its way to the half point in Leo the following day on July 29th. The moon only orbits in one sign for approx. 2 days but this movement of the moon is special. It'll be conjoining with Mercury in Leo & as the moon is still in its new phase, ideas and thoughts come rushing to us with excitement.

Mercury is the planet of communication, teleportation, and our intellect. It also rules education, writing, and exchanging information. The new moon in Leo on July 28th allows us to express ourselves in the way that we want. Our hearts and minds are aligned with Mercury-Moon transits. 

Uranus will square the moons orbit through Leo & some of us can be rebellious, change our minds quickly, shocking, and unpredictable. This can cause some tension in the cosmic atmosphere especially for the signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

With Mars still at a square and Uranus also challenging the moon on July 29th, there's a lot of built-up energy that can be released chaotically or eccentrically when provoked. On the other hand, we can use this transit to be inspired by new change and direction in our life.

Uranus is all about going off the beaten path & creates new and advanced structures. It's also ruler of the sky & the New Moon can bring some unpredictable weather too. With Uranus energy, you get comfortable and then get shaken up. Overall though, Uranus brings change and that's what this New Moon calls for. 

Slowing Down for Review

As the moon continues through Leo for the remainder of the day, it meets Saturn with a conflicting opposition. This can have us feel held back from expressing ourselves or doubting our own skills. Saturn slows things down and causes delay. The cosmos have a funny way of timing things because if you remember, Jupiter already gave us a taste of being extra.

Now, Saturn asks to reel in the excitement that New Moons bring when Sun & Moon align in the sky and to review the seeds you planted during your own personal ritual or mindset. It allows for us to take responsibility and build our goals to reach fruition.