All About Aries Children

Astrology will not make your little one perfect. This is just a blueprint (as I call it), or map to understanding your child better. Learning how to nurture your Aries child, how to handle those insane tantrums, all the way down to school, friends, and the home life. Parenting is one thing that nobody will ever be perfect at. This is why I am so thankful for astrology. By working out your child’s birth chart, you will be able to understand them better. You will learn in this series the best approach you should take based on the stars destiny itself! Let’s jump right in then, shall we?

Raising Your Aries Child

The little Aries child is full of passion and ambition. Everything sparks their eyes and they are highly independent! However, you must be careful if an Aries doesn’t get what they want! They can easily go from happy as can be to smoke rolling out their ears. Oh yeah! The Aries has serious tantrums but they get over it rather quickly.

Aries is the leader of the zodiac so you can bet your ass that they will want to be seen as leader at all times. The Aries child enjoys competition but they can get pretty aggressive as well. Don’t let your little Aries become a poor spirit! Teach them that everybody can win and they should take turns and cheer on. Due to Aries being a fire sign, this little warrior cannot stand to be ignored! Try to listen and respond appropriately as your Aries speaks to you. Otherwise, they may flip the script and start ignoring you just to show who’s boss. Hint: you’re the parent, they’re not the boss of you.

Your Aries child may have to much energy for their own good. It’s important to let your child run off this excitement or they can easily suffer from being over-stimulated and bored. Always be sure to give your Aries child praise. They want to be seen as winners and will do anything they can just to meet a goal. The mode of an Aries is the Cardinal sign. This shows taking action and starting action. However, your Aries child can be very impatient if things aren’t moving fast enough for their liking. Teach them patience at a young age.

Nurturing Your Aries

Even if you have a little firecracker in your hands, the Aries is actually quite shy and sensitive! Especially when young. An Aries likes to do things for themselves. They’re highly independent but that doesn’t mean you should leave them alone! They will be most comfortable playing with their toys with you sitting a few feet away. An Aries child may even begin playing toys with you but will most likely give you directions on how to play. While it is cute, it can cause schoolmates and friends to not want to play with your Aries because they will be seen as bossy.

Through all that warrior strength your little one shows off, there is a sweet, sensitive spot that sometimes gets activated and have your Aries crying. Be sure you reassure your Aries and explain to them what it feel like when you’re sad or angry. Then have them discuss their feelings with you. This will take a lot of drama off their shoulders as they grow older. You may not have so much of a hot head if you start this approach early.

Aries can be quite aggressive. From pushing, kicking, biting, or hitting, it will never be okay. When you notice your little Aries acting out, guide them to release this tension in a healthier way. Find a more positive physical outlet for your little one, otherwise, they may break and throw whatever is in their way! Don’t make a big deal out of this though, it will only have the Aries more intense if you do. Instead, connect with your Aries and really listen to what they have to say. Remember, Aries does not like to be ignored!


Kids will have tantrums but nothing compares to an Aries child with a tantrum. Whew! Your little fireball will test you over and over again just for the hell of it. They are risk-takers and rarely back down from a fight. In fact, your Aries may not even be aware of their own strengths. Do not let your Aries sit to cool. This star sign needs to keep moving. Turn off the electronics and get your Aries away from anything that can mentally frustrate them.

Since Aries rules the head on the body, your little one can experience terrible headaches (especially when older) if they don’t learn to channel mental frustration in a healthy way. Let your Aries get outside and kick a ball, jump on the trampoline, or take a walk for some fresh air. If the weather is bad, try playing the floor is lava out of pillows. Anything to keep that Aries of yours moving will be beneficial to their tantrums in the long run.


School’s in session! The Aries child will do best in a school that allows individuality and independence. After school sports may help them keep their grades up. Soccer, volleyball, football, hockey, and strategy games will have your Aries feeling more comfortable to do well in school. Since you have to keep your grades up to play sports, this can be the motivation your Aries child needs.

Your Aries will love teamwork sports but it should be something that encourages independence for them. Don’t hover over your Aries child while they working on homework. They do not like to be micro-managed. Let them finish their work as you sit close by and have them show you how smart they are!

Little Aries comes across as somebody who warm, welcoming, and a sweetheart! Therefore, they may have plenty of friends. Unfortunately, they will need to be taught to share because they can easily compete with their own bestfriends! Teaching your Aries that friends are not competition will pay off in the future. This little one can get bossy which might make them prone to becoming a bully. Correct that behavior before it becomes too late.

Encourage your Aries to raise their hand in the classroom when they know the answer. They are more shy than you may think though so this won’t come easily. Teaching them confidence will build their self-esteem. Aries wants to do things in their way, and their way only! Group work may not fit your Aries perfect picture as they seem to work better alone. They want to be the ones solving problems and figuring things out by themselves.

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