The Empty Houses in Astrology

The Empty Houses in Astrology

If you check your chart only to find that one of your houses doesn't have any planets in it, don't worry! You are not doomed in that area. An unoccupied house doesn't reflect any kind of deficiency in your life, only a lack of emphasis.

Since there are only 9 planets (in astrology, we consider the Sun and Moon a planet. Earth is our viewpoint, so we do not calculate for Earth. Some astrologers do) and 12 houses, you’re going to have an empty house somewhere.

An empty house means that there is no planet occupying the sign on the cusp, your house, or any planetary aspects making energy to that house. Most people will see an empty 7th house and think they are cursed in the terms of marriage and settling down.

This is far from the truth. In fact, the house that is empty simply just means you already do this house well. Sometimes though, we are desperate for answers within that house. It’s still decodable.

Since each house represents a different area of our lives, the empty house is just an area of your life that doesn’t need much fixing or work. Of course, you should always continue to self-improve yourself within all areas of life.

Just because you do something great already doesn’t mean you don’t keep advancing and learning more. Having zero planets in your second house of money isn't a signal that you'll go broke. It just suggests that financial matters just won't play a huge role in your life.

Understanding Empty Houses

If you are curious to know that area of your life just looks to the Zodiac sign that is playing the role of that house and then find its ruling planet. If Libra is on your 7th house cusp and we know that Venus rules Libra, we look for Venus. Let’s say, Venus is in Scorpio in the 8th house. We are combining two natal houses together to create one energy.

Since the 8th house rules the occult, death, taxes, property, and sex, and Venus rules love, money, and harmony… we can place the theme into the 7th house of marriage suggest that love and marriage must be built on a soul bonding level, extreme depth and connection. It is the passion that needs to run deep and a strive for perfect balance with one another.

It's always important to take the entire astrology chart into consideration and the ruling planet of the empty house. Just because you have an empty 3rd house, and this suggests that communication is easy for you doesn't mean you will have struggles if your Mercury is restricted by Saturn or other challenging aspects are made. You have the potential of letting communication flow easily, but you must work that obstacle still if there is one shown present in your chart.

Empty 1st House

Your outward personality comes at ease and there is no challenge.

Empty 2nd House

Your security and finances are managed well due to your strong hold on personal values.

Empty 3rd House

Communication flows with ease and your learning comes naturally.

Empty 4th House

Peaceful home setting, not much disruption.

Empty 5th House

Creativity comes naturally and you are in touch with your inner child.

Empty 6th House

Daily work and routine come easily for you.

Empty 7th House

Your relationships flow at ease and are usually committed.

Empty 8th House

Personal transformation and resources come to you at ease.

Empty 9th House

Natural philosopher, your optimistic attitude and seeking opportunity comes easily.

Empty 10th House

You handle responsibility well and achievements come to you with ease.

Empty 11th House

Friendships are harmonious and your ideas about change come naturally.

Empty 12th House

You can connect to your intuition, subconscious and dream world with ease.