The Great Conjunction: Manifesting Time

The Great Conjunction: Manifesting Time

It's December 21, 2020 and that means it's the Great Conjunction day AND the Winter Solstice. Happy holidays, everyone! There's a lot of magical ish happening in the cosmos right now. The Sun is standing still and asking for us to stand still as well. This is a time for introspection and our time to hibernate away and focus on our shadow self. This can look different for everybody but if you're coming in touch with the behaviors and habits you cling too, then by accepting them and letting them go, you're already on your way.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn are officially in Aquarius. This is an exciting time. Not only because Jupiter and Saturn align together every 20 years, but because Jupiter and Saturn haven't been in Aquarius for over 200 years! For an air dominant person like myself, this is a pretty big deal.

If you look at the time periods of each great conjunction, you may notice a theme. May 2000, the last time these planets aligned together, it happened under the sign of Taurus. For the last 20 years, society has been having Taurus energy. We see it in the economy, with business, marketing, investments, the stock market. Now, we are being pushed away from this Earthy vibe, into the more intellect vibe of the Air signs.

What's Next?

For the next 20 years, medicine, technology, space crafts, transportation, will all play its part. NASA is already planning another mission to the moon. Seriously, google it. On a self-awakening level, I believe our shift from "mine" to "ours" will be the main focus in humanity. Honestly, it kind of needs to be! The world has became selfish and close-minded. Yet, we have become resourceful and business-like. Now, we are focused on community and working together. We are open-minded and accepting. Yet, we can easily fall apart if we remain disconnected.


How does saving humanity sound to you? How do you want to play your part in this role? Social media can be a huge influence with this Aquarian energy and quarantining. Put your message out there. Let your quirks and uniqueness flow. Do not hold back!

Now is a great day to manifest anything you want from life. "Ask and you shall receive". Think BIG like Jupiter. Be SERIOUS about it, like Saturn. Reach for the stars today and bring your change through Aquarius to guide you along for this new ride in life.

Aquarius likes to break free and shake everything up. If you need to change your entire way of being, do it. Speak your wishes into existence. Jupiter is giving us our vision and multiplying it. Saturn will help us to carry our visions and set realistic goals, and make it happen.

Look to your natal chart and see where Aquarius falls in your house. Don't say you have no Aquarius in your chart. You do too. This will be the area of life that needs the most attention from you right now. More so, if this conjunction is aspecting any personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).