Moon Signs in Astrology

Your moon sign in astrology is your most vulnerable self. The placement of your moon sign in the natal chart shows who you are when the Sun goes down. The moon sign in astrology shows the way we react to situations, how we respond, and what our soul searches for. Sometimes, you can possibly even relate more to your moon sign rather than Sun sign. The moon sign drives your deepest feelings, your character, your instinct and intuition, your emotions, and your reactions.

The moon also rules your private life, especially your home. If the Sun Sign represents where you are going, the Moon signifies where you’ve been. More specifically, the moon rules your past, your background, emotional development, and your roots. Your ability to get in touch with your feelings is dictated by planetary aspects to the Moon. Every month there is a new moon. Depending where it falls in your horoscope, it shows which areas would be favored for new beginnings. A full moon arrives two weeks after the new moon; depending on where that moon falls in the chart, it could be time to reap the benefits or consequences of earlier actions.

Moon in the Signs

Moon Sign in Aries

You are likely to have a strong need for independence, as well as an assertive streak. You're likely to give, and expect, much stimulation, vibrancy and freedom from the people in your life. You may be quick to react, ready to forgive and but also, easily hurt. You're likely to enjoy the space to be your own person and will feel trapped if others try to limit you. Aries Moon is impulsive and enthusiastic. If an idea strikes you, you are the first to make it reality, without stopping to think about any obstacles that may be in the way. You are also spontaneous and determined, you let their heart rule your head. You also take everything personally, but you don’t hold grudges. If you feel slighted, you will burst out angrily and let those responsible know about it. Your emotions can rapidly change, and you can throw some insane tantrums. These emotional outbursts are usually over as quickly as they started though. You don’t normally take any time to consider the consequences of your actions, and you seem to be able to just shrug off anything that goes wrong and keep going. You tend to calm down as you mature.

Moon Sign in Taurus

The Moon is exalted in the Sign of Taurus indicating that generally speaking you are able to meet your own emotional needs, or find others who help you. You are romantic, sentimental, and affectionate towards loved ones. You are loving and dependable. You're a social butterflies and always enjoy good company. You are usually known as a people person. Since Taurus is an Earth Sign, you tend to be practical, frugal, and security seeking. You are methodical in your emotional responses. You enjoy the finer things in life, and possessions are important to you. You're not necessarily materialistic but enjoy the sentiment that comes with your possessions. You enjoy the memories surrounding the tangible items in you own, since each thing has a meaning attached to it. Very obsessive Taurus Moons (Pluto aspects especially!) can even make you a hoarder. Moon in Taurus makes you quite stubborn. Spontaneity is not in the vocabulary of someone with this placement. A regular routine makes you feel more secure and comfortable. You enjoy all the things that stimulate the 5 senses; music (hear), cooking (smell), massage (feel), shopping (sight), and eating great food (taste), will contribute to a happy life for your Moon sign.

Moon Sign in Gemini

Gemini Moons are usually very analytical concerning their feelings, yet somewhat unstable. This being said, you tend to rush concerning your opinions and decisions, and frequently change your mind. You easily get bored with people who do not talk a lot, and have a strong natural curiosity. Unfortunately, your mind may store useless information which can become a mess. You almost always have a way with words. You're clever and witty, and often can be found chatting with others. You are sociable and friendly and feel comfortable with others. Also, you may pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and lose touch with what they really want to do. You're quite independent and enjoy small talk and daily conversations. However, you do not like feeling tied down in a relationship, and absolutely hate when someone obstructs your social life. A slight problem that Moon in Gemini gives is being easily irritated. You can be quite moody and unpredictable in your reactions, and sometimes can get nervous.

Moon Sign in Cancer

You can get in touch with the feelings and moods of others. You're sensitive and enjoy harmony. You may cling to things, your home, and people you care for. Your attachment to all that is safe means you are a little resistant to change. Since you are ruled by the Moon (Cancer is the Moons ruler), your emotions wax and wane. Your moodiness can take others by surprise. You have extreme highs, and low lows. There's a warmth to you that offers security and protection to those you love. You do tend to be passive aggressive and erratic at your worst. You don't necessarily hold grudges but you will hold on to hurts. If you don't release these hurts in the proper way, you can become manipulative to get what you want.

Moon Sign in Leo

Moon in Leo people are not necessarily outgoing as the Sun in Leo. Only because the Moon is more distant and emotional, and the Sun is more expressive and bolder. When you feel comfortable, you do like being the center of attention. You like being in the spotlight when in the comfort of your own home and with family or friends. You enjoy entertaining others and are generally funny. This is a rather creative position of the Moon. You want to create and entertain. However, you can be rather lazy at times, and a little bossy too. Generally though, you have a deep need to treat others fairly and respectively. However, when you feel slighted, you can be dramatic in your emotional displays and throw huge tantrums. Luckily, you prefer to perform your scenes in the privacy of your home. Public displays may hurt your self-image. You may even be a bit vain or snobbish.

Moon Sign in Virgo

Virgo Moon Sign loves routine. Predictability is the key for a Virgo moon and anything that disrupts their schedule can make a Lunar Virgo very unhappy! Others may view you as fussy or a complainer because you have a certain way for how things should be done. You cannot function with a routine so others shouldn't expect you to. Your Mercury ruled heart is always on, never able to find the off button. Your laid back life is something you enjoy, many Lunar Virgo's are introverted. You're shy when meeting others for the first time and affection may not be your top priority either. You're easily stressed out if you step outside your comfort zone. You also tend to be a worry bug. This is only because you're a true perfectionist. You want to be helpful and useful to others, especially those you love. You're the person who would always be there for somebody in a time of need.

Moon Sign in Libra

Moon in Libra people have a strong urge for partnership. Without someone to share your life with, you may generally feel utterly incomplete. You feel more safe and secure when in a partnership. You're the person who seem to always need to have someone tag along with them wherever they go, even if it is to the grocery store. You find strength and reinforcement in and through others. Your drive for harmony, peace, and sharing is so powerful, and, you are sympathetic and concerned for others, enjoy socializing, and revel in a good debate. You just simply can’t help but see flaws in your environment and relationships. In fact, anything out of whack will bother you until it’s fixed. Although diplomatic with acquaintances, you will argue with your long-standing partners, and rarely let up until you win. Winning an argument is your specialty, in fact, you may not even believe what you are saying, but will adopt all kinds of ideas just to get the last word. Sometimes though, you will strongly defend others and support others point of views as well.

Moon Sign in Scorpio

You can be very secretive, especially concerning your emotions. There's a strong inner fears of getting hurt and will frequently choose dubious methods of protecting yourself and feelings. However, you can become suspicious towards emotional expressions of other people and will thoroughly research or even test them through time. You have a behavior that can bring a deep urge of emotional merging with your significant other, and this need may be rather impulsive and exist from the very first steps of your relation. You may even prefer to hurt your partner in order to avoid being hurt first. This pattern can especially arise in periods of emotional turbulence, where you may sense a loss of control over the situation and your feelings. You are very loyal and even a bit obsessive, but you take relationships seriously and want to feel a sense of deep bonding with your partners. You have a special way of demonstrating how you feel and easily align emotion with desire so you can connect on an emotional level.

Moon Sign in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius natives tend to be optimistic and very confident. However, they can be a little too confident. You tend to believe that you can do no wrong and end up making many mistakes from a lack of attention to detail. Sagittarius moons usually prefer homes that are bright and open rather than dark and cozy. You even can acquire very few belongings because you don’t want to be tied down. If you do collect things, they tend to be objects that support hobbies or higher learning, rather than status items. You are a very honest person who also tends to just blurt out whatever you need to say. You are a strong advocate for free speech, and you can be found at any rally where you feel ideas are being stifled. Quite often, you can sometimes put your foot in your mouth without meaning to. Unfortunately, your honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others. A lesson on how to speak tactfully can help a great deal. You're often optimistic about your future and are better able to achieve your goals when motivated with practical Earth natives. You need complete emotional freedom from a partner that can keep up with your active pace. These Moons also like to be out and about, doing things and meeting people, rather than hanging out at home.

Moon Sign in Capricorn

Capricorn Moon sign individuals are quiet and can be somewhat reserved. You are a person that likes to stay in the background, yet somehow manages to end up in the center anyways. You are normally prominent and well-respected because you are a hard worker and get behind causes you believe in. Most Capricorn moons have an inner circle of people whom they trust with anything. You accept others as family, much as your opposite sign Cancer does. You are very responsible and can talk others into doing a fair share of work. All Capricorn moon sign people have a good head for business. You are great as an accountant, banker, business owner, real estate agent, and financial adviser. Your leadership and organizational abilities just lend you to these careers. You have a strong ability to hide your emotions. You are disciplined and responsible and may carry traditional values. This moon sign also tends to whine a bit on occasion. This Moon Sign will not take no for an answer and the word doesn’t exist in a Capricorn Moon sign’s vocabulary. You can be a negative thinker unless a stronger influence elsewhere in the birth chart lessens the negativity. You also may be a little insensitive and unperceptive of other feelings. Others might view you as cold and calculating.

Moon Sign in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius is a different kind of breed. There's this cool vibe to Lunar Aquarians that can make others feel intimated or give the impression that the Lunar Aquarian is aloof. Due to your emotionally detached quality, you can remain cool in the time of crisis, rarely letting it get too overwhelming. Your ability to detach from extreme situations is a superpower that most don't have. You enjoy your alone time and need space to let your brilliant mind flow. Also, you enjoy conspiracies' and all things different but exciting. You'll feel comfortable around others who also enjoy these topics. Your very independent nature can make it hard to ever connect emotionally in relationships. You work on logic and reason over emotional feelings. It's not that you lack emotion, it's just that you process what you're feeling so you can really feel it.

Moon Sign in Pisces

Pisces is the most sensitive and emotional sign, and the Moon’s placement makes your emotions even more fragile, intense and changeable. You rarely have control over your spiritual experiences, mostly being an empath and a receptor. Such an aspect may grant powers of visions through dreams, being a medium, high intuition and generally makes the borders between the material and the spiritual world so blurred that you can find difficulties to set a fine line. Pisces Moon sign is always sensitive and caring. You are empathetic and affectionate. You're a highly creative individual. You have a deep appreciation for beauty and a wildly vivid imagination. You may be an incredible artist and will channel this gift into various art forms. Artistic expression is important for Pisces because it also acts as a form of escapism, helping you to recharge your energy. You also have an extremely acute sixth sense. The Lunar Pisces is the most intuitive bunch in the universe. You become easily overwhelmed when you feel too much emotion. Because you are so intuitive, you absorb feelings like a sponge from others as well. Romance and passion are vital for someone with a Pisces Moon, and you may often dream about having the kind of fairytale romances we read about in books. This makes it easy for you to unconditionally accept the ones you love and always see the best in them. Unfortunately, you can get caught up viewing others through rose-colored glasses. However, when you learn how to temper that with the realities of who someone really is, you experience a sublime kind of love.

Moon in the Houses

1st House Moon

With the moon in your first house, you may adapt easily to changes that occur in your life. You're ambitious and generally well-liked. This moon placement makes you like an emotional sponge. You are highly sensitive to the moods of the people around you and offer a warm and genuine affectionate manner. Self-awareness is a good trait of yours. However, there can be difficulty in controlling your own emotions at times. Others may view you as very senstive. You place importance on others in your life and care deeply about the people who surround you. You also seem to get offended quite easily and can overreact if you feel your sense of security when dealing with your image has been threatened in some way.

2nd House Moon

The moon in your second house places importance on the things that make you feel secure. This can either through personal possessions or monetary possessions. You can be emotional and easily frustrated if your financial life is rocky, you want to make life as secure as possible. There is a tendency to be materialistic with this moon placement. If your future looks stable, you're very happy. If your future feels threatened, it can take a serious emotional toll on you.

3rd House Moon

The moon in your third house shows you're the person who needs plenty of communication in your life. Have healthy and secured interactions with others is important to you. You always aim to stay up to date with all that's happening around you, and you like to open yourself up to new ideas and subjects. You'll enjoy sharing your own ideas with others as well! You tend to be an open book and will announce how you're feeling, and why you're feeling the way you are with no problem whatsoever. Your surroundings have a huge impact on your own mood so it's wise to keep your surroundings as healthy as possible.

4th House Moon

The moon in your fourth house may show that you hold a lot of deep attachments to your home life and roots. You place high importance on your family life and your home needs to feel like a safe place to run to when your emotions are high. Your home is your place you retreat to when you are needing to recharge your battery. You may have a strong desire to live by water which can provide you with a sense of gratitude. Your home life may have always been changing which involved you adapting. This can either by moving places of residence or just undergoing constant renovations. This change sets you up to feel that life is instable and makes you want to secure your roots somewhere. You can easily adapt to any situation with this moon placement since you go through so much change growing up as is.

5th House Moon

The moon in the fifth house brings pleasure to play. You might have an emotional need to be the center of attention quite often but people generally enjoy your free spirit and good company. This moon placement makes you have a big heart due to the 5th house ruling the heart and creativity. You are like a child at play, carefree and innocent. You can also be highly creative and very talented with the arts. There is a tendency of being too dramatic with this placement and it can make others view you as "to much" at times. Still, people naturally gravitate towards your warmth and you can express your emotions quite easily. You tend to always try and connect with your inner child and live life in a joie de vivre way, you are infectious!

6th House Moon

The moon in the sixth house shows you're more intellectual when dealing with matters of the heart. You approach your emotions from your intellect rather than approaching them emotionally. You health and routine is an important aspect of your life and you may need to constantly reassess your priorities in life. Others people health also comes into focus here and you may be overly concerned in helping others live healthily, particularly a woman who is close to you. Medical studies fascinate you and you may be a healer, doctor, or nurse.

7th House Moon

The moon in your seventh house shows that relationships are a major focus of your life. The relationships you have with others ultimately impact your own mood and emotions. There is a need to be on the search for the right person to share your life with. You feel as if life is better with a partner and that you are your best self when you're with another. You'll be sensitive to your partner and you need a partner who is sensitive to you as well. You tend to do whatever you can to please your partner but need to find the healthy balance of self-assertion as well. There is a desire for companionship more than anything else in the world and you need healthy support and comforting relationships.

8th House Moon

The moon in the eighth house is a very intense moon placement. You hold the darker side of your emotions in like a shadow, a secret that cannot escape. You're very sensitive and emotional to the point of trying to uncover the reasonings for your own feelings. This can lead to obsessions with your psychological nature and sometimes even resentment. The metaphysical nature is fascinating to you and you hold studies of the occult close to your heart. The dark side of life intrigues you and you are always looking for ways to transform yourself and heal.

9th House Moon

The ninth house moon placement shows you're idealistic and find comfort in the world of philosophy. Religion, foreign studies, and imagination are appealing to you. There can be escapism tendencies with this moon placement, either physically or in the mind. You hold strong emotions to your sense of freedom and don't liked to be held down by traditional roots. You're easy-going and people enjoy your free spirit. When life becomes overwhelming you escape through the realms of higher studies, religion, and philosophy. You find comfort in searching for the Truth of life and may hold it close to your heart.

10th House Moon

The moon in your tenth house places your emotional desires on your ambitions, life purpose, and workplace. You need to feel important in your area of work and can sometimes overwork yourself too often. Whatever it takes to get ahead of the game is your motto. You need recognition and admiration for your achievements. Status and success fulfills your emotional security. Whether you realize it or not, you are always looking for personal achievements to advance yourself in professional ways.

11th House Moon

The eleventh house moon placement highlights friendships and communities being a major part of your life. This can swing negatively or positively. You may feel as if you're constantly changing yourself to fit in with your social circle or find that your friends may somehow be unreliable. Friendships come and go and you may take an emotional hit with losses of friendships. You need security a stability in your life from loving and reliable friendships in order to feel emotional fulfilled. You can also benefit from your community and may feel that your role in your community or social circles is very important.

12th House Moon

Your moon in the twelfth house shows that you are a true lone-wolf. You take comfort in living a reclusive lifestyle and you need to be alone to fully charge your own battery. Even if you're enjoying yourself in social outings, you still manage to drift off into your own dream world. You don't want to be in the spotlight and that is entirely okay. You will find that you succeed more when you are in seclusion rather than throwing yourself out center stage. You're a behind the scenes type of person but you should watch for depression and loneliness. There is a tendency to self-sabotage yourself with this house placement. You may have many disappointments in your life but you make way through the disappointments by connecting yourself spiritually. Often this placement is seen as an emotional sponge and you're highly intuitive. You absorb the energy of everybody around you and this is why you prefer solitude.