The Importance of Your Moon Sign

The Importance of Your Moon Sign

As astrology becomes more widely-used across the world, more people have been questioning, “what’s my moon sign?”. Well, your moon sign is the star sign that the moon was moving past the night you were born.

The moon spends approximately 2 days in one star sign and then moves to the next. If you were born the day that the moon was moving past (transiting) the Aries constellation, this would mean your moon sign is Aries.

So What Does My Moon Sign Mean?

Your moon sign holds a great depth of information into your soul nature. The moon sign in your birth chart gives insight on what makes you feel secure, safe, how you deal with emotions and why you react a certain way.

The moon sign also represents “Mother” in astrology so the energy of the moon is quite feminine. Ocean waves are cycled with the moon phases, a woman’s cycle is naturally in-sync with the motions of the moon, so of course the moon has a great importance.

The importance of the moon is one of the best things to learn about when it comes to astrology. Especially those a mission for soul-searching. Your emotional development, your roots, the way to connect to your feelings are all supported by the moon.

Sometimes, you can possibly even relate more to your Moon sign rather than Sun sign. Moon drives your deepest feelings, your character, your instinct and intuition, your emotions, and your reactions.

In astrology, the moon is ruled by the star sign Cancer. Cancer is a sensitive and nurturing sign. They look for peace and quiet. They have an attachment to all that is safe. So this is no surprise that the moon rules our quiet nature and home life!

Where Can I Find My Moon Sign?

If you haven’t yet generated some kind of natal chart, that’s where I would start. You can also Google, “what sign was the moon in on my birthday?”. This is helpful but having your natal chart will lead you deeper down the rabbit hole and show you much more information. There are many great programs out there to choose from. Just Google, “make my birth chart”.