All About Capricorn Children

Astrology will not make your little one perfect. This is just a blueprint (as I call it), or map to understanding your child better. Learning how to nurture your Capricorn child, how to handle those insane tantrums, all the way down to school, friends, and the home life. Parenting is one thing that nobody will ever be perfect at. This is why I am so thankful for astrology. By working out your child’s birth chart, you will be able to understand them better. You will learn in this series the best approach you should take based on the stars destiny itself! Let’s jump right in then, shall we?


Your little one may surprise you with their role of authority from time and time again. They follow rules more than the other children do and they’re wise old souls for sure. Capricorns lighten up later in life but due to being ruled by the authoritative planet, Saturn, they will always be ambitious and more mature than their actual age. The true Benjamin button! Your Capricorn baby will be serious and it can be hard to get them to change their mind on something once it’s set.

The one thing that may drive you crazy about your little goat is their persistent yet stubborn behavior. It can be hard to get them to do something they do not want to do. This will pay off later for your child though. One thing about Capricorn is they’re highly ambitious, or seriously lazy! Make sure your Cappy child always has a goal they’re working towards, otherwise, it can be hard to get them to do anything productive!


Your child may struggle to get in touch with their emotions as they get older so it’s important to teach them about feelings early on. When your little one is upset, they will be highly sensitive. Your kiddo will need constant physical reassurance, such as a hug, to feel secure and safe.

Encourage your tiny goat to talk about what they’re feeling and why. Be patient though. This Cappy child will not open up so easily. It can take some digging before they are finally comfortable enough to tell you. If your kiddo still decides to stay closed-off and ends up withdrawing, let them be. They’ll say what they want to when ready. Never force your child to do anything.

Capricorn kids can feel like the black sheep among the crowd. Therefore, they may struggle with social anxiety. Don’t make them feel bad about this! Take as many baby steps as your little Cappy needs so they can feel safe and accepted in the big world.


Capricorn children are pretty good about following the rules as they respect authority, structure, and tradition. All kids’ act out from time to time though and it can be hard to know what to do when they are. You’ll save a lot of trouble from yourself and your child if you create healthy parent-child boundaries from the start. These traditional boundaries may even stick around by the time your child has their own upbringing!

Some children thrive in time-out chairs, others do not. Yours most certainly will. Sit them down for a firm and strict time-out and remind them of the rules. Be as direct and to the point as possible, otherwise you may bore your Capricorn if you drag on a speech. Capricorn’s do not like being talked down to and straight to the point is better than lecturing.


Many Capricorn children do well in academics because they strive for perfection. Your Capricorn will enjoy being challenged as long as the challenge seems reasonable. If your Cappy becomes overwhelmed with school, this will lead to failing grades. Encourage incentives for when your Capricorn accomplishes something like an A+ report card. Giving them something to work towards will benefit them in the long run.

Due to the Capricorn being a cardinal sign, they go after what they want and enjoy some friendly competition. Open classroom settings give your Capricorn child clear instructions and the ability to compete against classmates on school assignments. Unlike the sister sign, Cancer, your Capricorn child will not do will in a private school setting. Your Capricorn will also enjoy extracurricular activities in school as they’ll enjoy being rewarded for their achievements.

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