Seeing Your Birthday Number: Numerology

Seeing Your Birthday Number: Numerology

Have you ever looked at the clock and it was your birthday number? Through numerology, this is no coincidence. Many people laugh a little when this happens but what happens when it keeps happening? We then begin to wonder, is there a meaning to this? The answer is yes!

More than often, the Universe (or angels) use numerology sequences to deliver a message. These sequences are, but not limited to; 10:10, 11:11, 12:12. This is because numbers are known to be the mathematical language of the universe.

Numbers carry a high vibration and deep meaning. The universe is able to use these numbers to get through to you in order to catch your attention. This is done by repeatedly seeing the same set of number sequences!

So What Does This Mean?

Anytime you see a numerology sequence or your birthday on the time, receipts, license plates, you can be reassured that the Universe is with you in that present moment. Whenever you catch a number sequence, it’s important to reflect back on what it was you were doing or thinking of in that exact moment so you know what this message is trying to tell you. If you can’t recall what you were doing or thinking, that’s okay! The Universe will certainly show you over and over again until you DO get it.

Then What Does Seeing My Birthday Mean?

Your birthday is the moment you were brought into this world, took your first breath of air & began your life journey. A numerology personality profile will show you the most important areas and strengths or weaknesses in your life and personality. Your birthday is the numerology code of who you are. It will show you challenges and ease. Very similar to an astrology natal chart, just in numerical form!

When the Universe presents your birthday numbers to you, this means that you are aligning yourself with your life path and you must remain true to you and who you are in this process.

You can achieve and succeed many of the things you are working towards in this moment if you don’t get to distracted in the moment and forget your purpose. 

There’s an incredible amount of insight all about you stored within the numbers of your birthday. When you see these numbers, you need to begin drawing your attention to your personal strengths and unique qualities.

Birthday numbers shown through numerology in synchronicity is something you should pay close attention to and not take lightly. These messages are some of the strongest and more important messages that the Universe is needing to pass on.

Seeing your birthday numbers reminds you that you have a unique purpose, you were brought to this Earth with a mission and now it’s time to reconnect with that mission and realign your truth of who you really are.