Saturn squares Uranus: February 17, 2021

Saturn squares Uranus: February 17, 2021

On February 17, 2021 we are having the very first square (challenging aspect) between Saturn and Uranus. This transit is a big deal because it only happens every 20 years.

Saturn and Uranus will square each other three times this year with February 17th being the first date.

  • 17 February 2021
  • 15 June 2021
  • 24 December 2021

Saturn-Uranus Square Transit

Saturn is the planet that rules responsibility and discipline. Uranus acts out in rebellion and brings surprises and independency. These two planets have a hard time working together and this is what the square is all about. It creates struggle and tension to compromise.

However, it doesn't have to be all sad and bad. This transit will also bring us a new way of discipline ourselves when it comes to our freedom. It gives us the strong push we need to change things up while remaining grounded.

This square between Saturn and Uranus will ultimately carry out the theme for 2021. Whatever happens on this day is what will reoccur again through the rest of the year. Look to your houses in your birth chart to see where these planets will be effecting your areas of life.

The fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel this transit the most, but all other signs will still feel it no matter what.

Saturn-Uranus Square

The Saturn-Uranus square can bring a lot of tension and restlessness. We want to express our individuality (Uranus) but we can feel held back (Saturn) and misunderstood (Uranus).

This energy in the cosmos is set in fixed signs and we can be refusing to change our ways, but Uranus keeps pushing us to do so. Saturn can feel irritated by this rush and hold us back. It's best to remain flexible and adapt to any and all situations.

What's interesting to me with this transit is the stellium we have going on in Aquarius. Aquarius pushes us far out of the comfort zone and allows our independent nature to present itself.

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is placed in Taurus. Taurus likes stability and doing things how they have always been done.

Under this Saturn-Uranus square, we are also have the moon in Taurus which will conjunct to Uranus and square Saturn as well.

This puts a lot of tension on our emotions. In fact, emotions might be so high that they can feel unusual and unexplainable. Or, you might feel so distant and don't understand why.

There will be an urge to break away from everything that seems to be holding you back. You may also feel resistant to change your ways if you're more on the stubborn side. Go with the flow on this one.

Political View In the United States

I've brought politics to my blog before but I do try to steer-away since I'm not much of a political person. However, I just cannot help but to study what is going on around me and watching how it plays out through astrology!

Maybe it's because I grew up around grandparents who always had the news on TV. Nothing good was ever said on the news so I've stayed away from it and politics in general. As I grow older, I have found myself becoming more fascinated with the news and politics due to my love for mundane astrology.

So here is my political take on this transit. This is for my country, the United States.

As the Taurus moon also squares Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, miscommunication is heightened during this transit. This definitely falls more into the category of authority figures and political matters.

It's quite interesting since Joe Biden just reestablished the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships on February 14, 2021.

This was reestablished as a way that is supposed to help with the recovery from COVID-19, economic recovery, and tackling systemic racism. I'm interested to see how this plays out. With the U.S. approaching its Pluto Return soon, it's destructive but transformative.

In the statement, Biden said he was reestablishing the office "to work with leaders of different faiths and backgrounds (Saturn taking responsibility in Aquarius which is accepting of everybody) who are the frontlines of their communities (Aquarius) in crisis (Uranus) and who can help us heal, unite, and rebuild (Pluto rebuilds)." You can read about that here.

Political Conclusion

Maybe this square between the people (Uranus) and higher power of people (Saturn) will be our beginning of a revolution. The uncooperating that the square aspect has creates so much tension between freedom (Uranus) and control (Saturn).

This square aspect will be set to changing the status quo, clearing out what isn't working, and rebuilding our foundations in a new and improved way.

Honestly, I do hope this relaunch of the Faith-Based and Neighborhood Outreach policy helps with the rebuilding our nations foundations. I see it happening, but I also see power play and struggles here as well.


COVID-19 is a terrible virus that is destroying (Pluto) our solid structures we had (Saturn) and causing chaos (Uranus). Uranus represents humanity and Taurus is the economy. Saturn is administrative power and Aquarius is science.

Jessica Davidson made a great point on about medicine and the pandemic. She stated that "during the Saturn Uranus square of 1975-77, a swine flu epidemic in the US led to the creation of a vaccine that caused serious health problems because it was rushed into use and not tested properly. More recently, the Saturn Uranus opposition in 2008-10 coincided with an overhyped H1N1 pandemic that turned out to be no worse than seasonal flu.".

I can see this happening with the vaccine for COVID-19. We just came up with a COVID-19 vaccine and many people are experiencing awful side effects to it. The medicine was invented so quickly that it's obvious to pick up on the pattern here. I'm wondering how all of this will play out for the next few years. It won't be easy, I can say that much.