The Ninth House in Astrology

The ninth house in astrology is the philosophical nature in us. Our higher learning minds like law, religion, foreign culture, etc. It rules the part in our birth chart of long distant travels and overseas travel. While the third house, the opposing house, rules day to day travel, this house rules far away travels. This is the house you look towards when you're expanding your mind to search for your personal truth. We express ourselves through this house by publishing and literature.

Signs in the Ninth House


Learning for you needs to be exciting. Anything that lacks excitement is automatically a no for you. You like challenges and gravitate towards risk taking behaviors. Therefore, you will enjoy learning about things that expand your mind in a challenging way.


You're very practical when it comes to higher education. You take things slow and work persistently to achieve any academic success. Your view on life is realistic and practical. You stick to tradition and rarely like to go outside of your comfort zone with expansion of the mind.


You are naturally curious about the world around you. You have no problem looking for ways to expand your philosophical beliefs spiritual pursuits. There is a hunger inside you to fill your curiosity and you will try many different possibilities before you actually stick to one belief. You also may never stick to one belief and have an eclectic mindset.


You might choose to stay in the comforts of your home place without spreading your wings to travel far away. You need familiarity and if you do choose to journey far, it will be because it holds sentiment in some ways. When it comes to your philosophy, you may choose to stick with a traditional approach.


You approach life and beliefs in an enthusiastic way. You will love to travel and explore the world. Studying and philosophical beliefs are important to you and you may find yourself discussing these often with enjoyment. The world excites you and so does spiritual, religious, and philosophical studies.


You're a perfectionist when it comes to education and can be self-critical if you don't meet your own philosophical standards. You are detailed and well organized when it comes to traveling and can plan out long journey trips quite well.


You're very open-minded when it comes to the philosophical beliefs of yours and others. You can always find the rights and wrongs in any religion or spiritual path so you maintain a balanced outlook on personal beliefs. When traveling, you may choose to travel far with a partner or close friend.


You dig deep into your beliefs of spiritual and religious realms to try to uncover hidden truths and meanings. You research into philosophical beliefs until you reach a full understanding. You may choose to travel to exotic places around the world.


You're always looking for ways to expand your knowledge and mind. There is a hunger for truth and understanding of the worlds that is inside of you. You enjoy traveling, studying, religion, and philosophical beliefs because you feel it leads you to the truth of the worlds secrets.


You're ambitious when it comes to pursuing higher education. You're practical and realistic to the views of the world. You approach spirituality and religion in a business mindset. You may even find yourself engaging in these topics for your career.


The world is fascinating to you and you'll enjoy exploring the unusual parts of it. Your beliefs are very eccentric, technical, and scientific. You may find yourself studying in astrology or other unusual, non-conforming topics. You're very open-minded and accepting of all traditions and beliefs.


Studying and travel come to you in an artistic way. You may have a purpose for artistic pursuits. It can be difficult for you to not get lost in the fantasy of spirituality and religion. You're able to astral travel and visit the world in your dreams but being able to put it into true action might be challenging.

Planets in the Ninth House


The 9th house Sun gives you an enthusiastic approach to life. Religion, philosophy, foreign languages, and higher knowledge are all appealing to you. You are a person who will actively search to gain higher knowledge in your adventures for your own personal truth. Others may even benefit from your truths because you love to share your findings and ideas. Teaching is something you are good at but you are also a very advanced student. You live life independently and without a care in the world. Be careful that you do not take unnecessary risks though! You can be a person who bites off more than you can chew.


The ninth house moon placement shows you're idealistic and find comfort in the world of philosophy. Religion, foreign studies, and imagination are appealing to you. There can be escapism tendencies with this moon placement, either physically or in the mind. You hold strong emotions to your sense of freedom and don't liked to be held down by traditional roots. You're easy-going and people enjoy your free spirit. When life becomes overwhelming you escape through the realms of higher studies, religion, and philosophy. You find comfort in searching for the Truth of life and may hold it close to your heart.


Anything that opens your mind to new possibilities is your main aim for life. You enjoy expanding your vision and taking in new information that teaches you about the philosophy of life. Foreign cultures and religion also fascinate you. You're very open-minded but may struggle with calling your own bluff. Sometimes, you can be opinionated or critical if others don't know as much as you. You know so much because you are always researching and studying. You want to learn as much as possible and want to share your knowledge with the world. Life is one big adventure for you and you want to see and learn about it as much as you can.


Venus in the 9th house gives you a bigger than life outlook. You want to understand the Universe and all the secrets it holds. You may be an environmentalist and can be easily crushed when seeing the beautiful Earth is pieces. Religion and spirituality spikes your interest and you feel the information is valuable to your learning process. You're pretty accepting of all religions and beliefs which makes others naturally drawn to your optimistic and welcoming presence. You want to explore the world and may indulge in plane tickets or road trips just to seek out something more beautiful than where you're at. Sometimes though, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.


You're enthusiastic to learn about the higher meaning of life. You're curious and always ready to learn something new. You're adventurous and risk-taking. It's important that you don't go in over your head because you are impulsive. Adventure for you comes through traveling, studies, or religion. These areas of life excite you and are met with a desire of understanding. You're funny, outgoing, and independent nature make people enjoy your presence. Sometimes though, people may find you to be full of yourself or arrogant. You can be but this is always unintentionally. You're very blunt and honest but it would be wise to put your foot in your mouth sometimes.


Jupiter is at home in the 9th house. It is the house of higher meaning and truth, the quest for knowledge through philosophy, religion, study, and travel. You're curious about the world and not one to settle your roots down in one place. You're always on the move, whether physically or in the mind. You want to take in the most that you can. Your wisdom falls on your expansive knowledge. You're the person who seems to know a little about everything.


Your beliefs and philosophical nature are restricted in a way. Perhaps you hold no beliefs or the care to explore the meaning of life. Later on, you will take a serious approach to the realms of religion, spirituality, and philosophy. You're more a realist than anything else though. Your findings of Truth need to be reliable and backed up by sources. You eventually become dedicated and serious about finding something bigger than yourself and can devote yourself to your own practice. You also may take learning very seriously as well.


Your ideas about the meaning of life may be paradoxical to others but it will always feel right to you. Orthodox religion is not something you are confide to and if you are trapped in this box, you will rebel to break away from it. Your interest lies on astrology and things beyond your knowledge. You enjoy studying about interesting topics and foreign travel is something that excites you. You have many interests and will develop unusual philosophies. Your fascinated by unconventional belief systems and you are innovative with your studies.


There is a strong pull towards the perfect philosophy in your mind. You chase after the biggest of dreams but then get let down by the actual reality. Life isn't always as it seems with this placement and you know this better than anybody. You may pour all of your heart into a specific study or religion only to find yourself tricked or disillusioned by things you didn't see before. You need to set realistic standards for yourself and be careful not to be tricked into certain things. This placement makes it easy to fall victim to cults.


There is a strong desire to discover the higher meaning in life. You have a lot of powerful ambition when it comes to philosophy and religion. You may become dogmatic though with your personal findings. You obsess over study and religion & foreign travels. You are always researching in these areas and you may find your greatest transformations happening in study, travel, or religion as well.