All About Virgo Children

Astrology will not make your little one perfect. This is just a blueprint (as I call it), or map to understanding your child better. Learning how to nurture your Virgo child, how to handle those insane tantrums, all the way down to school, friends, and the home life. Parenting is one thing that nobody will ever be perfect at. This is why I am so thankful for astrology. By working out your child’s birth chart, you will be able to understand them better. You will learn in this series the best approach you should take based on the stars destiny itself! Let’s jump right in then, shall we?


Your little Virgo is represented by the Earth element. Therefore, they are practical, hardworking, disciplined, and down to Earth. Virgo children are the absolute sweetest! I say this because of their need to always help others. They are truly a blessing. Virgo’s are always very smart! They will continue to do things until it’s perfect. Your child is the true definition of “get up and try again” because that’s exactly what they do.

What happens though when your little Virgo is eaten up by insecurity due to failing? It’s tough. I won’t sugarcoat it. Virgo’s are perfectionist and when they don’t live up to their expectations, or others don’t, they can be quite critical! They tend to be negative if they let the criticism go overboard. So watch out for that.

The Virgo child needs to be needed. It’s important that you include this little one in all your chores. They will smile proudly because they feel as if they’re being of service. Virgo is the sign of service and nothing makes this sign happier than knowing they’re helping others. They’re also quite curious. Your little Virgo will love to learn new things, sort, and order. Make sure you give your little one plenty of activities to keep there mental stimulation going!


I know that I’ve already said it many times in this post but I will say it again. Virgo’s are perfectionist. Your kiddo will easily beat themselves up for every mess up. They’re ruled by Mercury and prone to anxiousness and nervous tension. Remind your precious little one that everybody makes mistakes and it’s okay. Teach them not to be so hard on themselves or others.

These little kiddies also get the reputation for being control freaks and worriers. It’s not a surprise though. They need everything to go accordingly and can freak out over the slightest errors. With being Mercury ruled, they tend to worry over everything. They can also be hypochondriacs. This is when nurturing like your a life coach steps in. Let your child vent but don’t let them get sucked into their own doubts or victim story.

Virgo’s also like to be alone. Let your little one recharge themselves by encouraging them to journal or read in private. They can get over the feeling of sadness and frustration if they just have a bit of space to think things through. Don’t take it personally. This kiddo will most likely be introverted anyways. That’s okay!


It’s a very rare occasion that the Virgo child gets in trouble. Virgo’s don’t really seek out trouble like some of the other zodiac signs because they’re not much for risk taking. The thing that will get your Virgo in trouble most often is their backtalk and superior attitudes. So what to do? Stand your ground back and remind them who’s boss!

Virgo’s can get bored and act out due to curiosity. More so in the teenage years than anything. This is a sign that needs boundaries and rules. Do not be afraid to set rules for this child. They thrive on routine and rules. They need consistency though. Whatever schedule you make your Virgo follow, whether it be chores before friends or homework right after dinner, you must follow through. Tough love and good boundaries will help you out with your kiddo.


The thing with Virgo as a student is that they can be the best student, or the worst. It all depends on the expectations they set for themselves and the environment they’re in. Virgo’s enjoy picking apart details so this can make your kiddie solve problems easily, but the issue lies on the amount of pressure and judgment they will put on themselves.

Your tiny Virgo will feel that they need to ace all their work and if they can’t meet those expectations, they may throw the towel in and think there’s no point at all. Try to encourage your child to keep trying. Remember, practice makes perfect! Your little one may even fear being judged by others if they shout out the wrong answers and can even make a bigger deal out of it than what’s needed. Remind your tiny human that other people also get answers wrong and it’s better to have tried than to have not try at all. Virgo’s are very smart but can doubt their knowledge and slack off because of it.

Social and performance anxiety are what Virgo’s are known for. They are perfectionist (I’m saying it again)! Perhaps putting your Virgo child in an independent school that doesn’t focus on formal grading and lets them learn at their own pace would be beneficial for your little one. If that’s not an option, just remind them that they do not have to always do things the best way, they just need to do them. Your tiny tot will need hands-on support to motivate them so don’t be surprised if they’re always calling for you to help with homework. Your child will need this support and encouragement to fully blossom.

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