The Fifth House in Astrology

The fifth house is ruled by Leo and the Sun. In your astrology birth chart, it shows romance, courage, creativity, and has a child-like innocents to it. The fifth house is also where we seek validation and attention. When you are looking at your hobbies or artistic talents, the fifth house is the place to check.

Here is where we look to for creativity and romance. It's our self-expression, hobbies, romantic relationships, pleasures and entertainment, and it even rules children. The fifth house is more of the house of sexual pleasure and romantic flings rather than marriage and soul connecting. Look at your eighth house for soul connecting bonds.

Fifth House in the Signs


You need adventure in your life and often initiate change with an Aries fifth house. Your spontaneous and independent nature is appreciated by others. You have a way of living life freely and enjoy creating things too. If you have children, they may be assertive and independent. Children might enjoy your company but careful to not get overly impatient with them!


Taurus rules the throat and vocals so a particular hobby for you might be singing! You need sensual pleasures in life and enjoy the simple things. You may spend your money on expensive items that encourage your artistic nature. Children may appreciate your down to earth nature and calm spirit.


You're quick to think and might enjoy games that are trivial or require fast decisions. Children might appreciate your goofy personality and you're the one who will take April Fools Day to extreme. You're a trickster and enjoy making others laugh.


You have a gentle and nurturing way about you that children adore. You're protective over children and might even find yourself working with them! You have a soft aura and may be creative and artistic too. Cooking or reading books may appeal.


Everything is extra when Leo is ruling the house it rules anyways. You are playful and creative and need romances to be nothing less. Your light-hearted attitude makes you shine bright and you enjoy the attention. You also may enjoy being around children or may want some of your own one day.


Scrabble or other problem-solving games might peak your interest. Your a simple kind of person and need romances to be quiet and stress-free. You might find it difficult to sit back and relax until everything is off your to-do list though. It's important that you find the time in your day to create or take care of yourself.


You might be inclined towards creative talents such as fine arts or music. Your ability to see both sides in a problem puts you in a good position to work with children. You like to play fair and always have the best judgement. You need romance to feel balanced and spiritual too.


Whatever creative hobby has your interest, you are very passionate about it. You will put all of your sweat and tears into a project that you feel means something special. You may be protective over children and might take interest in child psychology.


If anybody would make an excellent kindergarten teacher, it's you! You love to teach and Sagittarius on the fifth house cusp makes this teaching towards children. However, you may choose to not have any of your own simply for the sake of independence. You also have a wide variety of interests and might be very athletic.


Work is play for you. You're responsible and serious about your hobbies and might always try to earn a buck or two from them. Your talent lies in creative business plans and goals. You also might just enjoy a quiet night at home cozied on the couch rather than a loud party.


Your creative pursuits might be very eccentric. You can enjoy and appreciate odd art but you also might be addicted to social media. Aquarius rules the internet so you might just find that all your pastime goes to scrolling the web. You enjoy hobbies that excite you and might always be changing. You can have many talents and interests.


Your artistically talented and have a love for music. You need a pastime that allows you to escape and drift into your own world. You might enjoy fantasy novels or movies, theatre, or meditation. All things spiritual and supernatural might also catch your interest.

Planets in the Fifth House

The signs in astrology show the attitude we take on the house sector but the planets in astrology show how we act on that attitude. The planets in any house reveal the energy we play out in the different areas of our lives. It’s important to note that the aspects made between planets will also play a role on this energy too.

If the energy is repressed, we find that through the challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and sometimes conjunctions). If the energy thrives, we find that through the harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and sometimes conjunctions). It’s also important to note that the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) will bring struggles to the house and the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) will bring abundance.


The Sun feels alive in the 5th house! The Sun rules over the 5th house in astrology so this makes for a very exciting, and fun placement. You're creative, love to have fun, and a big child at heart! You may get along with your own children very well or even other peoples children. You enjoy social gatherings and probably always seek out the parties or events in your area. However, you can be a bit dramatic sometimes and throw tantrums with this placement. The center of attention is what you want and you'll do whatever you have to, to get it. The fine arts and theatre may interest in you or even dance.


The moon in the fifth house brings pleasure to play. You might have an emotional need to be the center of attention quite often but people generally enjoy your free spirit and good company. Also, you can have a big heart with this moon placement due to the 5th house ruling the heart and creativity. You're like a child at play, carefree and innocent. You can also be highly creative and very talented with the arts. There is a tendency of being too dramatic with this placement and it can make others view you as "to much" at times. Still, people naturally gravitate towards your warmth and you can express your emotions quite easily. You tend to always try and connect with your inner child and live life in a joie de vivre way, you are infectious!


There can be a lot of mental frustration if you do not express yourself through creativity or tap into your artistic nature. You're a busy person when it comes to creative projects and may always be doing something productive. You probably have many hobbies that are mentally stimulating but these are the hobbies that make you feel most alive. When you're out with others, you will enjoy exchanging your ideas in public settings. You want to talk about the fun side of life and try to steer clear from anything that seems too dark.


Venus in the 5th house shows you will spend much of your time creating, having fun, and living as care-free as you can. You are skilled when it comes to your artistic side and you want to express yourself through art. Drama and play is another thing you may have an interest in. Venus here makes you value your creativity and you can value your hobbies. You may get along easily with children, either yours or another's. You're optimistic and generous.


You go after what you want and will not stop until you get it! This is especially true when it comes to matters of creativity and art. You're curious to try new things and may try everything at least once. You enjoy sports and take pride in your hobbies. Competition is never met with a poor attitude from you, you think it's fun and you enjoy the games. You're independent nature will be passed on to your children if you ever have any.


Your creativity is expanded with Jupiter in the 5th house. You find that your self-expression is shown through your creative nature and you have the attitude of a playful, innocent child. Children may inspire you due to their worry-free nature as you also like to look at life with grandiosity. You need freedom to express your hobbies and in the ways you have fun. You don't like when things are too serious, you enjoy the lighter side of life.


You probably find that your life is usually full of stress and leaves you with little time to relax and play. Your creativity is blocked with Saturn in the 5th house which can cause a lot of frustration. It's important that you discipline your hardworking attitude to lighten up sometimes. Take the needed rest when you need it. Structuring your creative work and downtime to your best benefit will be beneficial to you. This placement also concerns children and could show that you may never want children or that your children will teach you a lot through the ways of having fun. You're the person who may feel guilty to let loose and play but you need to keep in touch with your inner-child nonetheless.


Uranus is the quirkiest planet of all and being in the house of creativity makes you have some pretty eccentric hobbies! You enjoy things that are unconventional and will take a major interest in studying astrology and space. You may enjoy video games and computer games as well as spending your pastime on social media or researching things that are considered unusual. Your creative nature is original and interesting. You have the ability to think way outside of the box and use it in your creative style.


You're very artistic and by tapping into your intuitive nature, your creativity just flows. You may have a love for art and music as it takes you away into a place of daydream. Neptune is the planet of sacrificing and being placed in the house of procreation of human life, you may have to make many sacrifices for your children, or maybe the children of others, before you can delve into your creativity.


Obsession towards your creative style is prominent with this position of Pluto. You obsess over if you're getting the attention you deserve or admiration you should be receiving. You have a forceful nature when it comes to your hobbies and can be involved with them on an intense level. You'll find that you transform yourself through your hobbies and creative nature. With your own children or others, you may find that you're very strict and dominant. It's important that you have control over your intensity so that you do not bubble up in anger and resentment towards children.