The First House in Your Birth Chart

The houses in astrology are one of the most important parts of your birth chart. Without the houses, you cannot use predictive astrology or see where the planets are influencing you the most. Due to there being 12 houses and only 9 planets in astrology, you will have an "empty" house somewhere in your chart. Do not overlook the importance of that empty house though!

Empty houses show that these are areas of life you already do well in. As for the more packed houses (houses with lots of planets in them), you need more guidance in that area. 

For this post, we're talking about the first house in your astrology birth chart. What does the first house mean? Why is it important? What planets do you have occupying this house? Read on to discover the answer to all these questions!

The First House

The first house is known as your rising house. This house is your personality to the world. It's how you see yourself and how others see you. When describing somebodies physical appearance, we talk about their first house. This is the image we project to others and the impression we make. This also rules what we expect from world and how we go about getting what we want in life.

This house is also referred to as your ascendant. The Ascendant (or rising sign) is the eastern hemisphere axis point of your natal chart. The ASC shows the nature of your soul expression on Earth, how your soul essence expresses through your physical body and into your experiential plane of participation. The Ascendant (and the planets in your ascendant) is one of the most important points in your natal chart.

The star sign and planets immediately below the ascendant reveal the nature of our physical selves, of what we embody, what we have under our belt, in a sense. It is this that we express through our physical self into the world-from the ascendant through the descendant. The stars and planets just above (west of) the ascendant reveal the nature of what we are learning anew in this incarnation.

They indicate areas of new growth to be explored and cultivated. The ascendant stars and the sign of the ASC are also strong indicators of a person's body type, augmented by the Moon's placement, and somewhat by the Sun (but which more so reveals our persona or the role we play in the world, our self-identity or that with which we identify self). The ascendant is a point of action and expression and can be found by looking at your first house cusp.

Sign on the First House Cusp

The signs are the attitude of the house. With each house carrying a meaning to different sectors of ones life, the signs show the attitude it takes towards it. The signs on any house cusp are very important, whether it is empty or not. To understand your own attitude towards each part of life, you must look at the sign it is represented by. If it is a fire sign on the house cusp, the attitude is more direct and impulsive. Earth signs show a practical approach and provide security. Air signs go with the flow and are intelligent and water signs are sensitive to that area of life and look for comfort.


Your life is exciting and you're assertive. You need freedom of expression to truly thrive. Others may call you impulsive and it is true you're a risk taker. Patience and restraint will be the key to getting what you want though. You rather lead the way than follow behind others and your assertive streak makes you highly independent.


You're practical and down-to-earth nature is something others can appreciate. You prefer balance and stability in your life and don't like to jump on any risk taking actions. Others know that you're reliable and you come across as sensual and practical.


You're curious about the world and the people around you. Communication is important to you and other's enjoy listening to what you have to say as well. You have a deep desire for knowledge and expression as you're always trying to take every piece of information in that you can. You may come across as nervous or scatter-brained and thinking before you speak will be important in your life.


You come across as a caring and sensitive person. Other's appreciate your nurturing presence and you have a calm aura that surrounds you. Though you may be shy, you would do anything for those in your circle and those you keep close. You can become overwhelmed very easily as you absorb the energy around you like a sponge. Learning a little detachment will be important in your life.


You come across as vibrant and enthusiastic. No matter where you are, you're sure to stand out. You're generous and have a big heart but may overstep others expressions. Learning to back off and let other's shine will be an important thing to learn in your life. You have a creative streak and may be very outgoing as well.


The ultimate perfectionist, you need to balance this trait of your with tolerance. You have a strong critical nature towards yourself and other's. It may be that you set such high standards for yourself and the rest of the world and you're easily let down if these standards are not met. You come across as helpful and enjoy being of service to other's.


You come across as a people person even if you're introvert. Carefully taking into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others, you avoid conflict at all costs. It can be hard for you to be assertive and some may view you as flaky. Harmony is important to you and other's appreciate your sense of fairness.


You are mysterious and intense to other's. It may be because you have a bullsh*t detector built in you. Your eyes are piercing and other's can feel uncomfortable around you. In all honesty, you're shy. You don't talk much or share your personal life with other's because you dread feeling exposed. Your quiet nature can make you appear intimidating or secretive to some.


Go big or go home! You probably live on that motto. You're exciting and enthusiastic nature may land you in trouble at times. You're a risk taker and always one for attention. You may overlook the details of life because you're too busy looking at the big picture. Other's appreciate your idealism and may enjoy hearing your personal philosophies.


You're not a goody two-shoes (maybe you are) but if one thing is for sure, you meet life with caution and avoid risks. You're careful and want to be seen as responsible. You may place a lot of importance on your appearance because you want others to respect you. Some may see you as overly serious and it's important to loosen up a bit from time to time.


Your unconventional lifestyle is inspiring to others. You walk the walk rather than talking the talk. You're intellectual and original. Due to your independent nature, you may choose to avoid following the rules. You want to be the one to make your own rules but you must learn responsibility while doing so.


Others may project on you more than others. You act as a mirror so people can easily see their insecurities and put the blame on you. However, mirrors work two ways. The seeing side and the side that's seen. So this can be true for you as well, projecting onto others. Many see you as compassionate and selfless and you have a calming aura that surrounds you.

Planets in the First House

The signs show the attitude we take on the house sector but the planets show how we act on that attitude. The planets in any house reveal the energy we play out in the different areas of our lives. It's important to note that the aspects made between planets will also play a role on this energy too.

If the energy is repressed, we find that through the challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and sometimes conjunctions). If the energy thrives, we find that through the harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and sometimes conjunctions). It's also important to note that the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) will bring struggles to the house and the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) will bring abundance.


The Sun in your first house of your natal charts gives you a highly independent nature. You are self-expressive and live according to how you want to live. Though this placement can give you a larger than life ego, you are just an enthusiastic child at heart. You may have many personal interests and your hobbies are always changing. Others look up to you for your leadership qualities whether you realize this or not. You make a strong impression when others meet you for the first time. You are one that's certainly hard to forget! You're confident and proud of your own achievements and have a lot of energy.


With the moon in your first house, you may adapt easily to changes that occur in your life. You're ambitious and generally well-liked. This moon placement makes you like an emotional sponge. You are highly sensitive to the moods of the people around you and offer a warm and genuine affectionate manner. Self-awareness is a good trait of yours. However, there can be difficulty in controlling your own emotions at times. Others may view you as very sensitive. You place importance on others in your life and care deeply about the people who surround you. You also seem to get offended quite easily and can overreact if you feel your sense of security when dealing with your image has been threatened in some way.


Mercury in the first house gives you a very independent streak when it comes to your thought process and communication skills. You are not one to care what others thinks and you have a natural way of spreading information to network your ideas. Mercury here makes you a curious-cat. You're constantly seeking for new information around you. You may have many skills and always eager to learn something new. However, once you pick up on a task, you can easily drop it and move to the next. It's a bad idea to become the jack of all trades but master of none.


Your Venus in the house that represents your whole essence to the world makes you very attractive to others. Something about you is just so adoring! You go about life in a way that is calm and have a harmonious demeanor. The beauties of life pull hard at your heart strings and you may be quite artistic yourself! You enjoy the finer things in life. You also may be a people-pleaser.


You're the person who is exciting, independent, and the ultimate dare-devil. You thrive for adventure and changes and you can become easily irritated when others put a holt to your readiness. A team-leader, overachiever, and somebody who wants to do things their own way, some people may call you arrogant. You always seem to be in a rush or easily flustered with this Mars placement. You're outgoing and have a strong need to express yourself. You can be insensitive at times and rash.


With Jupiter in your first house, life is beautiful and should be taken with gratitude to you. You're inspiring to others due to your optimism and open mind. The way you move about in the world makes you suitable to be a spiritual teacher or somebody who teachers education. You're always looking for new ways to expand your knowledge and are eager about the mysteries of the world.


Trying to express yourself can be a struggle for you. You might feel as if you're limited in your self-expression, in some way, due to your early childhood. You'll approach the world carefully and others consider you to be reliable and responsible. You may have a dry sense of humor that makes others attracted to you. You carry yourself quite well despite all of the restrictions you face. Others are inspired by your structured and disciplined side. You may have taken on a lot of responsibility as a child but you will loosen up as you grow older.


You do not want to be seen as somebody who is like everybody else. You're unique and different and may go to the extremes just to prove this point. Your wild, eccentric personality is a major part of your self-expression and you may be interested in unusual trends. Others view you as mysterious or unpredictable. Change helps you thrive and you can handle stressful situations quite easily. Though you are easily overwhelmed, others see you as detached from the matter. You're intellectual and original.


You need to learn boundaries for yourself and with others. You go over the limit because you're in a constant fog. Your self-expression is quite vague and you can undergo identity crisis quite easily. It's important that you learn who you are and what makes you the person you are. You get lost into the fantasy of your own perception of reality and others may call you a dreamer. You're intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. Other people find you mysterious.


Others are drawn in by your intense leadership qualities. You come across as somebody powerful and mysterious. You'll transform the lives of many and you enjoy challenge as you see it as a personal way of vibrating higher. You challenge yourself and those around you to the extremes. Some people may look at you as somebody in control with a lot of ambition. Others may be fearful of your intensity. Either way, you give a strong first impression.