Your Communication Style According to Your Star Chart

Your Communication Style According to Your Star Chart

The third house in astrology shows the way we take in information, exchange it, communicate, and even our thought process. Regardless if you have planets within this house or not, this is still a very important factor of your chart & is brought on by your early childhood development.

With a packed third house (many planets residing in the third), this area of life is very important to you. A few planets shows things that need worked on or brought about, whereas an empty third house suggests there's no conflict or talents that come to you in this area. 

Even still, empty house or not, communicating is something we all do every single day. Our mental programming and area of knowledge are all developed by this house. Depending on the sign your third house is occupied by will show you more insight on how you utilize these communication skills. If you do not "have" a third house, it's likely this house is "skipped" or intercepted. This just show this house has high importance because the signs energy is repressed. 

You'll have to approach your birth chart from a whole sign calculation to find which house really occupies the third house. If you know your rising sign, just follow below or create your own free birth chart here.

If your rising is in Aries, your third house is Gemini.

You can be very scattered in your communication and an ultimate multitasker. All day long, you take and exchange information, knowledge, or things that purely excite you. You enjoy sharing what you know with others but some may find you a bit moody or flighty as well. You may struggle with letting others take turn in the conversation or partake in small gossip of any kind. However, you're a skilled communicator but a poor listener. People generally enjoy listening to what you have to say because you seem to know a little about everything.

If your rising is in Taurus, your third house is Cancer.

You're sensitive and nurturing and this shows in the way you express yourself, your thoughts, and clear in communication. You have empathy and are sometimes a bit of a pushover or people pleaser. You're cautious about who you talk to and choose to keep your daily surroundings predictable and safe. You may be thought of somebody who is standoffish or reserved but you're honestly just shy & it can be difficult for you to break your shell and be social in busy surroundings.

If your rising is in Gemini, your third house is Leo.

You have a very dramatic tone to your approach with communication and you take pride in your knowledge. A lot of people may be inspired by you due to your natural talent and creativity. You tend to make friends easily and socializing can be a fun and healthy outlet for you. You're impatient and sometimes aggressive or pushy but you mean well. This has you making friends quite easily and you may have a natural talent for performance or the arts.

If your rising is in Cancer, your third house is Virgo.

Standoffish and reserved, you rather observe and collect data within your surroundings to form the best approach on speaking out. You're helpful and kind and enjoy helping others everyday. You're very detailed and analytic or perhaps a bit too critical but those who know you best understand you like things to feel predictable and very thrown off by instability. You seem to be a great problem solver and often helping others solve their problems too. Some may confide in you easily due to your great advice and logical approach to handling the ins-and-outs of life.

If your rising is in Leo, your third house is Libra.

A natural people person, you have a big personality and an even kinder heart. You enjoy socializing with people and creating harmonious relationships with those around you. You're fair and even though others find you indecisive, it's only because you have a hard time weighing out all options. You don't pick sides and you see things for what they are. You can be unreliable and often make promises you don't keep and sometimes you can spread untruths and you're not the best secret keeper. However, you rarely do this with ill intention.

If your rising is in Virgo, your third house is Scorpio.

You have a very intense and mysterious nature to you. You're often found standing in the back and observing what's around you. You do this in order to gain enough information about your surroundings so you can act or move accordingly. You're passionate and care deeply about things you're passionate about. You have a very intuitive nature and may even find yourself already knowing things before they happen or said. Often, people try to avoid you due to your ability to read between the lines. However, those closest to you know that you operate from a place of protection, loyalty, and passion.

If your rising is in Libra, your third house is Sagittarius.

Very expressive and sometimes too blunt, you're generally a people person and make friends easily. Others enjoy what you have to say because you think outside the box and have a humanitarian heart. You're risky and hard to pin down and sometimes will steal the conversation or turn it to be about you. Some may find this vain or insensitive but you're very interested in what you know and want to share these things with others. People often find they can learn many things from you.

If your rising is in Scorpio, your third house is Capricorn.

Not the most nurturing person to communicate with but people enjoy your dry humor and serious approach to your surroundings. You're laid back and reserved and you rarely spark conversation first. You like to talk about your goals with others but come across as distant. However, when people are close to you, they will get the more passionate and deep side of you. In your daily communication though, you're fine with small talk and rather keep communication to a minimum unless it's discussing life's goals, achievements, or success.

If your rising is in Sagittarius, your third house is Aquarius.

Quirky, eccentric, and different from the rest, people are often left puzzled after a quick conversation with you. You're highly focused on your own purpose and look at life from the bigger picture more than most. You have strange ideas but you get along with mostly everybody. You do struggle with being a know-it-all and fail to take constructive criticism. It's possible you appear aloof or anxious when conversing with others or perhaps you talk quickly or switch topics easier than most. You may feel misunderstood or others may have a hard time understanding what you mean. Regardless though, people are inspired by your free nature and unique viewpoint of life & can learn a lot from you.

If your rising is in Capricorn, your third house is Pisces.

Sensitive and shy, you rarely start conversation and have a hard time engaging in it as well. Despite your cool and nonchalant vibes your Capricorn rising portrays you with, you often feel very misunderstood. You absorb the energy of your daily surroundings like a sponge & you appear to dissociate in most busy settings. You'll enjoy conversations about spirituality, music, poetry, art, or even psychedelic mind-bending experiences. You don't handle small talk well and prefer to talk about the deeper parts of life, such as mythology or the unknown mysterious ocean. People will find that you communicate softly and empathically but often find you ditsy or daydreamy. You also have a very story like or romantic way of communicating.

If your rising is in Aquarius, your third house is Aries.

You don't hold much back and if there's something that needs to be said, you'll be the one to say it. You may appear impulsive or argumentative and sometimes even smart-alecky. You have a big heart though and you're very eager to partake in conversation regardless of what it is. People often find you to be a comedian or a risk-taker and it's inspiring to some but repulsive to others. However, you mean no harm to anybody and even though you get competitive, you have a kind heart and just like to feel apart of something or a team. 

If your rising is in Pisces, your third house is Taurus.

Nonchalant and easy going, people enjoy your company due to your natural ability to go with the flow. You're helpful, responsible, and reliable. Some people may find you boring or uninteresting but this is only because you're not interested in engaging in small talk. This is complicated due to the third house being the house of quick speaking and small conversations. You communicate very slowly and effectively but this may have those who are more rushed get impatient with you. Ultimately, this is why you choose to not engage in conversation unless it's something valuable and worthwhile to your time and attention.

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