The Fight For Equality & Freedom: Saturn in Aquarius

The Fight For Equality & Freedom: Saturn in Aquarius

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department. This hasn’t been the first time one of our black brothers and sisters have been murdered by the police just for simply existing. Now, our country has lifted their voices once again begging and pleading for their lives to end the war on racism. Could this be the final push to revolution? Could this be the right foot forward in the movement of Black Lives Matter? I can only hope so.

Saturn Teaching Lessons

If you haven’t a clue in the world about the transits of our planets right now, I would like to start by saying Saturn is back in Aquarius. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was in 1994. That means, anybody born between ages 27 and 31 will be, or already has, been going through what you would call your Saturn Return.

Saturn teaches lessons and is the ultimate karma daddy. Saturn likes to punish so you can behave. He throws obstacles and pushes boundaries and limitations. When Saturn was stationed in Capricorn, traditions were pushed onto us & we were more willing to accept them for how it is. On March 21, 2020 Saturn left Capricorn and plopped himself into Aquarius.

When Saturn is in Aquarius, matters of social justice and structure are brought to surface. Teamwork is important for Saturn in Aquarius as well as community. Aquarius wants to rebel and disrupt the system while Saturn wants structure and stability. Under this influence, we can use our voices to be a change and take part in humanitarian acts and acts for our community.

Under this influence, we are more willing to be open-minded to change rather than stick to tradition. We want unity and freedom and equality when it comes to the law system. Could it be a revolution? It’s time for us to re-write the rules and make this world better with this Aquarian influence. Saturn has not been in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for 26 YEARS! We have 3 years of this influence. Let’s make a change and make this world come in unity before 2024 when Pluto meets Aquarius.

Saturn Retrograde

May 10, 2020 Saturn turned retrograde in Aquarius. Yes, this does mean that Saturn will now travel “backwards” into the sign of Capricorn, once again. Saturn will station in retrograde motion in Capricorn starting July. Saturn then turns direct in September and will move into Aquarius on December 17, 2020. From here, Saturn will then stay for the rest of it’s transit cycle.

I can truly say that I am anxious that Saturn will be moving back into Capricorn for several months. But, it’s just a message that we need to really dive deep within and bring matters of law, government, justice, brotherhood, and unity to light.

Once we reflect on these things, I believe that when Saturn hits Aquarius again in December and there until 2023, we will begin one of our biggest revolutions in history. If I was to make a broad prediction, I would have to say that when Pluto meets Aquarius in 2024, our Earth will be changed for the better. Our final revolution.

Our Fight For Freedom: Our Civil War

This is our fight for freedom. This is our civil war. On June 27, 2020, Mars moves into Aries. Now normally Mars only lasts in one sign for 6 weeks. BUT! This transit is going to last until January 6, 2021, while retrograding from September 10 to November 13. If you have a basic understanding of astrology then you may have had a bit of chills and can only think of this meaning some type of war.

The Romans named planet Mars after their god of war due to his bloody-colored look. Since Aries is headstrong and Mars is the planet of war, I truly do believe we will go into civil war! With the rebelling of Aquarius transits, the retrograde of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and Mars in Aries all 2020, THIS IS A REVOLUTION.

Do NOT sit back and do nothing. Be the voice. Be the change. Protest (peacefully) your hearts out and stand up for what’s right and push behind what’s wrong! Change the rules, break the chains, chase your freedom and do not stop until you get it. The universe is on our side more than ever, we just have to be willing to cooperate with what’s thrown at us in the most enlightened way.