Saturn in Your Astrology Birth Chart

Saturn brings structure and meaning to our world. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. This planet makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits. Saturn is often associated with our fathers or father/authority figures. In childhood, the discipline, rules, and regulations imposed on us by our authority figures who were not always pleasant, but helps us grow.

Similarly, Saturn’s lessons help us to grow. In the chart, the position of Saturn by sign and house reveals our own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility. Saturn brings definition, and often limitation to the planets it aspects.

Saturn in the Signs

Saturn in Aries

Saturn hampers this sign natural get-go attitude and aggressiveness. This placement will give you a tendency to procrastinate. You will defer to other people's needs, while neglecting your own urge to explore and conquer obstacles. A fiery Saturn, one is likewise forced to suppress its more violent tendencies. For a sign known for impulsiveness, this restriction on free expression of emotions can cause not only headaches but also numerous psychosomatic illnesses. If evolved, you will learn to embrace your inner warrior, establish strong boundaries, and assert your will without outbursts of rage and anger while taking others in consideration.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus adds further discipline, structure, and grounding to a sign already known for its love of routine, and predictability. Well-placed, Saturn enhances the lessons of patience and persistence, and the rewards these qualities bring to long-term plans and goals. On the downside, there are two possible negative manifestations with this placement. Although Saturn in Taurus displays an appreciation for the fine things in life, and encourages the day-to-day use of all five senses, it also puts a stress on the grounding process.

Saturn in Gemini

In Gemini, Saturn wants to sharpen your perceptive abilities and command of facts but is impeded by a tendency for double standards. To rationalize your desires and actions, Saturn interprets rules and regulations as you see fit. Your ability to learn and experiment open-mindlessly can be hampered by skeptical attitudes and unnecessarily narrow interests, which are, in fact, a shield against your fear of being considered by others intellectually inept and inadequate.

Saturn in Cancer

Emotions must flow under Cancer, but Saturn prefers to remain aloof and in control. You need to respect your emotions without blocking them or allowing them to cause chaos in every part of your life. It can be difficult to express your needs for nurture at times. There can be a strong tendency to dwell on old hurt and this can adversely affect your health and well-being.

Saturn in Leo

In Leo, the struggle is about self-worth. Saturn hinders this sign natural self-expression and self-confidence in your own innate value and goodness. You can experience difficulties in giving freely and sharing your unique talents with others. In results, you demonstrate less warmth and generosity while, at the same time, become stingier in expressing love and affection.

Saturn in Virgo

There is an obsession with responsibility, structure, rules and hierarchy and a compulsive need for details, yields a sharp and fine mind. You can produce thorough analysis, research, and studies full of useful information, references, and verifiable knowledge. Beneath this attitude lies the fear of chaos. Anything outside the normal path of the tried and true is a threat, a disruption to your sense of security. In your mind, both realities are connected and any changes in your orderly routine causes anxiety, distress, confusion, often expressed by illnesses and compulsive behaviors around health, food habits and cleanliness.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn's goal in Libra is to establish and preserve self by developing the ability to relate to others in a fair and responsible manner, which means accepting responsibility for only half of the relationship and not the totality of it. It also requires understanding where the consequence of one's actions, intentions ends and when the other person starts. You are concerned with the question of identity, of how you can construct a meaningful relationship with others while avoiding falling for external symbols of success, such as financial security, status and establishing codependency patterns.

Saturn in Scorpio

You may feel uncomfortable expressing or identifying with your deeper, more irrational emotions such as jealousy. However, denying these things can limit you. You may have a deep fear of change which can keep you stagnating in situations that are toxic. Learning not to fully repress certain energies that make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable is something that comes with time.

Saturn in Sagittarius

You never take anything at face value whether it is a person, a thing, or an experience. You are always looking for the facts. Sagittarius focuses on truth and the relationship with the Creator. Saturn appreciates the ideals uncovered by Sagittarius. The problems arise when Saturn wishes to give form and structure to these concepts, and, Sagittarius, with freedom-loving energy, rejects any limitations and boundaries imposed on the quest. In addition, this makes you become more dogmatic and look for converts since your version of spiritual reality is the only one acceptable.

Saturn in Capricorn

There is a free reign to ambition, desire to accomplish things and produce tangible results, and to be useful when Saturn is in its home of Capricorn. Yet, you must contend with the problems rising from your narrow definition of success and achievement. You can tie your self-worth and self-image to material values and what is socially acceptable. Therefore, you follow the established rules and traditions and can be rigid in your observance of proper behavior. In your mind, this is the way things have been done for centuries and there is no reason for changing them. You are very sensitive to the opinion of others because of your own self-consciousness.

Saturn in Aquarius

This placement gives you the strength to commit to social and future-oriented goals by using mental abilities in a disciplined way as well as the specialized knowledge. However, your main effort is expended towards maintaining a circle of important friendships who share your humanitarian concerns. You often guide a group's energy toward specific achievements, namely the projects supporting a greater level of personal freedom for everyone. Your free, independent self-expression can further be hindered by intellectual rigidity or social insecurity, which leads you to rebel. The mental constraints lead you to violate rules, structures, and laws of society you feel contradicts the greater good.

Saturn in Pisces

You may feel some inhibition related to emotions and often end up with more than the usual vague feelings of anxiety, guilt, or fear of the unknown. Only because you've rejected them or don't always process and fully identify with them. You can feel uncomfortable with what seems to you to be excessive shows of feeling or vulnerability/weakness.

Saturn in the Houses

Saturn in the 1st House

Trying to express yourself can be a struggle for you. You might feel as if you're limited in your self-expression, in some way, due to your early childhood. Therefore, you may approach the world carefully and others consider you to be reliable and responsible. You may have a dry sense of humor that makes others attracted to you. You'll carry yourself quite well despite all of the restrictions you face. Others are inspired by your structured and disciplined side. You may have taken on a lot of responsibility as a child but you will loosen up as you grow older.

Saturn in the 2nd House

Finances always seem to be blocked for you. Your self-esteem and personal values take a toll when you feel emotional about your needs. Money is always tight or never enough. Through the difficulties, you can learn how to build your personal recourses by putting in the necessary work needed to achieve your goals. You're serious about your morals and may even be considered a penny-pincher. You must work hard for what you want to build a structured and secure life for yourself.

Saturn in the 3rd House

Saturn blocks and restricts whichever area in the chart it touches. In your case, Saturn is blocking your ability to communicate and holds you down from restricting yourself. Perhaps in early childhood you were taught to not express your feelings or thoughts. You were never taken seriously or maybe just not listened to at all. You then grow up to fear expressing your opinions, goals, ideas, etc.. This is not to say that you will never learn how to communicate. Saturn places boundaries and throws obstacles at us but we are meant to learn our way around them and grow stronger. You can gain confidence and the skill of communication by enforcing discipline on yourself and make your own hard efforts to do so.

Saturn in the 4th House

Your home life as a child probably felt very uncomfortable and cold in a way. Home was either very serious and structured, or distant and reserved. Your home life was overly strict or emotionally negligent. Either way, you did not get the proper love and comforting needed to thrive in childhood. Later on in life, you will work towards building something more solid for your own roots. The home life will because a place of lessons for you to create a solid base. This also is a placement of old family pains and traumas, such as, ancestral damage. There was a lot of instability in the home and Saturn here is teaching you to learn how to set your own home life up to be more responsible and disciplined.

Saturn in the 5th House

You probably find that your life is usually full of stress and leaves you with little time to relax and play. Your creativity is blocked with Saturn in the 5th house which can cause a lot of frustration. It's important that you discipline your hardworking attitude to lighten up sometimes. Take the needed rest when you need it. Structuring your creative work and downtime to your best benefit will be beneficial to you. This placement also concerns children and could show that you may never want children or that your children will teach you a lot through the ways of having fun. You're the person who may feel guilty to let loose and play but you need to keep in touch with your inner-child nonetheless.

Saturn in the 6th House

You need a workplace that is structure and disciplined. You thrive under routine and feel a sense of stability with it. This is also the house of health and Saturn here shows that you may have issues with your health early in life. You need find a health routine that is beneficial to you so you do not slip through the cracks. Saturn here makes you good at organizing and planning. You're very detailed and approach every direction in your workplace with caution. Too much can sometimes be a bad thing though. You're the person to keep adding more and more to your plate, no matter how full it gets! This creates a lot of mental stress for you and you can soon feel down about the reality of life if you don't let yourself relax.

Saturn in the 7th House

Intimate relationships can often be a struggle for you. It's not that you fear commitment, you just feel overwhelmed by it. You need the space and freedom in your personal relationships or else you can feel suffocated. Your partner should be highly independent themselves so you don't bear the responsibility of taking care of somebody. You'll do better in business partnerships but lack in intimate settings. You prefer your relationships to be quiet. You may or may not want to marry with this placement. If you do marry, you are very loyal and dedicated to your partner but there can be a sense of coldness in the relationship nonetheless. It's important that you move past the fear of intimacy to create true bonding relationships with others.

Saturn in the 8th House

When it comes to anything, you will immediately turn your head the other way when it comes to the word, "joint ownership". You want what is yours and let others have what is theirs. This is a "no share" zone for Saturn, especially concerning material wealth! Due to this being the house of sex, Saturn may have you fear intimate, sexual relationships. You feel restricted in your sexual expression and may not know what you want. It's important to get in tune with your body and what satisfies you and what doesn't. You can learn a lot about the responsibilities in life by connecting to issues way below the surface. The occult, mysticism, may fascinate you and help you connect yourself to the world better.

Saturn in the 9th House

Your beliefs and philosophical nature are restricted in a way. Perhaps you hold no beliefs or the care to explore the meaning of life. Later on, you will take a serious approach to the realms of religion, spirituality, and philosophy. You're more a realist than anything else though. Your findings of Truth need to be reliable and backed up by sources. You eventually become dedicated and serious about finding something bigger than yourself and can devote yourself to your own practice. You also may take learning very seriously as well.

Saturn in the 10th House

You may feel as though you're always setback when it comes to your career purpose and life goals. There is a fear from Saturn in this house that makes you fear failure to the public. Due to this, you approach your public image and career life with much caution. You're serious and dedicated when it comes to your purpose in life. You are hardworking and generally respected by those in your profession. You may place too much emphasis on your work though and leaving little time for family.

Saturn in the 11th House

You don't have a lot of friends but your happy with that. The friends you do have are all working towards the same goal as you and approach their visions for the future as something serious. You do not trust others all that well so you let very few into your circle. Friends that are wild and carefree do not hold interest to you. You seek professional and serious friendships. Many of your friends or colleagues may be much older than you as well. You're dedicated to your purpose on bettering humanity and have visions for a clear, structured future. You want others to succeed and many look up to you for your sense of responsibility.

Saturn in the 12th House

This placement for Saturn makes you fear being in complete solitude with yourself. You're frightened by the hidden things in your personality and have a hard time confronting your own shadows. You lack boundaries and others always seem to be stepping over yours. There is a sense of extreme guilt and sadness with this placement, even if there is nothing giving you a reason to feel this way. By connecting spiritually or artistically to the world, you may learn to conquer your fears of feeling unimportant.