Rising Signs in Astrology

The Ascendant in astrology (or rising sign) is the eastern hemisphere axis point of your natal chart. The ascendant (rising sign) in your chart shows the nature of your soul expression on Earth, how your soul essence expresses through your physical body and into your experiential plane of participation.

The rising sign in astrology (and the planets in your rising sign) is one of the most important points in your astrology chart. The star sign and planets immediately below the ascendant reveal the nature of our physical selves, of what we embody, what we have under our belt, in a sense. It is this that we express through our physical self into the world-from the rising (ascendant) through the descendant.

The stars and planets just above (west of) the ascendant reveal the nature of what we are learning anew in this incarnation. They indicate areas of new growth to be explored and cultivated.

The ascendant stars and the sign of the rising are also strong indicators of a person's body type, augmented by the Moon's placement, and somewhat by the Sun (but which more so reveals our persona or the role we play in the world, our self-identity or that with which we identify self). The rising sign in astrology is a point of action and expression and can be found by looking at your first house cusp.

Rising Signs in Astrology

Aries Rising Sign

Aries Rising makes you act without putting thought into a plan. You tend to be impatient and never stick to what you're doing. You get bored easily and lose interest. If you don't have immediate results, you throw it to the wind. You may be easily irritated but you quickly get over conflict. You're adventurous and enthusiastic. At first, others may consider you to be impulsive or even childish, but when the get to know you, they will see you have one of the biggest hearts with lots of passion and love to share.

Taurus Rising Sign

You are resistant to change but you are reliable with your Taurus rising. Others enjoy your down-to-earth essence and admire your independent nature. Structure and security is important to you and without it, you may struggle with self-esteem. You're not one to jump on impulse like your neighbor sign Aries. Instead, you carefully look over the details and take your time before making any important decisions. You can find success through this quality of yours because you're almost always likely to make the best decision.

Gemini Rising Sign

Curious and restless, you are quick in everything that you do. Others may find your energy to be a bit anxious or unsettling but that's just because they cannot keep up with you. You love to ask questions and take in new information. Sometimes, you may come across as impatient due to your hurried nature but that's generally not the case. You're an excellent multitasker but may have a hard time listening to others. This is because you tend to talk but not actually listen. You can appear aloof to some who don't understand your nature.

Cancer Rising Sign

You are sensitive to your surroundings and are easily overwhelmed. Too much energy in one place is enough for you to retreat into your shell. Cancer rising placement in your astrology chart makes you appear as shy or even sometimes unfriendly. That is far from the truth though! You have a gentle soul and would be more than happy to lend the next person your shoulder to cry on. You're very protective of your emotional field and your loved ones. However, you are ruled by the Moon and as the moon always changes, so does your emotions. This makes you moody and at worst, insecure. You tend to depend on others for comfort and guidance.

Leo Rising

You have a magnetism that gets others' attention the moment you walk into the room. There is a warmth and comfort in in Leo rising people that others tend to admire. Some may call you an attention-seeker or vain, but you can't help that you're noticed! You do love it though. However, you're easily angered and quick to throw a temper tantrum if you don't get your way. Others might look at you as somebody who is quite bossy as well. You have a natural enthusiasm and optimism though that naturally draws people towards you.

Virgo Rising

When people first meet you, they may be intimated. You can appear as standoffish or not friendly. This not far from the truth though. Virgo rising has a lot to offer and just needs a chance to warm up and trust others. Trust doesn't come easily for you. It's something that is built over time. You have high expectations and you won't lower them for anybody. You can be critical if things don't go accordingly. You're a quick learner and can absorb a large amount of information with excitement. You're modest and seek perfection. You are an extreme perfectionist. You'll need to be careful that you don't fall into the habits of always trying to "fix" other people. Sometimes, people don't want to be helped and it is not your job to push them to want it.

Libra Rising

Having a Libra rising will make you have an easygoing personality and you can make friends quickly. You are charming and know exactly what to say to win people over. You may pay a lot of attention to your personal appearance because you want to come across as attractive. Others may find you flaky or unreliable because you usually will make plans that you don't want to do just to make others happy. You can struggle with expressing yourself with what you want.

Scorpio Rising

You may appear scary or secretive to others when they first meet you. Either way, you always leave a strong first impression. Others generally love you or hate you but whichever, you don't usually care. You're good at sniffing out the bullshit and seeing past superficiality. The façades that others put on doesn't get past you. You're very intuitive and this tends to make people avoid you out of fear of being "seen". Others find you extremely interesting. You're very loyal and protective over your loved ones but you can also be resentful, manipulative, and controlling at your worst.

Sagittarius Rising

You are one of the most optimistic and generous signs of the zodiac. You have a freedom loving nature that others gravitate towards. Your open-mindedness and acceptance make you get along with just about everybody. However, you can be unreliable because you make promises that you usually do not keep. Others may view you as naïve or overly optimistic, but this is only because they probably are intimated by your carefree way of living. You have a good sense of humor and can be very direct.

Capricorn Rising

You are very careful about the image you put out to the world. You want to appear successful and want recognition. Most Capricorn placements have childhoods that are difficult, but they always manage to make the best of it. You probably had a lot of responsibility placed on your shoulders as a child which made you become very serious in your approach to life. Eventually, you'll loosen up as you grow. You have a dry sense of humor and you are very wise. Others may find you dull because of it but once you've warmed up to somebody, they'll see you're just as fun as the next person! You're just not a risktaker is all.

Aquarius Rising

Curious and eccentric, others are usually baffled upon meeting you. Your independent nature draws attention because you don't like to follow the rules. You may feel as if you're an outcast somehow, never truly belonging. This may be because of your ability to detach yourself from the currents of the world. You have a very aloof nature, but it can be a superpower for you. Many people would say you're outgoing and friendly. Others admire your quirky behavior and enjoy listening to whatever conspiracy you're on about now. You have a restless nature and if this energy is not released in the proper way, you can become erratic in results.

Pisces Rising

There is a soft aura to Pisces rising that surrounds this sign so you're generally well liked. You have a charm and are empathetic which easily wins over the hearts of others. You don't like dealing with drama and will shut out anything that messes up your energy field. You're easily swept away by your own fantasies of how life should be, and this can be frustrating for more practical people. It's important that you surround yourself with others who can be realistic to pull you back to Earth. You may sulk in your own self-pity much of the time and become your own worst enemy. You are the sign of self-sabotage after all. Others look at you as somebody who is quiet and shy, but you have a dreamy imagination and are very softhearted.