Saturn Return in Astrology

Saturn Return in Astrology

Have you ever heard of Saturn Returns in astrology? Chances are, you probably have. If you haven't, it's something you should definitely pay attention to! Saturn is the planet that teaches us lessons and responsibility. I call him the "Dad" planet due to his strict and traditional nature. Wherever Saturn is in your chart, you can expect many lessons and growth in that sector of your life.

For instance, if Saturn is in your 2nd house, you may need to learn about taking responsibility for your finances. You also may be more disciplined to make money moves with this placement.

So, what happens during a Saturn return and what exactly is it?

Saturn Return in Astrology

Saturn Returns happen when Saturn transits back to the sign and degree it was in at the time of your birth in your natal birth chart. This happens a few times during your lifetime.

It takes about 30 years for Saturn to return to where it was when you were born. Therefore, you can expect your first Saturn Return to happen between ages 28-30 depending on retrograde periods.

Since Saturn just moved into Aquarius in 2020, those who were born from the years 1992-1994 will be experiencing their first ever Saturn Return.

How Does Saturn Returns Affect Us?

Since Saturn is the ultimate karma master, you can be sure to reap whatever lessons you refused to learn or overcome. The saying, "you reap what you sow" is the obvious catchphrase for a Saturn Return.

However, it's not always bad! Saturn brings discipline and responsibility into our lives. We mature through Saturn and gain recognition. Though this transit can be unsettling, it is needed for growth.

Many people end up going through breakups or divorces under Saturn returns, others find the love of their life and get married. Some people lose a job but others land their dream careers. It really depends on where exactly Saturn sits in your natal chart to really interpret which lessons and challenges will come.

While most people fear the obstacles and restrictions that Saturn enforces, if you accept it for what is and allow yourself to grow, you will reap the benefits to your own success. After the rain comes the rainbow is what this return will bring, if channeled appropriately.

Unfortunately, if you do not learn your lesson during your first return, you will be presented with the same challenges over and over again. Saturn will keep throwing the same obstacle at you until you get it right.

So, make sure you get it right the first time!