The Tenth House in Astrology

The tenth house in your astrology chart is your life path house. The career you want and how to get it can be found in the tenth house. It is the house of status, reputation, your success. How you deal with responsibility and if you tend to be very responsible can be shown in this house. It rules the father and authority figures. Government is also ruled by the tenth house.

Signs in the Tenth House


You choose to be a leader in your given profession and very ambitious with Aries in your tenth house. When it comes to accomplishing goals, you go at it with pure passion. You will benefit somewhere that allows you to have the freedom in your chosen career. Entrepreneur lifestyle or a career that is flexible seems likely. You are assertive and can easily lose your temper if you feel that you're not appreciated.


You will do well in a career that provides stability and routine. You might be a workaholic and value the appreciation of the dollar. You'll also enjoy recognition as it will help boost your self-esteem. Being in a career place that acknowledges your worth will bring out the workaholic side in you. You may choose a career that reflect your earthy side.


You will need plenty of stimulation and activity in your chosen career. You're a hands-on person and will require hands-on training with new projects. You get distracted easily so doing something in your workplace that requires full concentration might prove to be difficult. Communication is important to you and you might find yourself in a public speaking career or teaching. You like to be acknowledged for your intellectual nature and appreciated for it as well.


Cancer is the sign of nourishing and protecting. You might look for careers that allows you to care for others. You'll have strong feelings about your public image and might have a difficult time changing jobs. Settling with one career is just fine for you. You need security and a safety net within your workplace.


You will shine in any chosen career and you will appreciate the admiration with Leo in the tenth house. Others might enjoy your enthusiasm and childlike innocence but some may find it irresponsible. You like to take risks in your career and this can lead you to some downfalls at times. You hold a lot of power in your career and excel in leadership skills.


You're hardworking and a perfectionist in your career. You like routine and want to be recognized for your detailed work and high standards. You can be critical of others when they don't meet your expectations and might choose to work alone. You're the sign of serving others and will do well when it comes medical work or healing professions.


You might choose a career that focuses on beauty, art, or justice. Libra's are the sign of social justice so you might even do well in a position of a judge or lawyer. You require a lot of social skills in your chosen career and it can be very important to you. You'll thrive in a harmonious work environment.


Your career might be very intense for you. There will be many transformations in your chosen path and intense highs and lows. You will prefer to do something that allows you to dig deep into the psychological nature of other humans. Researching and other peoples resources might also intrigue you.


You're enthusiastic when it comes to your career. Teaching, traveling, or foreign connections might appeal to you. You don't like to stay held down in one place for too long so it can be difficult to really settle on just one profession. You're the person who needs freedom and therefore a career that gives you plenty or entrepreneurship might be your chosen path.


You like to make the decisions in your career and approach career changes with caution. You're always looking to advance in your chosen profession and others find you reliable. You need a career that is respectable and gives a positive outlook on your public image. You enjoy recognition for your responsible and mature nature.


Your chosen career might be eccentric or unconventional when Aquarius is on the tenth house. You're focused on goals for humanity rather than self benefit. You stand out in your chosen career and science or technology might appeal. Others appreciate your originality and off-beat attitude to career choices.


You may feel a loss of direction when it comes to your career. It can feel overwhelming to you and you may never really decide on what your chosen path should be. You're often wrapped up in fantasy ideas and confused about your life direction. Spiritual or artistic pursuits may appeal and looking to serve humanity can prove beneficial for you.

Planets in the Tenth House


The 10th house Sun shows you have a creative drive in your career area. You're a person who wants to make their mark on this world and appear successful. You do appear successful and you are always looking for new ways to build and improve your status. Success is something that might come easily to you and those in higher positions than you, generally favor you. This helps you climb the ladder more higher in your personal career. You may take interest in government roles, an entrepreneur, a supervisor, or somebody that holds a lot of power. Many people look up to you and this is a placement of fame and recognition.


The moon in your tenth house places your emotional desires on your ambitions, life purpose, and workplace. You need to feel important in your area of work and can sometimes overwork yourself too often. Whatever it takes to get ahead of the game is your motto. You need recognition and admiration for your achievements. Status and success fulfills your emotional security. Whether you realize it or not, you are always looking for personal achievements to advance yourself in professional ways.


You can easily express yourself through your career and share your thoughts and ideas. Others are most likely to listen closely to what you have to say because chances are, you thought it out carefully. You want to be taken seriously and looked at as somebody who knowledgeable and reputable. A career as an educator or public speaker can be a good suit for you.


You place a lot of value on your career. You enjoy harmonious relationships in your professional workplace and may even decorate your office beautifully. Aesthetic in the office! You want to perfect your career and may spend too much time working just to make an extra buck. It's important that you place value on the other things in your life as well. Others might look at you as successful and easy to work with. You want to work hard so you can afford all the luxurious things that life has to offer. Just remember though, money can sometimes be the root of all evil.


Highly ambitious, you may do whatever it takes to reach levels of success. This can make your professional life quickly turn to a battlefield as you are more willing to fight for top position than to compromise. You want to be seen as a leader and you want high power of status. You're independent and would rather work for yourself, or by yourself. You can easily experience burnout if you put too much energy into your career and suddenly you'll find yourself suffering from migraines by just thinking of being at work. Take the time to rest when rest is needed. Do not exert all your energy into your public image and status.


Through your professional life, you find the meaning of life. You are always looking for new ways to expand your public recognition and enjoy learning all there is to know in your chosen career. You'll approach your professional life as somebody who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and optimistic. You also may be the person who is always trying to find a new career because the current one just doesn't satisfy you. It's important to remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side. You tend to be risk-taking when it comes to your professional life which is great to make appropriate changes, but it can also give others the impression that you're irresponsible or not taking your career seriously.


You may feel as though you're always setback when it comes to your career purpose and life goals. There is a fear from Saturn in this house that makes you fear failure to the public. Due to this, you approach your public image and career life with much caution. You're serious and dedicated when it comes to your purpose in life. You are hardworking and generally respected by those in your profession. You may place too much emphasis on your work though and leaving little time for family.


When it comes to the image you are making for yourself, you want to be seen as somebody with all of the answers. Others enjoy your unusual way of doing things and your career options are unconventional. You want a career that reflects your place in society and due to your extreme energy, a 9-5 desk job wont cut it. You can have a hard time ever settling down with one profession and may jump all over the place in your restless search. Sometimes, you just change your life direction entirely if you feel like it. You would be best suited as an entrepreneur.


You may have absolutely no clue with which direction in life to take. You feel as if you're missing out on something or you lost your purpose along the way. This can be true. It probably comes from a choice of sacrifice in your chosen path. No matter which direction you choose to take, you're always met with "this way or that" and have to choose something to let go of. You want to be of service to others and can do well in spiritual work.


There is a strong desire to lead and achieve in your profession. You'll need a place that makes you feel in control and powerful. You can have many ups-and-downs in your work environment and generally do not get along well with your coworkers. You may be more suitable for entrepreneurship or a place that allows you to work alone. Even a leader in your workplace is something that is appealing to you. Either way, your chosen work area is always met with some level of intensity.