All About Leo Children

Astrology will not make your little one perfect. This is just a blueprint (as I call it), or map to understanding your child better. Learning how to nurture your Leo child, how to handle those insane tantrums, all the way down to school, friends, and the home life. Parenting is one thing that nobody will ever be perfect at. This is why I am so thankful for astrology. By working out your child’s birth chart, you will be able to understand them better. You will learn in this series the best approach you should take based on the stars destiny itself! Let’s jump right in then, shall we?


Your brave and entertaining little cub holds a special place in your heart! They are warm and generous but at times very demanding. Your baby lion will look to you for praise and attention. Be sure to admire your little Leo’s accomplishments and hard work. This is the sign of creativity. Let your Leo explore with arts and crafts and then proudly display their masterpiece on the fridge for all to see!

Even though this sign is dramatic and attention-seeking, they are actually some of the easiest children to raise. Leo’s are well-behaved and listen to their elders. Many Leo’s are morning persons and will wake up with smiles and giggles to start their day. Even with your Leo demanding attention constantly, they really just want to tag along. Like a baby cub following their parent. They’re proud of their pack and want to join in or help out.

This little lion is enthusiastic and never boring. Your child will love to tell stories and hear stories as well. Make sure you have a lot of storybooks for this child! Their imagination runs wild and don’t be surprised if they’re soon acting out their favorite part of the book! They’re entertainers and love to put on a good show.


Little lunar Leo’s are quite affectionate and dramatic. Often enough when you see your tiny lion crying, it’s because they feel as if they’re not getting enough attention. Pause whatever you’re doing to comfort and hug your baby Leo. They’ll soon forget about their troubles and carry on with joy.

Leo’s are very upfront about what’s going on in their life so if you notice your child withdrawing or becoming quiet, immediately check in. They may feel ignored and this proud heart must always feel that they’re the most special person in the room. Connect with them and engage them in whatever activity you’re doing, whether it be alone, with siblings, or others. A few minutes of interaction will help your baby cub feel important again.


It’s not often that Leo children get themselves into trouble. They want to be seen as great. However, the sister sign of this zodiac is Aquarius, the ultimate sign of rebellion. Therefore, a Leo’s rebellion moment will be surprising and definitely a show to remember! Don’t be too hard on your Leo though. Most times, they think they’re just having fun and not really consider the consequence. Typical fire energy. You’ll want to tread slowly and not crush your tiny cubs spirit.

Give your bad little lion some affection and let them talk it out! Time out doesn’t work well with this one because they’ll definitely feel ignored. A few moments of affection and sharing your attention with little Leo will correct the behavior better than quiet time alone or time out chairs. Leo’s are dramatic but once their drama episode has cooled down, the Leo kid is quite compliant. You just have to hang in there and be sure you don’t criticize little Leo in the process.


Tiny Leo will be quite the showoff in the classroom! Your little one will enjoy praise and attention from their teachers, you, and classmates. Always looking to show off their best work. Leo’s are very socially active in the classroom but can tend to not let others shine when they know the answer too. Your kiddo will take pride in getting the answers correct. Their attention span is short though which can make it difficult for them to concentrate.

If your proud little Leo does not get the appropriate praise and admiration for their talents and knowledge, they can then ask for attention elsewhere. Such as, acting out and getting sent to the principal’s office! If your Leo begins struggling in school, find an activity where they can earn praise and recognition. Good examples of this would be scout badges or sports.

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