Uranus Stations Direct in Taurus

Uranus Stations Direct in Taurus

When Uranus moved retrograde through Taurus on August 11, 2019, things got pretty rocky and uncomfortable without a doubt. Even the weather got uncomfortable when Uranus moved into Taurus back in March 2019. 

Taurus representing Earth and Uranus bringing change and unpredictability. Halfway through 2019 we’ve seen some pretty intense tornadoes, floods, winter storms, cold outbreaks, drought and tropical cyclones. The weather events of the year have been very unusual.

You can read about the weather events of last year on Weather.com. Uranus loves to bring surprises and shock everybody, but it was inhibited while in retrograde. Taurus is about security, money, banking.

There will be many sudden and unexpected events unfolding right before our eyes, including but not limited to; revolutionary ways of handling money, both nationwide and worldwide. Since going retrograde back in August, this planet has been staying silent, but when it’s direct we can start to experience both genius and disturbing ideas and events.

With Uranus going direct the same day our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and only days away from the big conjunction of Saturn-Pluto, we can definitely expect something of chaos to come our way. While it may seem tummy-turning (Taurus does hate change), this change is needed to redirect humanity toward a better future.

The fight for social justice is now. 

This transit is not directly influenced on just you, but for the collective. As Uranus is a generational planet, you and your peers may be experiencing the same difficulties. Only by looking at the tightest formed aspects to Uranus in your Natal Chart and overall placement will you know where exactly this transit is taking place.