All About Taurus Children

Astrology will not make your little one perfect. This is just a blueprint (as I call it), or map to understanding your child better. Learning how to nurture your Taurus child, how to handle those insane tantrums, all the way down to school, friends, and the home life. Parenting is one thing that nobody will ever be perfect at. This is why I am so thankful for astrology. By working out your child’s birth chart, you will be able to understand them better. You will learn in this series the best approach you should take based on the stars destiny itself! Let’s jump right in then, shall we?


Your little Taurus child has determination and often reliable. Taurus deals with all 5 senses. Touch, smell, sight, taste, and hear. Therefore, your Taurus child will enjoy the beauty of nature and getting some fresh air. This little one got the reputation of being stubborn, and stubborn they are! A Taurus child is mostly well relaxed and easy going. Enjoying the beautiful, aesthetic things, this little one will want the most luxurious items that’ll burn a hole in your pocket! Taurus like what they like and are always set to get it.

Taurus children can be competitive because they want to be the best. They may also be materialistic. Ruled by Venus, your Taurus child wants to be the one who is seen as most beautiful or put together. Be careful though! If you spoil this little Taurus with too many materialistic things, they can become easily self-indulgent. We already talked about that hole in your pocket, right?

Taurus are the true definition of sugar and spice. Sweet on the good days but stubborn on the bad! Taurus children are well-mannered and polite but if they feel unheard, they’ll let you know about yourself. Your little Taurus will boast proudly about their belongings to others so be sure to teach them early on that it’s okay to be proud of your stuff, but not everybody can be as fortunate as them. Teach your Taurus compassion.

When you notice your Taurus baby upset, you should immediately stop to soothe them. The Taurus thrives with security and closeness. Look into the problem and try to help. Your little one may enjoy one-on-one time with you or another parent. Give this Taurus some attention! Taurus doesn’t like to share though so be sure not to share yours and there time with anybody else. Speaking of sharing, this will also be a child who won’t let others take turns if she had something first. Correct that behavior before it gets to be a major problem. Sharing is caring!


These patient and sweet creatures of the zodiac will need lots of reassurance. When provoked, the Taurus child can become easily destructive though. Make sure you’re listening to your Taurus baby so they don’t feel the need to break things just to get you to pay attention to them. Taurus children are usually laid-back and relaxed. They’re not known for being criers so if you see the water works happening, you know something is up. To help your little Taurus control these strong and confusing emotions, stop what you’re doing, investigate the problem with them, and soothe.

In the early days from baby, toddler, and even younger child, your Taurus will be clingy. This is completely normal! They are possessive over what’s theirs and may throw a fit if you’re not close by. To help move past this frustrating and draining stage, give your Taurus baby something that reminds them of you. This can be a blanket, even a photo of you guys together. Spend one-on-one with your child as much as you possibly can. They will thrive with the attention and will feel very special.


So, your little Taurus just won’t listen to you, huh? That’s because they are stubborn! Don’t fight back, work with the Taurus child. This sign will not back down from a fight and does not want to be told what to do either. Figure out how you can work with your Taurus to help them realize their wrongful behavior or attitudes.

Taurus are destructive just as they are sweet. Let your little Taurus blow off steam. Let your child scream into a pillow if they must. Anything to help prevent your raging bull from destroying your furniture. These kids are known for destructive behaviors when angered and they will certainly be quick to throw a remote and break the TV. Teach your Taurus to blow steam in a less destructive way.


Since Taurus is a fixed sign, this means they rather do things how they’ve always done them. Setting a routine will be beneficial for your little ones learning and education days. Anytime they get thrown off the path they were on, they will easily be let down and may not want to try again. Keeping things predictable for your Taurus is important!

Your Taurus child is known to be focused. Therefore, they should do pretty well in school. As long as the school they attend provides routine and structure, your Taurus will thrive. Taurus children loves rewards and being acknowledged for their achievements. Be sure to praise your Taurus child for doing their homework or passing that math test!

This sign is usually a friend for life. Due to their loyalty and security, your little Taurus may make friends quite easily. Your Taurus will enjoy giving advice or support to their classmates and friends. They want to be the nurturer of the friend circle. Taurus sees everything as fair so you can be sure that they will always treat their friends and authority with respect.

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