The Twelfth House in Astrology

The twelfth house in astrology is the house of everything hidden. Your open enemies are seen in the seventh house of your birth chart but your hidden enemies can be looked at from the twelfth house. It's the house of endings and where we break from reality. In astrology, this house shows hospitals, addictions, jails, spiritual debt. It also is about our spiritual existence, our hidden soul nature. This is the house of intuition and where we sabotage ourselves the most.

Signs in the Twelfth House


Aries in astrology is a leader and falling in the 12th house puts this sign as the follower of all other signs. Due to this, an Aries 12th house brings a much quieter energy to the sign. You rather not be burdened with other peoples emotions because you fear it will overwhelm you. Nonetheless, you feel very strongly about the views you have on life and may share your points in an assertive and sometimes aggressive way. Your strong personality can have people secretly disliking you.


You are connected to the universe by all your senses. You hear, feel, see, touch, and smell things more spiritually heightened than your surroundings. This causes you to feel less grounded because things sometimes feel as if it's too much. You may fear the higher vibrational side of the world and may get too wrapped up in chasing materialistic desires.


You enjoy exploring the realms of the subconscious mind, although you need to learn to discriminate which parts of it are best avoided. You could have some psychic abilities. As Gemini gets a bad rep. of oversharing, talking too much, and gossiping, you fear these things in yourself. You may open up only to regret doing so as you feel that others did not deserve to hear what you had to say. You can lack confidence of expressing yourself clearly simply because you try to avoid saying certain things, whether they come out or not. There may be a fear of feeling misunderstood and unaccepted.


You soak in the energy of those around you and become influenced by the emotions of others. Your mood changes frequently because of how heighted you are to your surroundings and this can cause people to make secret enemies with you. You're likely to be very intuitive though but don't always see when somebody is putting on a façade.


It may be difficult for you to truly express yourself. You lack a sense of identity so you take bits and pieces of others personalities and act out the role. Some may find you superficial or always having a façade on because of it. It's important that you find yourself through a creative pursuit that you truly enjoy.


You're very careful with who you exchange information with due to a fear of being revealed by your imperfections. You make yourself appear put together to the world and those discovering your secrets is unimaginable for you. Having an Earth sign in a Water house can often bring realistic matters to your fantasies. If you want to make your dreams a reality, you have the ability to do so. This can be found through writing or working with data.


You're a people pleaser and Libra in the 12th house has you overly sensitive to the needs of others. You must be careful to not become a doormat as you strive to please everybody. Some people may feel as if you're fake due to your changing personality or even superficial. You want to be liked by everybody and fear conflict. You need to learn to be more assertive.


You're secretive about your struggles and afraid to open up to others. You may appear superficial because of it. You do not trust easily and can easily make out when somebody has a façade on. Your emotions are intense, and you can fear them. Due to being afraid of your own shadow side, you repress these feelings deep inside in order to feel in control. Be aware that bottling things up for to long can be very damaging to your health.


You feel as if you're always on a spiritual quest but you lack personal direction. You may have no true path and do not know which direction you should take. This can lead to a lot of confusion as you navigate yourself through the physical realm. You're more in tune with your spiritual side and spiritual work is something important to you. Your hidden enemies may view you as being over the top when it comes to your spiritual pursuits but your big heart and pure knowledge tends to make you more friends than enemies.


You're so set in the physical world that you'll often ignore your inner calling and fear the spiritual realm. You may feel that you do not benefit from anything spiritually and can be very materialistic. Your pessimistic attitude and closedminded attitude can make others stay away from you. It's important that you get in touch with something higher than your own ego.


You take an unconventional approach to spiritual beliefs which come in the forms of astrology, occult studies, meditation, and yoga. You're very interested in the unknown but your know-it-all attitude to these topics can make people resent you. You are focused on benefiting humanity through a spiritual cause and you may turn to the internet and social media to express your spiritual side.


Pisces is at home in the 12th house as this is its rulership house. You're intuitive, compassionate, spiritual, and sensitive to the energy around you. It's very important that you learn boundaries otherwise you will get to wrapped up in the reality of the world and then put on a sorry me attitude. Your martyr like tendencies can have people make enemies with you all while you fear being not liked.

Planets in the Twelfth House


This Suns placement makes you want to remain in the back. You don't really enjoy the spotlight but you still hold a very important role in your community. You may take interest in connecting with the dead or supernatural or exploring abandoned places. Hospitals and institutions may be an ideal career choice for you. Success is in your reach but it will require a bit of self-sacrificing. What are you willing to let go of to help you reach the levels of achievement you want to reach? Meditation is something you should focus on. Quieting your mind and reflecting will help you heal the wounds you may have. There may have been some trauma or absence in regards to your father. You can release these hurts by reflecting carefully on the pains you hold on to.


Your moon in the twelfth house of your astrology chart shows that you are a true lone-wolf. You take comfort in living a reclusive lifestyle and you need to be alone to fully charge your own battery. Even if you're enjoying yourself in social outings, you still manage to drift off into your own dream world. You don't want to be in the spotlight and that is entirely okay. You will find that you succeed more when you are in seclusion rather than throwing yourself out center stage. You're a behind the scenes type of person but you should watch for depression and loneliness. There is a tendency to self-sabotage yourself with this house placement. You may have many disappointments in your life but you make way through the disappointments by connecting yourself spiritually. You're very intuitive and often this placement is seen as an emotional sponge. You absorb the energy of everybody around you and this is why you prefer solitude.


You are intuitively connected to the spiritual realms and have psychic abilities. This makes you an emotional sponge to your surroundings that can impact your mental health. It can be hard to follow your own path in life because you have a difficult time disconnecting your thought process from the ideas of others. You can be a people-pleaser. You're also artistic and tend to daydream often. You enjoy solitude because you're a person who likes to sit back and reflect.


You find beauty in peace and quiet when Venus is placed in the 12th house of your birth chart. You're known as a lone-wolf and can have a hard time trusting others. You rather indulge yourself into the unknown, the spiritual realm, the arts of the occult. Your vision is always looking forward rather than taking in the current moment. You can be very intuitive when it comes to your relationships and be an sponge that absorbs others moods. You're easily hurt by the actions and words of others but you come across as resilient. You're compassionate and sensitive but appear as aloof or standoffish. Only those who truly understand your character will know that sometimes all you want is just a hug. You want to merge yourself with another and fall deeply in love. Past experiences may make this hard to do though.


This is a pretty intense and lonely placement for Mars in your astrology birth chart. The 12th house is all about solitude and reflection but Mars is about reaction and is impulsive. You may experience emotional outbursts that confuse you and others. Your ambition or direction in life can feel foggy most of the times and you may feel insecure and powerless. Your passion lies in the unknown. By connecting to your spiritual nature and surrendering to the Universe, you will find that you are never alone. You may also find this sense of awareness through poetry or art.


Jupiter in the house of mysticism enhances your spiritual side and gives you strong psychic abilities. No matter how dark life seems to get for you, you can also find your way back to the top through your optimism. The saying, "be careful what you wish for" is a good thing to remember with this placement. You attract exactly what you wish for here. This is the house of self-undoing and endings. You may experience a lot of loss in your life but you can gain back more than you lost through your positive attitude. Due to your compassionate nature, you offer a guided hand to others through your spiritual or religious beliefs. You hold the greatest gift of wisdom that you are willing to share with others.


This placement for Saturn in your astrology chart makes you fear being in complete solitude with yourself. You're frightened by the hidden things in your personality and have a hard time confronting your own shadows. You lack boundaries and others always seem to be stepping over yours. There is a sense of extreme guilt and sadness with this placement, even if there is nothing giving you a reason to feel this way. By connecting spiritually or artistically to the world, you may learn to conquer your fears of feeling unimportant.


Uranus in astrology is the planet that gets our unusual ways of thinking flowing. You are the person who enjoys quiet time because you find that your best intuitive ways of thinking come from being alone. It's not that you don't enjoy the company of others, it's just that you cannot think outside of the box when you're around other people. Your original ideas flow to you when you are in stillness with the Universe. You may be interested in connecting to the Universal source through ways of meditation or yoga. This placement makes you very creative and gives you a love for the unknown.


Life is overwhelming for everybody, but for you, it's super overwhelming. You just cannot stand to face reality and look at the world without your rose-colored glasses. You're very aware of the danger and deceit in the world, but you choose to look away. This makes you a lone-wolf. You enjoy your privacy and solitude. You escape the harshness of reality through daydreaming or writing. On the negative side, you can be prone to addictions. It's super important to take care of yourself with this placement.


You're highly intuitive and have psychic abilities. You may obsess over the unconscious realms and try to bring them to surface. Some things in the universe is better left kept a secret though. Your life always seems to be in turmoil with no explanation as to why. You find yourself facing many crisis's throughout your lifetime no matter how many times you run from it. You are meant to face these shadows with bravery because these crisis moments lead you to your greatest transformations.