Mercury in Your Astrology Birth Chart

Mercury represents your communication skills and how well you can relate to others. In astrology, Mercury is an Earth element and this planet rules the mind as well which can be used to show how you process information and how you analyze and receive it. Mercury in astrology represents the mind and intellect; it is associated with all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence and communication. Mercury's position in your birth chart indicates how your mental function will be expressed, and where techniques and skills are available to you.

Looking at the position of Mercury in your astrology birth chart can show where you excel or struggle with communication. In astrology, the planet Mercury is all about the intellect. How you process things and learn can all be determined by Mercury position in your astrology chart.

Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries

You are a fast thinking with quick decision-making skills with Mercury in Aries. You go after what you want and do not stop until you get it. Your communication is very direct but sometimes aggressive. You are quick to anger and let out a temper tantrum. You need to learn patience because your impulsive nature can have you acting on things too fast.

Mercury in Taurus

You use your words carefully and always make sure you think before you speak. Others tend to trust your knowledge because it is likely you spent much time researching what you know thoroughly. You may take a strong interest in music or art. You're realistic and practical and good with money.

Mercury in Gemini

You can sway from an unparalleled communicator to a mindless chatterbox, but always in a lively and light speed manner. You usually entertain multiple thoughts at the same time due to your natural curiosity and experimental attitude. Mercury in Gemini takes a light hearted approach to all they do. It is how you keep inspiration fresh and flowing. Unfortunately, you can be disheartened if you are not allowed to let your inquisitive and versatile mind roam free of constraints.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer makes you sensitive to your surroundings and can easily become an energy sponge. Your thought process is slow and careful as you tend to rely on your current mood to form a judgement. Others are swept away by your charm and empathetic nature and you always have a way of cheering others up. You are nurturing and will show this in your way of communication.

Mercury in Leo

You have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to expressing yourself. You're charismatic and others generally enjoy listening to what you have to say. You enjoy partaking in many hobbies but can be quick to drop them as well. You also tend to be overly dramatic. There is a strong attachment to your ideas and views on life which can make it hard to persuade you to see things differently.

Mercury in Virgo

You are analytical and need to look things over carefully before coming to a judgement. You do this as a way of separating useless information. You're practical in your way of thinking and enjoy a good research. You tend to over analyze things though and you might be a perfectionist. Others may view your communication skills as negative, overly detailed, or critical.

Mercury in Libra

You may strive to achieve a balance between thinking and feeling, practical realism and abstract thoughts. Having a Libra Mercury placement in your astrology chart will make you enjoy a lively debate where you can argue all different sides of an idea or situation before concluding. Creatively, Mercury in Libra is at its best when fighting for ideals of truth, beauty, and justice. Your emotions are often met with disappointments when others don’t meet your expectations.

Mercury in Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign in astrology who will want to dig deep into the depths of things, people, and ideas. Your intense nature can immediate others because you're always looking to uncover what's behind people's motives. You are literally a detective with Mercury in Scorpio. You're very quiet and do not share personal information about yourself. You enjoy remaining a mystery. You may also experience trust issues because you feel as if you cannot trust easily. Therefore, you may keep a lot of things to yourself.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You have big vision and hopes for your future. You're inspired by all walks of life and enjoy learning new subjects. You like to share your knowledge with others as well. However, you do tend to speak before you think and this straightforward nature isn't for everybody. You may come across as insensitive because you simply don't sugarcoat things. It's also likely that you enjoy traveling and exploring new territories.

Mercury in Capricorn

You have great managerial and organizing skills. You are characterized by methodical thinking, coupled with determination, persistence, and staying power. However, you live in a constant state of worrying. Always imagining the worst possible outcome; weary and cautious about any risk not completely understood or analyzed. Your creativity may be blocked and then can be dogmatic and critical.

Mercury in Aquarius

You exhibit a communication style described as aloof and distant, making you apparently indifferent to private matters. You just don’t seem interested in people. Aquarius Mercury finds inspiration in dreaming the dream of a better and ideal society. However, this creativity can be stalled when confronted with the more basic, instinctual, and greedy side of human nature.

Mercury in Pisces

You are very soft in your speech and may be shy. Your more intuitive than intellect and you rely on this intuition to help make decisions or solve problems. You easily drift off into your fantasy realm and appear to be withdrawn. You can be critical of yourself and may find it difficult to separate your thoughts from others.

Mercury in the Houses

1st House Mercury

Mercury in the first house gives you a very independent streak when it comes to your thought process and communication skills. You are not one to care what others thinks and you have a natural way of spreading information to network your ideas. Mercury here makes you a curious-cat. You're constantly seeking for new information around you. You may have many skills and always eager to learn something new. However, once you pick up on a task, you can easily drop it and move to the next. It's a bad idea to become the jack of all trades but master of none.

2nd House Mercury

You probably have many brilliant ideas on making money. Get rich quick schemes may be appealing to you. You're intelligent when it comes to resources and how to secure the bag. Money may come through distributing information. This can make you a great salesperson and you do have good communication skills. You are persuasive and others trust you decision making skills.

3rd House Mercury

Have you ever been told that you're a quick learner? Were you the person who would talk so much in class that you got sent out or had to be moved? But even if you were moved, you still would talk? That would be due to your 3rd house Mercury placement! You're very talkative and you absorb information in like a sponge. You're intelligent and take interest in many areas of study subjects. You should be careful that you don't gossip or accidentally spill secrets that others trusted you with. You might even unintentionally spill your own secrets or overshare personal things. Social networking and communication is very important to you. You want to learn from others and also talk to others about the things you have learned. You're well-liked by your surroundings because you express an extroverted nature and you easily adapt.

4th House Mercury

The brains come from your roots and home! Your home life may be a place where learning is encouraged. Information and ideas are exchanged within your home and you can easily adapt to new living situations. You may have moved frequently as a child. Not so much far away but in short distance. You learn a lot from your family and environment and may be a sponge to the moods in your home that can mentally effect you. Your mother may have an influence over your mental state of mind, either positively or negatively.

5th House Mercury

There can be a lot of mental frustration if you do not express yourself through creativity or tap into your artistic nature. You're a busy person when it comes to creative projects and may always be doing something productive. You probably have many hobbies that are mentally stimulating but these are the hobbies that make you feel most alive. When you're out with others, you will enjoy exchanging your ideas in public settings. You want to talk about the fun side of life and try to steer clear from anything that seems too dark.

6th House Mercury

You're the person who has to always be doing something, every single day. Your daily routine is very busy but you need this stimulation or else you can be mentally frustrated. You may take an interest in learning about reiki healings, anatomy, the correlation between mental state and physical state, or botany. Being of service to others is something you enjoy and helps you to grow mentally.

7th House Mercury

Your relationships will teach you a lot in life. Sharing and expressing your ideas with your partner is very important to you. You need to be in a relationship, whether personal or business partnership, that allows you to clearly express yourself. Intimate relationships are valuable to you but only if the lines of communication are open. When sharing your goals, visions, or knowledge with your partner, you feel a deeper sense of connection and trust. Mentally bonding plays a key factor in your life. You may also be skilled in legal dealings and can make a great judge. You're a very good debater and can weigh out both sides of a story carefully by reacting on logic and not feelings.

8th House Mercury

You are intrigued by the dark arts, occultism, tantra sex, and death. You probe deeply into the meanings of life and research all details possible to learn more. This can sometimes lead to obsession or give you dark thoughts. You should be careful of protecting and grounding yourself when it comes to certain practices. You are interested in taking in as much knowledge as you can because you feel that it transforms you in some way. The superficial life is not something you're known to talk about. You need something deeper, more intense. You're very intuitive and may have psychic abilities.

9th House Mercury

Anything that opens your mind to new possibilities is your main aim for life. You enjoy expanding your vision and taking in new information that teaches you about the philosophy of life. Foreign cultures and religion also fascinate you. You're very open-minded but may struggle with calling your own bluff. Sometimes, you can be opinionated or critical if others don't know as much as you. You know so much because you are always researching and studying. You want to learn as much as possible and want to share your knowledge with the world. Life is one big adventure for you and you want to see and learn about it as much as you can.

10th House Mercury

You can easily express yourself through your career and share your thoughts and ideas with Mercury in the 10th house of your astrology birth chart. Others are most likely to listen closely to what you have to say because chances are, you thought it out carefully. You want to be taken seriously and looked at as somebody who knowledgeable and reputable. A career as an educator or public speaker can be a good suit for you.

11th House Mercury

You need a circle of friends are like-minded individuals and communicate with them on a daily basis. Connection is important to you when it comes to friendships because these are the people you want to share your brilliant ideas and thoughts with. If the friendship is dry, you probably just walk away from it. You need to feel heard in your community or circle and want to listen to others visions for the future. You have genius ideas about how to better the Earth and save humanity, and you would benefit from friendships that share your common goals.

12th House Mercury

You are intuitively connected to the spiritual realms and have psychic abilities with a 12th house Mercury in your astrology birth chart. This makes you an emotional sponge to your surroundings that can impact your mental health. It can be hard to follow your own path in life because you have a difficult time disconnecting your thought process from the ideas of others. You can be a people-pleaser. You're also artistic and tend to daydream often. You enjoy solitude because you're a person who likes to sit back and reflect.