Sun Signs in Astrology


The Sun sign in astrology is one of the most important factors of a birth chart! Your Sun sign in your astrology birth chart is the destiny you are seeking, the path you are here to take. Your ego and life force are driven by your Sun sign. How do you express yourself and where does your creativity fall? The Sun in your birth chart points the way to all these questions. Many people are asked, "what's your zodiac sign?", and this answer is always your Sun sign. Looking at your astrology birth chart can give you a better clue on where your Sun sign is activated.

Just as we introduce ourselves by our names, we also introduce ourselves by our Sun sign. While the moon rules your subconscious in astrology, the Sun rules over our conscious mind. While many might think that the Sun sign qualities come easy, this is far from the truth. We have to work hard to embody our Sun sign personalities and once it is mastered, you will unlock the way that leads you closer and deeper to your purpose in this Universe.

Sun in the Signs

Sun Sign in Aries

You are independent, aggressive, competitive, and courageous. An Aries never backs down and will always be a fighter. Your independent nature gives you the ability to lead but some people may say you're arrogant in your approach. You just enjoy getting your way and doing things in your own ways. That's okay! You may be moody and throw tantrums when provoked. You also tend to be easily offended.

Sun Sign in Taurus

You're trustworthy and dependable. You prefer structure and enjoy taking your time. Money is important to you so you may always find new ways to accumulate wealth. You do well in your career, but you may resist change. You like things done how they've always been done. Therefore, you are known for being stubborn! You also set high expectations of yourself and others. This placement can be self-indulgent as well. You enjoy the finer things in life and everything must be pleasant for you to feel comfortable.

Sun Sign in Gemini

You're a quick learner and may feel frustrated when board. Therefore, you probably have many skills that you picked up on just from the sake of not getting bored! You're intelligent and have excellent communication skills. Sales, marketing, language, or anything that provides hands-on work, you will excel in. You can be moody at times, but it passes quickly. You're curious and love knowing what's going on around you. Therefore, you get the reputation of always being in others business. You easily adapt to new situations and blend in with the crowd at ease.

Sun Sign in Cancer

You get the reputation of being the most sensitive of the zodiac crew. This is only due to your highly empathetic nature and nurturing skills. You're the protector of the water signs and the one who will take care of others no matter the cost! You can be independent but at your worst, you're super co-dependent. Occasionally, you lean on others for emotional support which can be smothering to some. You need comfort and peace within your surroundings to be at your best.

Sun Sign in Leo

You're full of charm and others enjoy your company. Sometimes though, you may try to take over the stage and not share the attention with others. You're independent but you need somebody to appreciate you. You enjoy praise and admiration and others do look up to you. It's true that you have leadership qualities and a fun way of doing things. You are generous and have a big heart. However, you can blow things out of proportion when provoked. You are very quick to react to situations instead of sitting back and thinking about it.

Sun Sign in Virgo

You're analytical and very quick minded. You like being of service to others and feeling as if you're useful. You're interested in solving problems and studying situations for outcomes. Also, you're a realist and don't live with your head in the clouds like your sister sign, Pisces. You're practical in all that you do. You can be judgmental and critical. This is especially true if others don't meet your expectations. Many times, you're even your own worst enemy. You're also the person to over-analyze a situation and create a lot of unnecessary worries.

Sun Sign in Libra

You can be a social butterfly and get the reputation of being a mediator. This is because you never pick a side. You can easily weigh out the pros and cons of any given situation and find a solution to it. Many Libras try to be everything to everyone though. Always looking to please and be accepted. You may lack self confidence when it comes to your values so you piggyback off others ideas. Relationships are important to you and you need to find balance and harmony within them to be at peace.

Sun Sign in Scorpio

You're very mysterious and intense. You hold more power than you sometimes may realize. Too much power could easily turn you to become manipulative though. You're observant and very careful of your actions and words. Your patience will be your key to success. The dark side of life such as death may intrigue you. The occult studies spike your interest and you love research and investigation. You're very sensual and provocative. You're a magnet to others. You choose to remain out of sight and will never put yourself in center stage. At your worst, you are resentful and controlling.

Sun Sign in Sagittarius

You have a grand way of living and choose to live in the moment. Life is fun to you and you're drawn to studies that expand your mind. You love philosophy and enjoy sharing and teaching others about your findings. You're usually the center of attention because so many people admire your warmth. In fact, you are one of the most open-minded signs of the zodiac and always making others smile or laugh. You're not the most patient though and will often act impulsively. Therefore, you're labeled as reckless. You're also known for your blunt honesty because you will literally blurt out whatever it is you have to say. You don't bite your tongue in most situations which can cause you problems later in life.

Sun Sign in Capricorn

You are ambitious and goal driven. You want to reach success in all areas of your life and will not stop until the success is yours. This makes you an excellent worker and gives you the upper hand of being hired on the spot. Your hardworking nature is your biggest strength. However, you're pessimistic and this can be a nuisance to those around you. You tend to criticize if things don't work out and you can become self-centered in your area of work. You rather prefer to just work alone. You're not one to jump on decisions like your neighbor sign Sagittarius though. You take time to analyze any situation and then will decide if it's what you want.

Sun Sign in Aquarius

Quirky, unique, friendly, and very unpredictable. Anything that is new and original will automatically catch your interest. You don't follow trends, but you certainly may start them! Your off beat does whatever attitude is inspiring to many people. However, you don't want to be seen like everybody else, so you'll soon set off to another trend that hasn't made its way to the mainstream yet. You go against tradition and the set and true ways of doing things doesn't mean anything to you. You're eccentric and innovative. This draws people to your unique and mysterious nature. You can be self-centered at times when you want to claim ideas as your own and therefore, you're labeled as having a God complex.

Sun Sign in Pisces

You're very caring and do whatever it takes to make those around you feel happy. You're generous and very sensitive. This can make it easy for people to walk all over you and take advantage of your kind heart. You're gentle and easy-going but need to learn how to set boundaries. You're not a fighter and will usually just tune out the world around you when put in drama. You enjoy the supernatural and can spend hours lost in your fantasies. You're a romantic at heart but can easily self-sabotage relationships.

Sun in the Houses

1st House Sun

The Sun in your first house of your natal charts gives you a highly independent nature. You are self-expressive and live according to how you want to live. Though this placement can give you a larger than life ego, you are just an enthusiastic child at heart. You may have many personal interests and your hobbies are always changing. Others look up to you for your leadership qualities whether you realize this or not. You make a strong impression when others meet you for the first time. You are one that's certainly hard to forget! You're confident and proud of your own achievements and have a lot of energy.

2nd House Sun

You have high expectations when it comes to your personal values or resources with a second house Sun. You have a lot of energy built up inside you to help you go after the life that you want to create for yourself. Much of your personal time or hobbies will be focused on ways of making or earning money. You feel that stability and the value of the dollar are the only way you can feel secure. You need to be careful of not placing to much of your energy towards your personal possessions. This can make you become very critical of yourself and others if you lack the resources you think you need. Value yourself first and foremost. Self-esteem is important to you so make sure it is healthy! You may have problems with overspending on the luxury items so keeping your finances in check is important. Career options that would suit you well would be a government job or somewhere that places you in the public eye of having reputable knowledge.

3rd House Sun

With Sun in the third house, you are eager to learn and share what you've learned with others in your life. Communication is very important to you and sometimes you may talk for hours on end, especially when you're excited about something. Siblings may play a huge role in your life and you enjoy talking with them, or neighbors. Short travel adventures are something common for you because you love to experience your surroundings.

4th House Sun

Family plays a big role in your life with a 4th house Sun. Much of your energy and time are spent on your family or creating a family for yourself. You can learn many things from your family and even if you have bad ties with them, it can sometimes be hard to move on and leave them behind. 4th house suns are simply attached to family because of the sense of familiarity. You need to confident enough to expand on your own and put down your own roots. Real estate or other property related focuses may be beneficial to you.

5th House Sun

The Sun feels alive in the 5th house! The Sun rules over the 5th house in astrology so this makes for a very exciting, and fun placement. You are creative, love to have fun, and a big child at heart! You may get along with your own children very well or even other peoples children. Also, you may even enjoy social gatherings and probably always seek out the parties or events in your area. You can be a bit dramatic sometimes and throw tantrums with this placement. The center of attention is what you want and you'll do whatever you have to, to get it. The fine arts and theatre may interest in you or even dance.

6th House Sun

The sixth house Sun really lets you shine in your career. The attention is always on you whether it is positive or negative. You're a person of action and have amazing organizational skills. You may partake in a career that helps you gain the positive reinforcement by being a service to others. This would include doctors, social workers, or even first-responder. You enjoy helping others and will actively search for ways to do so. However, you should be careful that you do not spend all your energy in your work place or the mundane tasks at hand. You can easily be drained and your health will require immediate attention when this happen. Time management that allows you to not stress out so easily and take care of your health are vital for your wellbeing.

7th House Sun

With the Sun in the seventh house, relationships that are personal or business play a huge role in your life. You enjoy the closeness shared with partners and you can feel most alive when in a relationship. However, you do enjoy being on your own but you probably think that life is better when spent with others. You can benefit well from your relationships and you may be considered popular in your circle. Through your relationships, if they are healthy of course, you can achieve your goals and reach the highest levels of success.

8th House Sun

An 8th house Sun gives you a very dark nature. You are intense and prefer to talk about the deepest meanings of life rather than the superficial yada-yada nonsense. Small talk doesn't sit well with you. You want to explore the realms of the occult, the psychological nature of the human minds, and death. You're a person who may go through many transformations in life until you reach your personal success. You will gain personal fortune through some type of partnership either while in it or even after it ends. Death may intrigue you but when it is somebody who you hold close to your heart, it throws you completely off course and you can have a hard time coping. Whether this is physical death or just cutting the cord, it effects you stronger than most.

9th House Sun

The 9th house Sun gives you an enthusiastic approach to life. Religion, philosophy, foreign languages, and higher knowledge are all appealing to you. You are a person who will actively search to gain higher knowledge in your adventures for your own personal truth. Others may even benefit from your truths because you love to share your findings and ideas. Teaching is something you are good at but you are also a very advanced student. You live life independently and without a care in the world. Be careful that you do not take unnecessary risks though! You can be a person who bites off more than you can chew.

10th House Sun

The 10th house Sun shows you have a creative drive in your career area. You're a person who wants to make their mark on this world and appear successful. You do appear successful and you are always looking for new ways to build and improve your status. Success is something that might come easily to you and those in higher positions than you, generally favor you. This helps you climb the ladder more higher in your personal career. You may take interest in government roles, an entrepreneur, a supervisor, or somebody that holds a lot of power. Many people look up to you and this is a placement of fame and recognition.

11th House Sun

An eleventh house Sun makes you very eccentric in the most creative ways! Your individuality is played out through the role in your community or friendships. You are accepting of all walks of life and easily make friends. This placement can really shine when you're around like-minded people and will have deep connections to your friends. You need loyalty and honesty in your friendships or community and you can be very outspoken, especially on social media! Others enjoy your out-of-the-box thinking and you are very humanitarian. Your life purpose and goal is to achieve all that you can by inspiring others. Many probably line up behind you as you're the one leading and setting the trends. People are generally inspired by your visions and ideas.

12th House Sun

The 12th house Sun is a placement that makes you want to remain in the back. You don't really enjoy the spotlight but you still hold a very important role in your community. You may take interest in connecting with the dead or supernatural or exploring abandoned places. Hospitals and institutions may be an ideal career choice for you. Success is in your reach but it will require a bit of self-sacrificing. What are you willing to let go of to help you reach the levels of achievement you want to reach? Meditation is something you should focus on. Quieting your mind and reflecting will help you heal the wounds you may have. There may have been some trauma or absence in regards to your father. You can release these hurts by reflecting carefully on the pains you hold on to.