Mars in Your Astrology Birth Chart

Mars shows us our competitive side, our drive, aggression, and self-motivation. Mars in astrology is assertive, expressive, explosive, and disciplined. In astrology, Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion including our sexual drive, aggression, and anger.

The position of Mars in your astrology birth chart will show you where you have the greatest passion at. The house position will shed light on the area of life that Mars activates and any planetary energy formed to Mars through the aspects will give you deeper insight. Your Mars sign in your astrology birth chart is one of the most important personal planets.

Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aries

You're competitive and can be aggressive when challenged with a Mars in Aries. You are easily angered and can have serious tantrums if you're let down. You have strong leadership qualities but must be careful to not let selfishness take over. You're impulsive and risk tasking.

Mars in Taurus

Mars here can be lazy due to the detriment position in your astrology chart, but when motivated can accomplish anything. You will enjoy the finer things in life and need hot, steamy sex. You are usually slow moving but can be very strong. You'll seek harmony in your surroundings but can easily be angered when provoked.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini people are passionate about bringing ideas to life and spreading information. Though you are assertive, some may find your behavior to be quite evasive. You're constantly searching, researching, and sharing. You like to take in new information and use it creatively. You're clever and enjoy a challenge. You're not quick to anger and you rather think a situation out before acting on it.

Mars in Cancer

You can be very argumentative and passive aggressive. You shy away from confrontation most of the time though. You're protective of your family and close friends. You have a strong defensive reaction but when you're feeling hurt, you retreat into your shell. At your worst, you are manipulative and can have strong emotional displays.

Mars in Leo

There is a strong need to express your creativity with a Leo Mars. You can be very impatient as well. You have a dramatic but confident behavior that makes others either adore you, or roll their eyes at you. Some may say you're arrogant due to your "me-only" nature but you are the astrology sign that is known to have a big heart, Mars fuels it with fire.

Mars in Virgo

You are productive and goal oriented. Though you are a bit scattered, you still get things done. You have many interests and talents and need to stay busy. If you get bored, this causes mental frustration that can lead to serious headaches. You are assertive and practical but can become critical if opposed.

Mars in Libra

You're not one for conflict because you need to weigh both sides of a situation before forming an opinion. You tend to procrastinate and take your time, but you eventually get everything done. You can have a hard time deciding and may rely on others to take the lead instead. Mars is detriment in Libra which weakens Mars assertiveness. This is because in astrology, Mars jumps on things while Libra pauses to reflect.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars rules Scorpio in traditional astrology. However, it's much more indirect than if Mars was in Aries. You like to keep things buried deep down and when you do explode, you are very dramatic. Unfortunately, you can become manipulative and resentful when you feel hurt or challenged. You have strong intuition and have strong willpower.

Mars in Sagittarius

Others are inspired by your carefree attitude to life. You can easily irk others by your truthfulness because you just blurt things out without much thought. You seek adventure and are driven by the very need to explore your surroundings. You're open-minded and philosophical approach to life is admired by many.

Mars in Capricorn

You are very responsible and have strong ambitions. You're very goal oriented and ambitious. You have great organization skills and plan accordingly. Though others think you may be a workaholic, it's only due to your strong drive for pursuing your own goals. You don't react on outburst of anger and tend to be cooler and more levelheaded when provoked.

Mars in Aquarius

You can be argumentative when trying to prove your point. You'll tend to think you're right in most situations and that everybody else is wrong. You're brilliant but sometimes, others do know more than you. You have strong willpower and you know exactly what you want and how to get it. When angered, you may rebel as a way of showing your aggression. You're not forceful but you are highly assertive.

Mars in Pisces

Pisces is the daydreaming sign of astrology. You tend to be moody and your desires are changeable. You'd also rather go with the flow and you try to avoid conflict. You can have a hard time asserting yourself and you may even feel guilty if you act on anger. You try to keep the peace at all costs. Your motivation might be more on the lazy side but you have a strong drive for spiritual pursuits.

Mars in the Houses

1st House Mars

You're the person who is exciting, independent, and the ultimate dare-devil. You thrive for adventure and changes and you can become easily irritated when others put a holt to your readiness. A team-leader, overachiever, and somebody who wants to do things their own way, some people may call you arrogant. You always seem to be in a rush or easily flustered with this Mars placement. You're outgoing and have a strong need to express yourself. You can be insensitive at times and rash.

2nd House Mars

You are the person who will do whatever it takes just to make a buck. You want to make money and can go about it aggressively just to do so. This would put you in a good position for being a salesperson since you can be pushy in achieving your goals. Your personal values is what makes up your self-esteem. You may enjoy a fast-paced work area and can usually get the job done fast. You are extremely protective of your loved ones you hold close to your heart and the possessions you have.

3rd House Mars

You are very expressive when it comes to your thoughts and ideas. You speak clearly and stand firmly for what it is you want. There can be competition or aggression when it comes to siblings. You are a fast thinker and communicator, sometimes talking too fast. You're eager to share what you learn with those in your circle but can also be argumentative if you feel threatened. School may have been difficult for you because you can't sit still and learn on one subject for too long. It's important that you develop patience when it comes to your learning, thoughts, and communication.

4th House Mars

Your home life growing up was most likely on the rowdy side. It can be met with aggression or competition and left you feeling restless. You still require the same type of demand and action in your home life as an adult or else you may get bored. It's important to seek action without aggression though. Family bike rides or anything that gets you moving and bonding with your surroundings will be beneficial. You probably find yourself with little to no time to relax. It's not that you don't have the time to do so, it's just that you rather be doing something productive. You lack patience when others just want to rest and can't understand how they can be so lazy. It's important for you to find rest too and take care your physical self.

5th House Mars

You go after what you want and will not stop until you get it! This is especially true when it comes to matters of creativity and art. You're curious to try new things and may try everything at least once. You enjoy sports and take pride in your hobbies. Competition is never met with a poor attitude from you, you think it's fun and you enjoy the games. You're independent nature will be passed on to your children if you ever have any.

6th House Mars

There can be so much mental frustration if you do not get daily exercise. More than others, your body begs for for daily exercise. You can experience digestive problems and serious headaches if you're not living your life healthy. You must be careful to not be careless with what goes into your body. Your always looking for something productive to do in your daily schedule. The workplace is tense and you may not always get along with co-workers. This is due to the fact that you're highly independent. You would not make it very far sitting at a 9-5 desk job. You need something that requires movement and excitement.

7th House Mars

You enjoy intimate relationships that allow you to express yourself as an individual. You're independent and need to enjoy your own things in a relationship. You're loyal and protective over your partner and you may be very sexual in your relationships as well. Your relationships need to have excitement in them or else you may get bored easily. You're also argumentative and competitive in relationships and should learn to see your partner as your equal instead of as a threat.

8th House Mars

Your sexual desires are sometimes very strong and sex needs to be intense. You are curious about the darkness of the world, and are eager for personal transformation. Death and rebirth excite you as you looking into the meaning of life with enthusiasm. You're the person who is always trying to meet your shadow self and accept it. You have a drive to know yourself on the deepest level possible and this may bring you much pain and trauma. This placement can make you very vengeful and manipulative. Use your strong power wisely because you hold great power, more than most.

9th House Mars

You're enthusiastic to learn about the higher meaning of life. You are curious and always ready to learn something new. You're adventurous and risk-taking. It's important that you don't go in over your head because you are impulsive. Adventure for you comes through traveling, studies, or religion. These areas of life excite you and are met with a desire of understanding. You're funny, outgoing, and independent nature make people enjoy your presence. Sometimes though, people may find you to be full of yourself or arrogant. You can be but this is always unintentionally. You're very blunt and honest but it would be wise to put your foot in your mouth sometimes.

10th House Mars

Highly ambitious, you may do whatever it takes to reach levels of success. This can make your professional life quickly turn to a battlefield as you are more willing to fight for top position than to compromise. You want to be seen as a leader and you want high power of status. You're independent and would rather work for yourself, or by yourself. You can easily experience burnout if you put too much energy into your career and suddenly you'll find yourself suffering from migraines by just thinking of being at work. Take the time to rest when rest is needed. Do not exert all your energy into your public image and status.

11th House Mars

Friendships are usually exciting and you can be quite popular. You take on the role as a leader in your community and others are willing to listen to what you have to say. You must have trust, passion, and enthusiasm in your friendships for them to stand. Just as fast as you make friends, you can lose them that fast as well. If the friendships are stale, you have no problem leaving it in the dust. You're an honest friend and extremely protective as well. You are the person to fight against wrong-doings, and you will fight with passion.

12th House Mars

This is a pretty intense and lonely placement for Mars. The 12th house is all about solitude and reflection but Mars is about reaction and is impulsive. You may experience emotional outbursts that confuse you and others. Your ambition or direction in life can feel foggy most of the times and you may feel insecure and powerless. Your passion lies in the unknown. By connecting to your spiritual nature and surrendering to the Universe, you will find that you are never alone. You may also find this sense of awareness through poetry or art.