Astrology allows for me to feel understood...

I began a blog in 2016 for my writings and became a *somewhat* dedicated blogger in 2017 under the name Nerdstrology. It wasn't until pandemic year (2020) that I was able to make astrology and writing my full time career. So, I did a rebrand and began helping others by doing what I love and what I am good at. Cosmic Occult was birthed under the idea that the cosmos are beyond human comprehension. The cosmos symbolize the occult.

The journey

Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with my horoscope. I would instantly cut out my teen magazines scopes in the astrology section the moment they were delivered in the mail & hang them on my wall.

Affirmation quotes and positive words were also pinned to my wall. There was just something so satisfying about reading what the stars had aligned for me that month.

It wasn't long after that my interest in astrology became a bit deeper and I was exploring birth charts. I remember when I discovered my birth chart, I spent hours and days studying every placement of mine. The accuracy was unbelievable.

For the first time in a long time, I felt understood. I felt seen. How could one tiny chart make up my entire inner being?

I remember getting so wrapped up in the challenges of my chart and thinking the cosmic gods and goddesses wanted to see me struggle.

I did some sulking over my placements *cough* Aquarius moon *cough*... but then realized I wasn't doomed by any of these challenges. Instead, I was finally presented with a choice.

My weak areas now laid out in front of me, the ones I knew all along but didn't accept, was now asking me to accept them. I could either sulk over my hard placements or work on them.

Astrology has brought me a lot of self-awareness. My passion is set on teaching others that astrology is far more than just a cut-out teeny bop magizine horoscope. It is a road map, the cosmic blueprint, to your own lifes fulfillment.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here on my site & thanks for being here!

♡ kels

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