The Seventh House in Astrology

The seventh house in astrology rules marriage and commitment. It also rules business partnerships and legal procedures. Such as, divorce, lawyers, counselors, contracts, etc. This is also the house of open enemies. With the first house representing the house of self, the seventh house is the exact opposite and deals with the house of others. Everything relating to other people are found in the seventh house.

Signs on the Seventh House Cusp


Independency is important to you when in relationships. You may seek out relationships in excitement but later get bored with them. You'll do well with a partner is just as freedom-loving as you. You're direct and aggressive in romantic or business relationships and can feel threatened if you're to be cage in.


You need reliability in your relationships. You seek for comfort and somebody who can fulfil your materialistic desires. Not to say that you're a gold digger, but you need somebody who can provide you that safety net. You're loyal and committed to your partners in romantic and business relationships.


Communication is important for any relationship but especially for yours. You need a partner who is responsive and intellectually stimulates your mind. You can feel restless without it. Gemini's are quick moving and you may move from one relationship to the next simply because you're bored and no longer interested. Many Gemini's seek relationships just out of curiosity.


Your relationships need to feel calm and you need a caring partner. Taking care of one another until old age is something you prefer but you can also smother your partner. Learn boundaries in your relationships. You may choose to cling to people and hold on to relationships even when you know a person is no good for you. The comfort and security of another person is what you crave and you can feel threatened if the romance is lost.


Relationships of all sorts need to be fun for you. You're generous, though sometimes egocentric, and can become bored if there's a lack of enthusiasm. There's a need for validation and attention from your loved one which can be exhausting to your partner. Learn to let your partner shine. You may enjoy spoiling your loved one from time to time.


You have high standards when it comes to relationships and you hold your partner to even higher standards. If they fall slightly short of your expectations, you can become critical and give the cold shoulder. You do like to look after your partner though and care for their needs. Being of service and helpful is important to you in relationships as long as nobody stands in your way.


Relationships of all sorts are very important for you. You thrive on human connection and need your relationships to be peaceful and harmonious. It can be difficult to commit to one person though as you are flighty. You also can compromise too much with little in return just for the sake of pleasing your partner.


Your relationships pave the way for ultimate transformation in yourself and with others. You reach for growth and if no growth is met, there can be remorse or vengeful attitudes towards relationships. Your relationships are intense and you may have lots of drama with partners too.


You're pretty easygoing as a partner and enthusiastic about relationships. However, you need somebody who allows you freedom and does not cage you in. Your adventurous and curious attitude towards life can sometimes have you looking for greener pastures if your personal relationship is not satisfying.


It can be hard for you to open yourself up to a relationship but once you do, you're a partner for life. You have a need for committed and serious relationships and will not settle for any short fling. You respect your partner and need them to respect you as well. This placement shows you might choose a partner who is older than you.


You need freedom in your relationships and can feel threatened if somebody tries to dim your individuality. You'll need a partner that allows you space. You may benefit more from a relationship that is a friendship. Nothing too serious is just how you like it. However, because of this reason, it can be hard for you to stay committed to just one person.


You're intuitive when it comes to the needs of your partner and you are compassionate. You can sometimes be idealistic when it comes to love though and often times only choose which parts of your partner you want to see. Your relationships should be built on spiritual or artistic endeavors for you to feel fully satisfied.

Planets in the Seventh House


With the Sun in the seventh house, relationships that are personal or business play a huge role in your life. You enjoy the closeness shared with partners and you can feel most alive when in a relationship. You do enjoy being on your own but you probably think that life is better when spent with others. You can benefit well from your relationships and you may be considered popular in your circle. Through your relationships, if they are healthy of course, you can achieve your goals and reach the highest levels of success.


The moon in your seventh house shows that relationships are a major focus of your life. The relationships you have with others ultimately impact your own mood and emotions. There is a need to be on the search for the right person to share your life with. You feel as if life is better with a partner and that you are your best self when you're with another. You are sensitive to your partner and you need a partner who is sensitive to you as well. You tend to do whatever you can to please your partner but need to find the healthy balance of self-assertion as well. You desire companionship more than anything else in the world and you need healthy support and comforting relationships.


Your relationships will teach you a lot in life. Sharing and expressing your ideas with your partner is very important to you. You need to be in a relationship, whether personal or business partnership, that allows you to clearly express yourself. Intimate relationships are valuable to you but only if the lines of communication are open. When sharing your goals, visions, or knowledge with your partner, you feel a deeper sense of connection and trust. Mentally bonding plays a key factor in your life. You may also be skilled in legal dealings and can make a great judge. You're a very good debater and can weigh out both sides of a story carefully by reacting on logic and not feelings.


Venus in the 7th places a lot of value on your relationships. You need close relationships that are harmonious and spiritual. You see the good in your partner and want union with them more so than others. This can make you very committed in your relationships or you may just enjoy living life with somebody always by your side. This is the planet of love and romance occupying your house of union and marriage. Marriage may be something you truly want one day. You also may do well when it comes to legal dealings. You have the ability to justify the rights and wrong and debate healthily, unless other chart points show otherwise.


You enjoy intimate relationships that allow you to express yourself as an individual. You're independent and need to enjoy your own things in a relationship. You're loyal and protective over your partner and you may be very sexual in your relationships as well. Your relationships need to have excitement in them or else you may get bored easily. You're also argumentative and competitive in relationships and should learn to see your partner as your equal instead of as a threat.


Jupiter in the area of your relationships shows that you gain a lot of inspiration through your partners. Relationships, whether business or intimate, are usually beneficial and easy going. You look to expand your mind through the ideas you share with partners and develop your philosophy through relationships. Due to this also being the house of the courts, you would make a great juror or lawyer. You're open-minded but fight for what is right. Justice is something that you hold closely to your heart.


Intimate relationships can often be a struggle for you. It's not that you fear commitment, you just feel overwhelmed by it. You need the space and freedom in your personal relationships or else you can feel suffocated. Your partner should be highly independent themselves so you don't bear the responsibility of taking care of somebody. You do better in business partnerships but lack in intimate settings. You prefer your relationships to be quiet. You may or may not want to marry with this placement. If you do marry, you are very loyal and dedicated to your partner but there can be a sense of coldness in the relationship nonetheless. It's important that you move past the fear of intimacy to create true bonding relationships with others.


You approach relationships in the most unconventional way. For you, relationships need to be more of a friendship than anything. Freedom and independence is important to you with Uranus in the 7th house so you will need a partner that gives you plenty of space. Your relationships usually are rocky and unstable in some sort of way. You attract unusual and eccentric partners.


You're very intuitive when it comes to your intimate relationships. However, you have the tendency to place your partners on high pedestals and become disillusioned for who they may actually be. You need healthy, spiritual relationships to feel at peace with your partner. This also includes working in business dealings that rely on intuition and spiritual work as well. Avoid seeing your partnerships through rose-colored glasses and be sure to stand your ground when you feel you need to.


Relationships can be super intense. You experience the most deepest forms of transformations through intimate relationships. They are somehow always changing or you may grow out of them easily and change yourself. Either way, there is something unstable about your relationships. You usually form powerful, close bonds with others, even in business partnerships, but power play is usually a struggle here.