The Second House in Your Birth Chart

The houses in astrology are one of the most important parts of your birth chart. Without the houses, you cannot use predictive astrology or see where the planets are influencing you the most. Due to there being 12 houses and only 9 planets in astrology, you will have an “empty” house somewhere in your chart. Do not overlook the importance of that empty house though!

Empty houses show that these are areas of life you already do well in. As for the more packed houses (houses with lots of planets in them), you need more guidance in that area. 

For this post, we’re talking about the second house in your astrology birth chart. What does the first house mean? Why is it important? What planets do you have occupying this house? Read on to discover the answer to all these questions!

The Second House

The second house is all about your personal values and own resources. This relates to our physical and material possessions, how we make and spend money, what we value, and even our self-esteem. Your attitude towards finances and values is all played out through the second house.

The second house falls in an Earth sign house and is called succedent. The succedent houses always follow after the angular houses (houses 1, 4, 7, and 10.) Succedent houses are lesser than angular houses due to them following right after, but that does not mean they're not important. If the first house addresses our personality and what makes us, us... the second house follows on the things we have.

What we value, our possessions, our self-esteem, and our items all fall in the second house of the birth chart. The opposite side of the second house is the eighth house. The eighth house is money we owe while the second house is the money we receive. However, the second house also include overindulgence on the good things and any planets within the second can better this or make it a challenge.

Signs on the Second House Cusp

The signs are the attitude of the house. With each house carrying a meaning to different sectors of ones life, the signs show the attitude it takes towards it. The signs on any house cusp are very important, whether it is empty or not. To understand your own attitude towards each part of life, you must look at the sign it is represented by. If it is a fire sign on the house cusp, the attitude is more direct and impulsive. Earth signs show a practical approach and provide security. Air signs go with the flow and are intelligent and water signs are sensitive to that area of life and look for comfort.


Your freedom and independence are important to you. You act on impulse when it comes to monetary value and your can be spontaneous in your spending habits. It's important that you don't blow through your income and take some responsibility.


You need security in your life and your approach to money is practical. The comfort that your personal resources offer you are what your strive for and you value reliability. Though you may like to purchase expensive and luxury things, you usually have a good balance with your check book. Your self-esteem is connected to your sense of security. Without your life feeling stable and secure, your self-esteem can suffer.


You're multitasking and quick-thinking abilities allow you to rummage through many money-making ideas. While your ideas may work and generate income, you can be easy to let your hard-earned money slip right through your fingers. Everything is fast with you and this includes your spending habits. Your self-esteem is linked strongly to your intellect and you value your ability to think and talk quickly.


You may cling to your personal possession and money to feel a sense of security. On the other hand, you may choose to let go of money in order to take care of others. If somebody is in need of something or cash, you're likely to be the one to help. Your sense of value is placed on being a caretaker of other people. The possessions you own may hold strong sentimental value to you as well.


You're the sign that is known for your proudness. Therefore, you are proud of the money you have earned and may show off your possessions as trophies. Your creative talents are linked strongly to your self-esteem and you may choose to take in items that help you act out your creative nature. You can be impulsive, though less than other fire signs, you still need to watch your spending habits.


You take a practical approach to money and you're a responsible spender. Coupons may take an interest in your life as you're always looking for ways to save money. You can sort out different items to find the best deals. Your ability is you being able to pay close attention to the details of things.


Your check book needs to be in balance for your to feel secure in life. You enjoy balancing your accounts and you may have fine taste. Your self-esteem is linked with your ability to co-operate and negotiate and others appreciate this in you as well.


Money and possessions are an intense focus of your life. This is the sign of jealousy at its worse and you may be jealous of other people's own good fortunes or personal possessions. Though you do value your intensity, you need to still cheer others on in life, even if they're ahead of you. When your income is instable, you may have strong feelings of being powerless.


You may care less on your relationship with money and you realize that having just enough is still an abundance. The monetary life isn't your big focus as your self-esteem is linked to seeing the bigger picture. Even if money isn't the biggest priority in your life, you must be careful because you can easily blow through your hard earned income.


Just like the other Earth signs, your approach to earning money is steady and practical. You are responsible and your self-esteem is linked to your ability to be self-disciplined and wise. Money is the root for you and you need the security of it to feel set in life. Therefore, you earn money well and save well too.


You have and original approach to money-making and may accumulate money in odd ways. You value your individuality and pride yourself on your originality. Though money may be unpredictable, if not unstable, you still earn money in the most unique ways that may seem different to societies norm.


Pisces live in a fog due to their cloudy perception on life through Neptune. They have big dreams through the sign of Jupiter but can be easily mislead. Therefore, confusion on money plays a role in your life. It can be difficult to have a stable income so it's important that you learn about budgeting and savings. You value your compassion and kind heart.

Planets in the Second House

The signs show the attitude we take on the house sector but the planets show how we act on that attitude. The planets in any house reveal the energy we play out in the different areas of our lives. It's important to note that the aspects made between planets will also play a role on this energy too.

If the energy is repressed, we find that through the challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and sometimes conjunctions). If the energy thrives, we find that through the harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and sometimes conjunctions). It's also important to note that the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) will bring struggles to the house and the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) will bring abundance.


You have high expectations when it comes to your personal values or resources with a second house Sun. You have a lot of energy built up inside you to help you go after the life that you want to create for yourself. Much of your personal time or hobbies will be focused on ways of making or earning money. You feel that stability and the value of the dollar are the only way you can feel secure.


The moon in your second house places importance on the things that make you feel secure. This can either through personal possessions or monetary possessions. You can be emotional and easily frustrated if your financial life is rocky, you want to make life as secure as possible. There is a tendency to be materialistic with this moon placement. If your future looks stable, you're very happy. If your future feels threatened, it can take a serious emotional toll on you.


You probably have many brilliant ideas on making money. Get rich quick schemes may be appealing to you. You're intelligent when it comes to resources and how to secure the bag. Money may come through distributing information. This can make you a great salesperson and you do have good communication skills. You are persuasive and others trust you decision making skills.


Your second house Venus makes you value the beautiful things in your life. You probably do well with money unless other indicators in your chart suggest you don't. You may spend too much on personal items that feel luxurious or look beautiful to you. It's also possible that you over-indulge in the good things in life as well. Remember that all things should be done in balance. You may be suited for a career that deals with real estate, property, the arts, or beauty.


You are the person who will do whatever it takes just to make a buck. You want to make money and can go about it aggressively just to do so. This would put you in a good position for being a salesperson since you can be pushy in achieving your goals. Your personal values is what makes up your self-esteem. You may enjoy a fast-paced work area and can usually get the job done fast. You are extremely protective of your loved ones you hold close to your heart and the possessions you have.


Jupiter expands everything that it touches. It magnifies and doubles the energy. In your case, you have Jupiter bringing vision and expansion to your values and possessions. This is the house that represents finances and personal self-esteem. Your own self-esteem expands itself through an increase of money or possessions. You're optimistic when it comes to making money and can think outside of the box to attract income. Jupiter here also gives you a sense of impulsiveness and a risk-taking attitude. Be very careful not to blow your money just because something shiny catches your eye.


Finances always seem to be blocked for you. Your self-esteem and personal values take a toll when you feel emotional about your needs. Money is always tight or never enough. Through the difficulties, you can learn how to build your personal resources by putting in the necessary work needed to achieve your goals. You're serious about your morals and may even be considered a penny-pincher. You must work hard for what you want to build a structured and secure life for yourself.


Your finances may fluctuate and may never be secure. You may have lots of income and then suddenly it's gone. This is due to your impulsive spending habit and careless risk-taking attitude towards your finances. You're interested in possessions that may be unusual or quirky to some. You value your originality and you have the ability to think outside-the-box. You may be interested in making money through scientific matters, astrology, or organizations that you hold close to your heart. Your ways in making money usually are looked at as paradoxical.


Neptune's point in the chart will bring spiritual purposes to the area (house) of life it falls in. In your case, your self-worth is linked to monetary values through your spirituality. You may find yourself called to being a spiritual healer or influencer. You set unrealistic expectations for yourself which can result in low self-esteem if your expectations are not met. Your financial security and sense of stability may lack direction and clarity.


Money and your personal values are always fluctuating. Sometimes you have control, other times you've lost it. Your self-esteem is linked strongly with the control you do have so when it spirals down, so do you. You have a hard time of letting go of things because you fear what's lost will always be lost. It's important for you to realize that change has to happen in order for better things to push through.