The Third House in Your Birth Chart

The houses in astrology are one of the most important parts of your birth chart. Without the houses, you cannot use predictive astrology or see where the planets are influencing you the most. Due to there being 12 houses and only 9 planets in astrology, you will have an “empty” house somewhere in your chart. Do not overlook the importance of that empty house though!

Empty houses show that these are areas of life you already do well in. As for the more packed houses (houses with lots of planets in them), you need more guidance in that area. 

For this post, we’re talking about the third house in your astrology birth chart. What does the first house mean? Why is it important? What planets do you have occupying this house? Read on to discover the answer to all these questions!

The Third House

The third house is the way we interact with our immediate environment. This is the house of day to day travel and early education. The way we speak, write, talk, and express ourselves is all through the third house. This house also rules our relationship with our siblings and neighbors. It's the house that rules our speech and thought process.

This house falls in an air house and is called a cadent house. The cadent houses are the last quadrant of the zodiac signs. Cadent houses occupy the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses in the astrology wheel. Planets that fall in the cadent houses are considered "weak" due to falling away from the angular houses. The angular houses are considered the strongest houses in astrology.

Signs on the Third House Cusp


Aries is fast and quick about the things they do and with Aries in your 3rd house of communication, you may be a fast-talker. You probably pick up on things quite easily and enjoy sharing your ideas. However, you may be unreliable and fail to follow through on your ideas. It's important that you stick things through and not jump around impulsively.


Your communication style is soft and gentle. You're practical and down-to-earth nature makes communicating with you a pleasant experience. As bullheaded as you are, you can become stubborn and resist to try or think of new things. You prefer to take things slow and will rarely change your mind.


Gemini rules the 3rd house in astrology so this is a comfortable position for you. You're witty and enjoy communicating and sharing your ideas with those around you. You can be good at studying subjects and you can be highly educated too. You're also good at multitasking.


Others enjoy communicating with you because you have a soft and nurturing aura to you. You're intuitive and easily pick up on the vibes around you. You may be an open book and others can see how sensitive you are. It's important that you learn to guard your energy so you don't get drained by energy vampires.


You have an outgoing nature and take pride in your style of communication. As enthusiastic as you are, others enjoy listening to what you have to say. You may begin your words as if you're telling a story but you can easily go off track more than once.


You have the ability to pick apart the details which makes you come across as knowing all the answers. You're precise in your communication and straight to the point. You may be the grammar police and have the tendency to criticize or correct other people's speech too.


Your sense of fairness makes it easy for you to see both sides of an issue and balance the outcome. You're friendly and outgoing and witty as well. You may have a smooth relationship with siblings or neighbors but school might've been difficult for you.


Your communication may come across as prying or obsessive. You obsess over your own ideas and the ideas of others. You're always digging into what's being said but you have the ability to focus your attention well. Some people may steer clear from your intensity but this is only because you're a perceptive communicator.


You excel in learning and enjoy learning. Others are inspired through your speech and writing and they may enjoy listening to what you have to say. Your mind is full of philosophical thoughts and you will enjoy sharing your ideas too. You are enthusiastic and funny as well.


You may be quieter than most of your peers but this is only because you know when to speak and when not to. You're a wise old-soul and you rather sit back and listen and make judgements in your mind. Sometimes, you come across as being superior in your own thoughts and ideas. You can be pragmatic and only choose to listen to facts.


You're quirky and unique and your ideas are just as unusual as you are. You enjoy studying topics that may confuse others and your mind works at lightening speed. You can pick up on things and energy fast and experience exciting and unpredictable ideas. Others enjoy speaking to you because you always have a different and more original perspective on things than most.


You easily get lost in your own daydreams and casually ignore the world or news around you. You excel in creative writing but you might've struggled in school or early learning due to your zoning out. Others appreciate your soft and calming style of communication but you can also be quite vague.

Planets in the Third House

The signs in astrology show the attitude we take on the house sector but the planets in astrology show how we act on that attitude. The planets in any house reveal the energy we play out in the different areas of our lives. It's important to note that the aspects made between planets will also play a role on this energy too.

If the energy is repressed, we find that through the challenging aspects (squares, oppositions, and sometimes conjunctions). If the energy thrives, we find that through the harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and sometimes conjunctions). It's also important to note that the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) will bring struggles to the house and the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) will bring abundance.


With Sun in the third house, you are eager to learn and share what you've learned with others in your life. Communication is very important to you and sometimes you may talk for hours on end, especially when you're excited about something. Siblings may play a huge role in your life and you enjoy talking with them, or neighbors. Short travel adventures are something common for you because you love to experience your surroundings.


The moon in your third house shows you're the person who needs plenty of communication in your life. Have healthy and secured interactions with others is important to you. You always aim to stay up to date with all that's happening around you, and you like to open yourself up to new ideas and subjects. You tend to be an open book and will announce how you're feeling, and why you're feeling the way you are with no problem whatsoever. Your surroundings have a huge impact on your own mood so it's wise to keep your surroundings as healthy as possible.


Have you ever been told that you're a quick learner? Were you the person who would talk so much in class that you got sent out or had to be moved? But even if you were moved, you still would talk? That would be due to your 3rd house Mercury placement! You're very talkative and you absorb information in like a sponge. You're intelligent and take interest in many areas of study subjects. You should be careful that you don't gossip or accidentally spill secrets that others trusted you with. You might even unintentionally spill your own secrets or overshare personal things. Social networking and communication is very important to you. You want to learn from others and also talk to others about the things you have learned. You're well-liked by your surroundings because you express an extroverted nature and you easily adapt.


You need your surroundings to be harmonious and beautiful. From the things you write, to the places you see, it needs to be attractive to you and mean something. If you have siblings, you probably get along with them well, same for your neighbors. You are gentle in your communication and can have a healthy debate amongst others. You may place high value on your education and learning is something you tend to enjoy.


You are very expressive when it comes to your thoughts and ideas. You speak clearly and stand firmly for what it is you want. There can be competition or aggression when it comes to siblings. You are a fast thinker and communicator, sometimes talking too fast. You're eager to share what you learn with those in your circle but can also be argumentative if you feel threatened. School may have been difficult for you because you can't sit still and learn on one subject for too long. It's important that you develop patience when it comes to your learning, thoughts, and communication.


Jupiter expands your need to communicate and you're quite the talker! Others are inspired by the knowledge you carry and your outgoing personality makes others feel comfortable in your conversations. You enjoy learning about your surroundings and are eager to share what you learn with those close to you as well. You may have a lot of siblings with this placement since this is the house of siblings and Jupiter increases whatever point of the chart it touches. If you don't have many siblings or none at all, this could suggest that your siblings will still admire your generosity regardless, or your neighbors. You're adventurous and may take many short travels just for fun and the experience. You're curious by nature and want to absorb as much information as possible.


Saturn blocks and restricts whichever area in the chart it touches. In your case, Saturn is blocking your ability to communicate and holds you down from restricting yourself. Perhaps in early childhood you were taught to not express your feelings or thoughts. You were never taken seriously or maybe just not listened to at all. You then grow up to fear expressing your opinions, goals, ideas, etc.. This is not to say that you will never learn how to communicate. Saturn places boundaries and throws obstacles at us but we are meant to learn our way around them and grow stronger. You can gain confidence and the skill of communication by enforcing discipline on yourself and make your own hard efforts to do so.


You have a lightening quick mind and your way of thinking is original. Your thoughts go against that status quo and subjects such as science or astrology appeal to you. Your relationship to your siblings can be rocky or unstable, or you may have an unusual, distant relationship with them. Traditional education does not satisfy you as you're compelled to learn more about the non-mundane things. You're open-minded and will enjoy learning as much as you can from others because it excites you.


This is the house of communication and the planet of the otherworldly. Therefore, this placement indicates that you have an intuitive nature to communicate through spiritual pursuits. You may be interested in being a medium and have strong psychic abilities. You're also scatter-brained and can have a hard time focusing or keeping up with certain tasks. Your mind is always drifting off to fantasy or looking towards the future instead. Others find you to be sensitive and caring in your speech and you may talk softly.


You have no problem addressing things that should be addressed or speaking passionately about things you endure. Others admire your confidence but also may feel as if they have to stand back and let you speak. It's important that you give others room to speak up as well. There can be power struggles between you and siblings, or you and neighbors. You are always undergoing some type of transformation in the way you communicate and how you think.