The Eleventh House in Astrology

The eleventh house in your astrology birth chart is all about your aspiring hopes and dreams. It includes your friendships, social connections, and social media platforms. This is the house of our purpose in life, how we want to serve humanity. We can find what makes us unique in the eleventh house and how we function with others in a social setting.

Signs in the Eleventh House


You may have many friends come and go in your life because you need freedom to do your own thing. You're the life of the party and your friends and group members may appreciate your carefree nature. You can be reckless sometimes and perhaps inconsiderate when you don't mean it.


You're a trustworthy and dependable friend. You like secured and stable friendships and need to feel valued in your community. Others appreciate your kind heart and helpful attitude. You need friendships that will last a lifetime and may not change friend groups often.


It's possible that you have a lot of friends from all walks of life. You enjoy talking and exchanging information with your group and learning about others. Your curious nature draws you into attracting many friends. You can be aloof in your friendship circle and community but only because you connect logically with others instead of emotionally.


You need close and caring friendships to feel secure in your group. You're possibly the friend who will take care of your community and your friends are family to you. You'll probably only have a few close friends that feel like home and will choose to keep your circle small.


You enjoy being with your friends and are always looking for a good time. You're creative in your community and others appreciate your optimism. You have a big heart and will do anything for your friends which is appreciated by them.


You have a practical approach to life and this will show in your friendships. You like to look after others and are caring and nurturing. Sometimes you can be fussy and complaining but your true friends will know this. You can be critical when your community fails to live up to your expectations and sometimes you might come across as cold and distant.


You're the friend who believes that everything needs to be fair. Others appreciate your harmonious nature and kind heart. You have a strong sense of justice and others look to your as the peacemaker in your community. You can easily weigh out both sides of each side and be the mediator.


You're a powerful member of your community and you have an intense approach to life that makes others find you mysterious. You look at everything with a psychological mindset and therefore you can help your friends dig deep into themselves and transform their lives. You are an important person in your group and very loyal.


You have friends that share the same philosophical beliefs as you. You're probably adventurous and fun-loving in your friend circle and will like to explore and travel with others as well. You're a true humanitarian and have larger than life goals for your future.


It's likely that you make friends through work or have very serious friendships. You feel a sense of responsibility to your friends and community. You may only have a few close friends and rather your social circle be kept small. It's likely you're an introvert.


Your friends are usually eccentric or different. You have a wide group of friends and continuously meet new people throughout your life. You're a humanitarian and may be most social when it comes to a group that follows your same cause. Others appreciate your original view on life and you're a true friend.


You're compassionate to your friends and enjoy artistic and spiritual pastimes with them. You have a kind heart and enjoy friendships that share your empathy. You can be like an emotional sponge when it comes to your friends and you must learn to set healthy boundaries and avoid co-dependency.

Planets in the Eleventh House


An eleventh house Sun makes you very eccentric in the most creative ways! Your individuality is played out through the role in your community or friendships. You're accepting of all walks of life and easily make friends. You can really shine when you're around like-minded people and will have deep connections to your friends. Loyalty and honesty is important in your friendships or community. Others enjoy your out-of-the-box thinking and you are very humanitarian. Your life purpose and goal is to achieve all that you can by inspiring others. Many probably line up behind you as you're the one leading and setting the trends.


The eleventh house moon placement in astrology highlights friendships and communities being a major part of your life. This can swing negatively or positively. You may feel as if you're constantly changing yourself to fit in with your social circle or find that your friends may somehow be unreliable. Friendships come and go and you may take an emotional hit with losses of friendships. You'll need security a stability in your life from loving and reliable friendships in order to feel emotional fulfilled.


You need a circle of friends are like-minded individuals and communicate with them on a daily basis. Connection is important to you when it comes to friendships. These will be the people you want to share your brilliant ideas and thoughts with. If the friendship is dry, you probably just walk away from it. You need to feel heard in your community or circle and want to listen to others visions for the future. You have genius ideas about how to better the Earth and save humanity, and you would benefit from friendships that share your common goals.


You're a true humanitarian. You probably have many friends and get along with them well. Your friendship circle is large and you enjoy socializing with many groups of people. You're the person who can be found at a peace rally and standing up for the underdog. You might experience disappointment when you realize others don't have as much social justice as you do. You cherish your friendships and those in your community. Your values are placed on making the world a better place. It wouldn't surprise me if it's crossed your mind a time or two, to buy a plot of land and create your own living community. You're not one to settle for the way things are, you want to lead things in the direction on how you think they should be.


Friendships are usually exciting and you can be quite popular. You're the one to take on the role as a leader in your community and others are willing to listen to what you have to say. You must have trust, passion, and enthusiasm in your friendships for them to stand. Just as fast as you make friends, you can lose them that fast as well. If the friendships are stale, you have no problem leaving it in the dust. You're an honest friend and extremely protective as well. You are the person to fight against wrong-doings, and you will fight with passion.


You attract friendships from all different walks of life with Jupiter in your eleventh house. You have the ability to inspire a mass of people or organization groups. Your goals and visions ultimately lead you to the truth of life you're on a quest for. Friendships are usually inspiring to you and you can learn from your circle of friends about life. The people in your community are often inspired by your grand hopes and wishes for society.


You don't have a lot of friends but your happy with that. The friends you do have are all working towards the same goal as you and approach their visions for the future as something serious. You do not trust others all that well so you let very few into your circle. Friends that are wild and carefree do not hold interest to you. You seek professional and serious friendships. Many of your friends or colleagues may be much older than you as well. You're dedicated to your purpose on bettering humanity and have visions for a clear, structured future. You want others to succeed and many look up to you for your sense of responsibility.


You have a large group of friends and enjoy their unique personalities. Your friends are eccentric and you don't let anybody in your circle who may be too serious. You want to start a movement and your friends are right behind you! Perhaps, you're the one with all of the wild and genius ideas for the future. You don't really fit in with your group of friends and are seen as the odd one out, but nonetheless, they love your originality. You may be drawn to social media and organization groups where you can speak up on matters of the Earth.


Your friendships need to feel spiritual and you cannot deal with anybody that doesn't share the same humanitarian mindset as you. Being connected to your friends in a spiritual and higher vibration type of way makes you feel good. Your friend circle or community groups help you escape the dangers of the world and block out reality for a bit. Your friends may look up to you for your spiritual nature and insight. This planet does represent deceit though so you may find yourself being stabbed in the back by close friends many times through your life. Be careful with who you trust.


You're the person who is drawn to deep friendships. You will not settle for anything that's half-assed. Your friendships must have a personal bond and you enjoy intimate plutonic relationships as well. Anything superficial is a no-go! However, your friendships may suffer at times due to strong conflicts. You may experience a great sense of transformation through organization groups or, get easily fired up when it comes to politics.