The Eighth House in Astrology

The eighth house in your astrology birth chart is a very transformative house because it deals with death and rebirth. This house is also the house of psychology, sex, and it rules other peoples finances and values. This includes, partners resources, taxes, real estate, and inheritances. It is the house of metaphysics and is famously known as the house of the occult. Everything dark and hidden in the shadows is found in your eighth house. Our obsessions, soul connections, and secrets are buried deep within this house sector.

Signs in the Eighth House


You're a team leader when it comes to joint partnership but you still need to have your own sense of independency to feel satisfied. Your sexual urges may be strong and you can might enjoy being the one to take action first. You're prone to risky behavior and even though change can come easily for you, sometimes it may not be needed.


You're sensual by nature and sex with you may long lasting and steady with an 8th house Taurus. Money is important to you and you can build a sense of security around shared resources. Your shadow side is in results to how you feel about yourself. If you feel as if you give too much and have little in return, it can seriously damage your self-esteem. Changes are hard for you but you must learn to shake things up when all else fails.


Gemini gets the reputation for being curious which makes this house placement very sexually curious! You're not a one size fits all person and enjoy exploring different things which makes you feel good. Joint ownership is something you don't want simply because you're flighty and need your independence.


Sex needs to be nurturing and comforting for you. Intimacy should feel safe for you to feel close to another and come out of your solid shell. You're protective over your resources and might even cling to things as if you're in survival mode, never letting go. Change isn't a problem for you as long as it's predictable and offers you some type of security. Be careful not to become co-dependent on intimate partners.


Your enthusiastic attitude can be damped down in a water house since water puts out fire. However, you're excited about the meaning of life and serious transformation will come by parting with your ego. Once you master being altruistic, you can do great things.


You're very careful when it comes to any type of shared resources. You take in the data, analyze it, break it down, and form your conclusion. This makes you an excellent banker or accountant! It's important that you establish your own independence but joint ownership would still do you well since you're deemed as reliable and trustworthy.


Everything need balance and you apply this to shared resources too. If you give, you get and if you get, you give back. Fairness in intimacy is what makes you feel deeply bonded to your intimate partner. You should watch for becoming manipulative in your sexual relationships though.


Scorpio is the home of the eighth house which makes you very passionate and sexual yourself. You like to keep your sex life on the hush-hush though and may feel threatened by a kiss-and-tell person. You believe that everything needs to be shared with you and you may even become overly obsessive with your partner. Transformation in your life is always happening but you enjoy digging into the darkness to find yourself again.


You don't do well with joint ownership because it's difficult to hold you down as is. With sex, you have a carefree attitude and it may be difficult for you to settle with just one intimate partner. You're always looking for a deeper meaning on life in the bigger picture. With an eighth house Sagittarius, you have the ability to see the big picture, transform it, and dig deep down into the hidden secrets of the universe.


You rather control your resources and others rather than it being the other way around. It's just that you feel you're more responsible and can manage things better than others. You might have a hard time opening up to an intimate partner and sex is never even a thought until you fully trust a person. You're careful in everything that you do. Your shadow side lies in the need to control.


Your exciting and curious in your sexual relationships. You're a person of all kinks and willing to try just about anything. You can be irresponsible when it comes to shared resources so if joint enterprises is something you'll do, make sure you have a reliable team partner in your corner. Your fixed nature makes transformation processes uneasy for you and can cause lots of anxious feelings.


You need to make sure that you set careful boundaries when it comes to shared resources. You're delusional about what's yours and what belongs to somebody else. Be clear about your expectations and the expectations of others before all else. You also may be confused about your sexuality. It's important that you explore, probably through an artistic outlet, so you can truly get to know yourself.

Planets in the Eighth House


An 8th house Sun gives you a very dark nature. You are intense and prefer to talk about the deepest meanings of life rather than the superficial yada-yada nonsense. Small talk doesn't sit well with you. You want to explore the realms of the occult, the psychological nature of the human minds, and death. You're a person who may go through many transformations in life until you reach your personal success. You will gain personal fortune through some type of partnership either while in it or even after it ends. Death may intrigue you but when it is somebody who you hold close to your heart, it throws you completely off course and you can have a hard time coping. Whether this is physical death or just cutting the cord, it effects you stronger than most.


The moon in the eighth house is a very intense moon placement. You hold the darker side of your emotions in like a shadow, a secret that cannot escape. You're very sensitive and emotional to the point of trying to uncover the reasonings for your own feelings. This can lead to obsessions with your psychological nature and sometimes even resentment. The metaphysical nature is fascinating to you and you hold studies of the occult close to your heart. The dark side of life intrigues you and you are always looking for ways to transform yourself and heal.


You are intrigued by the dark arts, occultism, tantra sex, and death. You probe deeply into the meanings of life and research all details possible to learn more. This can sometimes lead to obsession or give you dark thoughts. You should be careful of protecting and grounding yourself when it comes to certain practices. You are interested in taking in as much knowledge as you can because you feel that it transforms you in some way. The superficial life is not something you're known to talk about. You need something deeper, more intense. You're very intuitive and may have psychic abilities.


Love or power? Your relationships can be very intense and you may attract others who are very dominant or hold some position of power. You attract external resources to you very easily. Life is always opening a new door for you that leads you to greater transformation. You enjoy the darkness of endings because you know it will bring more light. You're always undergoing some sort of spiritual transformation in your life but it can be ugly at times. This house drowns Venus's flowy go with the breeze nature and holds it down. Until you can control your own intensity, life will always be extremely intense. You may inherit something valuable from an ancestor or relationship. Either a sum of money or property.


Your sexual desires are sometimes very strong and sex needs to be intense. You are curious about the darkness of the world, and are eager for personal transformation. Death and rebirth excite you as you looking into the meaning of life with enthusiasm. You're the person who is always trying to meet your shadow self and accept it. You have a drive to know yourself on the deepest level possible and this may bring you much pain and trauma. This placement can make you very vengeful and manipulative. Use your strong power wisely because you hold great power, more than most.


The planet of expansion in the house of debts, taxes, inheritance, transformation, occultism, and sex indicates that these areas of life are quite a big deal for you. Jupiter increases your wealth in this position and you're always finding ways that money just comes to you. You can be good with savings and you may even gain some sort of inheritance in this lifetime. When it comes to matters of transformation, you always seem to be on an endless search for the extreme truths of life. This can lead you down many dark roads that in results enhances your spirituality. Sex is something that should be done when you're spiritually merging and connecting with your partner. You may also like lots of sex.


When it comes to anything, you will immediately turn your head the other way when it comes to the word, "joint ownership". You want what is yours and let others have what is theirs. This is a "no share" zone for Saturn, especially concerning material wealth! Due to this being the house of sex, Saturn may have you fear intimate, sexual relationships. You feel restricted in your sexual expression and may not know what you want. It's important to get in tune with your body and what satisfies you and what doesn't. You can learn a lot about the responsibilities in life by connecting to issues way below the surface. The occult, mysticism, may fascinate you and help you connect yourself to the world better.


You have many sudden changes in your life when it comes to terms of transformation. You're always looking for new ways to evolve into a higher state and are fascinated by metaphysics. You're interested in occult studies or anything that is unconventional. You may enjoy researching the wildest of things because the deeper side of life is intriguing to you. Psychology may be something you're interested in. Your most personal transformations may happen rapidly after becoming involved in intimate relationships.


You're very intuitive and can tap into your own psychic abilities quite easily, whether you realize this or not! Your greatest transformations happen through the realms of metaphysics and you can feel a strong pull towards occult studies. Life may be emotionally uneasy for you and there can feel like a dark cloud raining on your quite often. You experience this darkness in order to work with the shadows so you can help others work through their shadows as well. You may fall victim to deceit in taxes, shared ownership, and property management.


You have a strong desire and pull towards metaphysical subjects. The occult realms are fascinating to you and you find your greatest transformations through occult studies. There is a strong desire to be in union with others. You'll need to feel closely bonded and secure in your intimate relationships. You have powerful ambitions and passions but you may have a hard time.