The Fourth House in Your Astrology Birth Chart

The houses in astrology are one of the most important parts of your birth chart. Without the houses, you cannot use predictive astrology or see where the planets are influencing you the most. Due to there being 12 houses and only 9 planets in astrology, you will have an “empty” house somewhere in your astrology birth chart. Do not overlook the importance of that empty house though!

Empty houses show that these are areas of life you already do well in. As for the more packed houses (houses with lots of planets in them), you need more guidance in that area. 

For this post, we’re talking about the fourth house in your astrology birth chart. What does the first house in astrology mean? Why is it important? What planets do you have occupying this house? Read on to discover the answer to all these questions!

The Fourth House Signs

The fourth house in astrology reflects your home and family. It's our roots and memories of childhood, the homes we grew up in, and the type of home we choose to make for ourselves. This is the house of security and our personal sanctuary. The fourth house also reflects our relationship with our mother, but traditional astrology, this house rules the father.

This house is considered a water house and angular house. The angular houses are the most powerful houses in the birth chart. They represent the ascendant, descendant, imum coeli, and midheaven. The fourth house is considered our imum coeli, or anti-midheaven. It deals with our home and security. What makes us feel safe? Which lessons did we learn from childhood? The fourth house points the way.


You're highly independent because this is how you were taught when raised. You achieve everything alone and go at everything alone. The company of others can cause you to be irritable, especially when your mind is set on your goals. Your home in childhood might've been exciting, reckless, or argumentative. Therefore, you have quick reactions if something upsets your stability.


You need your home life to be laid back and chill. You place a lot of value on home and family and may even follow certain family traditions. Usually, Taurus 4th houses are the responsible one in the family and others appreciate your reliability. You may take interest in giving your home an earthy feel so you feel relaxed.


You may find it hard to settle down in one place for too long. Holding your roots somewhere can make you feel very restless. You enjoy being out and about, exchanging information with others, and exploring new territories. Communication in your home life is important to you and needs to be open for you to feel accepted.


Family is the most important thing to you. There needs to be a sense of belonging for you to feel safe within your home life. You may place important value on tradition too. Your home life could've been warm and inviting growing up and you may have a nurturing relationship with your mother or motherly figure.


Your home is your center stage! You crave validation and approval from your family members and need to be the center of attention in your home environment. Your home may be filled with trophies or awards that you will proudly show off or even bright colors. Home is where the heart is and that is how you treat it too.


Order and routine in the home is a must have! You like everything organized and tidy and anything out of place can have you emotionally upset. Though you may complain a lot about home stuff or family, you need to be careful that you're not overly critical to family members. You enjoy helping out and will always lend a family member a hand if needed.


The home life needs to be peaceful and you need a harmonious environment. You may choose to decorate your house in the latest trends and your home is almost always aesthetically pleasing. Though you may be flaky and not the most reliable family member, you are certainly the peacemaker.


Your home life may have been intense or you feel intensely about your childhood. Either way, you most likely had some trauma about your childhood and now have a serious expectation on family. You choose to be secretive about your home life and careful not to reveal too much information. You're protective over your loved ones too.


You might've moved around a lot or traveled far during your childhood. Your openminded nature has passed down from your family to you and you might come from a philosophical family too. You don't place much value on home things and may live a very minimal lifestyle. Other things just excite you more.


If anybody is to carry on a family tradition, it's you! You appreciate traditions and continue to stick with them as you grow. You're practical and many can rely on you for support when they need it. You most likely are the black sheep of the family. You might've felt as if you never have and never will fit in.


Your home is unpredictable and you may have experienced serious upheavals in your home through childhood. As an adult, you continue to allow your home-life to be busy, barely settling for rest. You enjoy unique art pieces in the home and your home belongings may even be a bit eccentric.


Your perception on your family is likely clouded. There's an absence or illness that may have occurred in your childhood and you choose only to remember the good times. You block out past hurts or childhood wounds and see your life through rose-colored glasses. As an adult, you may try to re-create a perfect family life because of it.

Planets in the Fourth House

The signs in astrology show the attitude we take on the house sector but the planets in astrology show how we act on that attitude. The planets in any house reveal the energy we play out in the different areas of our lives. It’s important to note that the aspects made between planets will also play a role on this energy too.

If the energy is repressed, we find that through the challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and sometimes conjunctions). If the energy thrives, we find that through the harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and sometimes conjunctions). It’s also important to note that the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) will bring struggles to the house and the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) will bring abundance.


Family plays a big role in your life with a 4th house Sun. Much of your energy and time are spent on your family or creating a family for yourself. You can learn many things from your family and even if you have bad ties with them, it can sometimes be hard to move on and leave them behind. You're simply attached to your family because of the sense of familiarity. You need to confident enough to expand on your own and put down your own roots. Real estate or other property related focuses may be beneficial to you.


The moon in your fourth house may show that you hold a lot of deep attachments to your home life and roots. You place high importance on your family life and your home needs to feel like a safe place to run to when your emotions are high. Your home is your place you retreat to when you are needing to recharge your battery. You may have a strong desire to live by water which can provide you with a sense of gratitude. Your home life may have always been changing which involved you adapting. This can either by moving places of residence or just undergoing constant renovations. This change sets you up to feel that life is instable and makes you want to secure your roots somewhere. You can easily adapt to any situation with this moon placement since you go through so much change growing up as is.


The brains come from your roots and home! Your home life may be a place where learning is encouraged. Information and ideas are exchanged within your home and you can easily adapt to new living situations. You may have moved frequently as a child. Not so much far away but in short distance. You learn a lot from your family and environment and may be a sponge to the moods in your home that can mentally effect you. Your mother may have an influence over your mental state of mind, either positively or negatively.


Venus in the 4th house is one of the best places for Venus to be in. Your home environment needs to be peaceful and beautiful. When there is conflict in your home, it can pull you down more so than others. You need harmonious relationships. You also hold things passed down to you in your home with deep, sentimental value. This can make it hard to let go of your surroundings or items in your home. Tradition is something you choose to choose to live by and you respect family's values. You strive for comfort and relaxation in your home and will decorate it to fit your needs accordingly.


Your home life growing up was most likely on the rowdy side. It can be met with aggression or competition and left you feeling restless. You still require the same type of demand and action in your home life as an adult or else you may get bored. It's important to seek action without aggression though. Family bike rides or anything that gets you moving and bonding with your surroundings will be beneficial. You probably find yourself with little to no time to relax. It's not that you don't have the time to do so, it's just that you rather be doing something productive. You lack patience when others just want to rest and can't understand how they can be so lazy. It's important for you to find rest too and take care your physical self.


Your home life influences the way you feel about life in general. You can learn a lot about yourself through your roots and you may have grown up in a home that held religious beliefs or was highly philosophical. Large family gatherings is something that excites you or you may want to create a large family for yourself. You most likely get along well with your family and you may be inspired by your mother or somebody that is a maternal influence. This is a placement that is favored by the cosmos and can lead you to great success. You're family is well educated and so are you.


Your home life as a child probably felt very uncomfortable and cold in a way. It's either that your home was very serious and structured, or distant and reserved. Your home life was overly strict or emotionally negligent. Either way, you did not get the proper love and comforting needed to thrive in childhood. Later on in life, you will work towards building something more solid for your own roots. The home life will because a place of lessons for you to create a solid base. This also is a placement of old family pains and traumas, such as, ancestral damage. There was a lot of instability in the home and Saturn here is teaching you to learn how to set your own home life up to be more responsible and disciplined.


Your home life may be busy or unconventional in a way. As a child, you were also undergoing changes in your home environment such as moving around a lot or constant renovations. This makes you not connect to matters of your home life. Perhaps you felt very different from your family, you're the black sheep. You most likely rebel against the expectations your family wants from you because you want to be independent. Tradition in the home is not something you follow. You may be drawn to unusual homes as an adult.


When it comes to family, you may choose to wear rose-colored glasses. Your thoughts that your form around your family may or may not be true. Your home life is a place of escapism and you can gravitate towards dream-like settings. There may be a sense of loss when it comes to your needs surrounding the home and family. Perhaps you never felt as if you belongs where your roots were placed. You feel out of touch with your surroundings and very intuitive when it comes to matters of the home. You're sensitive and compassionate towards family and need peace and harmony within your home life.


Your home environment may be intense. Especially in early childhood, trauma may be repressed in your subconscious mind that leads you to acting out with strong emotions that come by surprise. These wounds left on your early years need to surface up and be released. This can be a very strong release! You find that your way of transforming yourself comes from within your home.