Saturn-Pluto Rare Conjunction

Saturn-Pluto Rare Conjunction


On January 12, 2020, we will be having a very rare astrological event happening. Saturn and Pluto will form a tight conjunction to each other on this day. This is huge for astrologers due to the fact that Saturn-Pluto only happens average, every 34 years! 

The last conjunction was in November 1982. Lets travel back to 1982 for a minute. If history bores you, skip to the next paragraph. 1981-1984 was the AIDS epidemic. The campaign “Don’t Die Of Ignorance” brought attention to this sexually transmitted disease and made all fearful of having sex without any barriers. Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and Argentina and the UK went to war. NASA’s STS-3 mission launched and it was the third mission for the Space Shuttle Columbia. Sally Ride also became the first American woman in space the following year.

As you can tell, there were some pretty major events that happened during the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction. With our present time conjunction happening, and what’s said to be WWIII right now (read more about that here), it’s really no surprise that it’s happening all next to each other. Especially with this rare alignment happening over Donald Trump's solar return. Big yikes

Many other astrologers are predicting the collapse of the banking system. Saturn is rules, enforcement. Pluto is power, control. Saturn rules fear and Pluto is the taboo and unseen. Saturn/Pluto is the deep state, the unconscious. These are the planets of endings, but it is both a death and rebirth.

All through 2019, Saturn and Pluto have been going back and forth through the retrogrades and direct again. They finally cozy up together at 23° Capricorn in just 2 short days. It’s going to get real, it’s going to be an awakening, it’s going to get ugly. Our Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, and Mercury will all pair together within two degrees of Capricorn.

Saturn loves to teach rules and we have no choice but to learn from him. I won’t sugar coat it, there is nothing easy about dealing with experiences related to Saturn and Pluto. However, we do know by the end of it all, we will be developing inner focus, determination, and courage.