New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: October 25, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: October 25, 2022

The (partial) solar eclipse in Scorpio is a window of opportunity to reach deeper levels of the unconscious and transform your whole psyche. This New Moon in Scorpio calls for a time where we retreat and recharge our emotional battery. Pair this eclipse with Venus and our intensity towards love and money come bubbling to the surface. 

This influence will be strongest for the signs: 

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The eclipse brings a deep commitment and strong bond to the things we’re passionate about but at worst, it becomes obsessive and has a desire to control or destroy. Emotions are high right now and many of you may tap into your spiritual and intuitive side and let it guide you through the eclipse. This is especially true for the signs Cancer and Pisces who may be presented with a new start that will lead to ultimate growth and self-discovery.

Since the eclipses do affect everyone, the signs Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn may not be bothered nearly as much as the others. Instead, these signs might notice emotional intensity but can feel more inspired to create and let their creativity lead the way. 

Read for Sun/Rising:

Aries: you’re eager to discover more right now and you may feel very connected to your intuition under the eclipse. While you can be more on edge and quicker to react than usual, you’re motivated by new growth and ready for any challenge.

Taurus: your relationship sector is being hit by the eclipse and you may look to commit deeper or start something new. There can be an imbalance in power control over your love-life that needs to be worked through but there’s a lot of growth and transformation coming to this area for you.

Gemini: you may be ready to take on a new daily routine or change your habits in some type of way. This eclipse is bringing fresh opportunities into your work sector and you can make transformative changes when it comes to your health. 

Cancer: this eclipse is activating your romance house and you may be extra alluring right now. You can feel seductive and might enjoy some passionate flirting during the eclipse. You’re inspired by new growth when it comes to your hobbies and talents and you have the focus to dive deep into something entirely new as well.

Leo: your home-life can feel a little intense but you’re also able to make new adjustments to your environment. You may feel called to rest and recharge or drained of energy during the eclipse and this can bring unsettled hostility to your family. There can be new changes in your home that are occurring as well. 

Virgo:  right now you have the focus to study or you may find yourself taking an interest in something new. You might feel more introverted during this eclipse and may notice communication with others seems to be tense too. Thankfully, you have the ability to remain rational and objective as the eclipse energy passes through.

Libra: expect the unexpected during this eclipse. Your money and values sector is bringing a fresh attitude into it and you may even have some cash flow happen right now too. You’re able to transform your view on the things of value to you and new opportunities unfold that can increase your wealth. 

Scorpio: this eclipse is happening in the sector of your chart that is all about you. You may feel extra sensitive and your intuitive radar is soaking in everything around you. There’s a compelling urge to transform oneself when the eclipse meets your sign and through the darkness of the New Moon, you can face your shadow self and bring in new growth.

Sagittarius: you may be more quick to react right now but you’re also on a new pursuit to find your truth. You may find yourself retreating right now and getting lost in your own daydream but through your imaginative state, you can tune into your subconscious for clarity.

Capricorn: new and powerful friendships or networking opportunities are made during this eclipse or you may feel inclined to bond deeply with those in your circle right now. It may feel intense as you step out of your comfort zone but the connections made now are vital to your self-growth.

Aquarius: you’re ready for changes when it comes to your career sector or maybe you’re placed in a powerful position right now. New opportunities unfold themselves to you during this time but your desire to do it your way can bring a feeling of intensity and betrayal. 

Pisces: deeply connected to your intuition during this eclipse, new opportunities present themselves to you in a philosophical or spiritual way. You may be cautious to jump forth on something new but the connection made shows it’ll be beneficial to your path of self-discovery.


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