Jupiter Conjunction Pluto: Final Conjunction of the Year

Jupiter Conjunction Pluto: Final Conjunction of the Year

There have been 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto this year. On November 12, 2020, we will have the final conjunction of the year. The first conjunction happened on April 5th, the beginning of our national pandemic, Coronavirus. The second conjunction happened on June 30th. This year has been crazy and it’s going to get a bit more crazier.

Not only are we having the finale conjunction of these planets, we’re also approaching Mars stationing for direct motion on November 13th, and our New Moon on November 14th. PLUS! We just got out of Mercury retrograde. The cosmos are whack right now. Let’s focus on this finale event though.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto

Jupiter brings finances forward, law, courts, judges, religion, and long journeys. Pluto brings transformation, finances, control, corruption, crime, and threats. With all the political matters happening right now, we’re already going through this. President Trump is taking the elections to supreme court, Biden is now placed in office. Assumptions of scam and fraud are surfacing everywhere due to the mail-in votes. There’s a lot of chaos happening in the political world right now.

For humanity, our spiritual purposes are rising and evolving. We’re under great transformation and change. Our visions are expanding to a more wider horizon and many people around the globe are tapping into their spirituality more than ever.

This makes sense due to the 5D shift we’re supposed to be experiencing on December 21, 2020. This is a brand new cycle so revisit any occurrences that happened 6 months ago and see what needs completing now. Lessons and maturity through Capricorn and Saturn are being pushed on this conjunction and asking for us to focus on our long-term goals now.