Venus in Your Astrology Birth Chart

Venus is an air element in astrology and represents harmony, love, and attraction. Venus in your birth chart represents your outlook on beauty and love. Your Venus astrology placement can even show you the type of partner you are attracted to. Venus is associated with aesthetics, beauty, refinement and romance. Its position in the birth chart indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection, and sensual pleasure will be expressed. Venus rules our sentiments and what we value.

Venus in the Signs

Venus in Aries

You try to win others over by expressing how enterprising and independent you are. Your Venus style of expressing love can be maddeningly me-centered, but the right person for you will find this approach charming. You have an innocent charm even when you are being childish and impatient. However, you don’t easily adapt to others’ feelings and moods. You can be demanding in love, addicted to the chase or the intense passions of the moment.

Venus in Taurus

You're guided by a sensuous nature with Venus in Taurus. Romantic love in all its aspects is inspiration for your Earth Venus. You project yourself as solid and comfortable. In fact, something about your manner promises you will be a satisfying lover and partner. You need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in your relationships. However, you can be possessive in love, and are threatened by fast-paced, high-energy situations in the context of relationships and love. You are a sensual partner who require lots of hands-on expressions.

Venus in Gemini

You favor mingling with peers and friends, so can toss out handfuls of ideas and concepts. You're always looking for information, movement, and excitement that allow you to multitask and experiment with a wide range of projects at once. You have the innate instincts for communication. You'll excel as a wordsmith, comedian, writer, teacher, speaker, lecturer with a penchant for literary activities that focus on some form of play on words.

Venus in Cancer

Motherhood, nurturing, caring, history, tradition are often favorite themes with this type of Venus placement in the birth chart. You instinctively know how to portray contradictory and conflicting emotions, a person’s inner motivation, or describe the hurts and wounds of deep feelings. Your talent often lies in bringing to the forefront the contradictions between a person’s true emotion and behavior. You are at your best when attuned to all the nuances of any kind of emotional attachment or when you are able to pour your empathy into concrete form.

Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo, you need to feel very special. you are quite loyal to your partners (remember that love is the most important thing in Leo's life), however, you do thrive on romantic attention. You want to be attractive and are threatened with a relationship that has lost its spark. You are dramatic in relationships and always looking to get your way.

Venus in Virgo

This Venus placement in astrology makes you very meticulous, practical, and detail-oriented in anything you do. Before tackling any project, you will devote much time to research and getting the facts correctly. Diligent, you rarely abandon an assignment. There is diligence in getting the details exactly right pays off creatively by allowing you to focus on all the little things that make up the big picture. This quality oftentimes makes this Venus a very good writer of detective novels and scientific papers.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is particularly potent. Marriage, romance, relationships, the thoughts, and plights of others are the subject matters that inspire this Venus. You tend to act as an observer and report back on both sides of the issue, the feelings of others and any other aspect that requires not only describing somebody else’s point of view but also making each side aware of the other. You are very people oriented and often prefer collaborative projects.

Venus in Scorpio

You approach relationships with purpose and intensity. Your connection with your creativity runs deeply to the point of becoming sometimes obsessive. The dark side of emotions and passions are often a source of inspiration. Jealousy, love and hate, sexual desires, power play are all favorite themes in a Venus in Scorpio. You naturally are willing to explore the strange, the unusual, and the weird, which can include not only the occult sciences, inner mysteries; but also, the depths of the soul, and the powers of self regeneration.

Venus in Sagittarius

You want to learn new things, and experience everything with a partner. Most likely, you are an idealistic lover who wants others to appreciate your beliefs, visions, and ideals. Also, you can be a confusing mix of the lighthearted and serious. You're a roamer and seeker and don’t commit in relationships as easily as others. You may attract others with your big smile and laughs, your jokes, your dreams, and your friendly, flirtatious behavior. You'll pride yourself on your open mind but can be judgmental too. You are threatened by inhibitions on the part of your lover. It is true that any dullness will be an emotional overkill. When the going gets tough in your relationship, you have an overwhelming need to run away.

Venus in Capricorn

A Venus in Capricorn knows better than any other sign how to portray ambition, social decorum, tradition, and the conflict between natural instincts and social structures. You want others to know you are goal oriented, witty, savvy, and controlled. You can come across as lacking in warmth and spontaneity. Truth is, you can be a rather romantic soul. You are conservative and willing to commit. You're attracted to serious, goal-oriented lovers. You can be a little shy in matters of the heart and like some measure of predictability in relationships as you are cautious when it comes to love.

Venus in Aquarius

For you, inspiration comes from breaking the rules, distancing from the past, and exploring new ways of doing things. Experimentation is a keyword for this airy Venus, as it feeds your need for variety and mental stimulation and helps avoid any sort of stifling routine that could impinge your creative impulses. The quirkier the theme the more inspired you get.

Venus in Pisces

Pisces allows Venus to express great compassion, deep sympathy, and a high sensitivity for the experience of human love. People generally gravitate towards you. You are always ready to creatively express the internal motivations of others. You excel at expressing the very matters that people don’t usually have a good grasp of since they belong to the area of what goes beyond what we generally see.

Venus in the Houses

1st House Venus

Your Venus in the house that represents your whole essence to the world makes you very attractive to others. Something about you is just so adoring! You go about life in a way that is calm and have a harmonious demeanor. The beauties of life pull hard at your heart strings and you may be quite artistic yourself! You enjoy the finer things in life. You also may be a people-pleaser.

2nd House Venus

Your second house Venus makes you value the beautiful things in your life. You probably do well with money unless other indicators in your chart suggest you don't. You may spend too much on personal items that feel luxurious or look beautiful to you. It's also possible that you over-indulge in the good things in life as well. Remember that all things should be done in balance. You may be suited for a career that deals with real estate, property, the arts, or beauty.

3rd House Venus

You need your surroundings to be harmonious and beautiful. From the things you write, to the places you see, it needs to be attractive to you and mean something. If you have siblings, you probably get along with them well, same for your neighbors. You are gentle in your communication and can have a healthy debate amongst others. You may place high value on your education and learning is something you tend to enjoy.

4th House Venus

Venus in the 4th house is one of the best places for Venus to be in. Your home environment needs to be peaceful and beautiful. When there is conflict in your home, it can pull you down more so than others. You need harmonious relationships. You also hold things passed down to you in your home with deep, sentimental value. This can make it hard to let go of your surroundings or items in your home. Tradition is something you choose to choose to live by and you respect family's values. You may get along well with your mother and your partner. You have an enthusiastic and caring nature that makes you respected by your family.

5th House Venus

Venus in the 5th house shows you will spend much of your time creating, having fun, and living as care-free as you can. You are skilled when it comes to your artistic side and you want to express yourself through art. Drama and play is another thing you may have an interest in. Venus here makes you value your creativity and you can value your hobbies. You may get along easily with children, either yours or another's. You're optimistic and generous.

6th House Venus

Your values are placed on living a healthy life. You may be the type of person who is always determined to better themselves. It builds your self-esteem more than others when you're working towards a goal. Your work relationships tend to be peaceful and you get along with your co-workers most of the time. Others appreciate your logic when it comes to solving problems. You weigh out each side before making a decision. You may find yourself interested in setting routines and sticking with them, it will probably improve your mood. Health over mind, body, and spirit is just the way you do things.

7th House Venus

Venus in the 7th places a lot of value on your relationships. You need close relationships that are harmonious and spiritual. You see the good in your partner and want union with them more so than others. This can make you very committed in your relationships or you may just enjoy living life with somebody always by your side. This is the planet of love and romance occupying your house of union and marriage. Marriage may be something you truly want one day. You also may do well when it comes to legal dealings. You have the ability to justify the rights and wrong and debate healthy, unless other chart points show otherwise.

8th House Venus

Love or power? Your relationships can be very intense and you may attract others who are very dominant or hold some position of power. You attract external resources to you very easily. Life is always opening a new door for you that leads you to greater transformation. You enjoy the darkness of endings because you know it will bring more light. You're always undergoing some sort of spiritual transformation in your life but it can be ugly at times. This house drowns Venus's flowy go with the breeze nature and holds it down. Until you can control your own intensity, life will always be extremely intense. You may inherit something valuable from an ancestor or relationship. Either a sum of money or property.

9th House Venus

Venus in the 9th house gives you a bigger than life outlook. You want to understand the Universe and all the secrets it holds. You may be an environmentalist and can be easily crushed when seeing the beautiful Earth is pieces. Religion and spirituality spikes your interest and you feel the information is valuable to your learning process. You're pretty accepting of all religions and beliefs which makes others naturally drawn to your optimistic and welcoming presence. You want to explore the world and may indulge in plane tickets or road trips just to seek out something more beautiful than where you're at. Sometimes though, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

10th House Venus

You place a lot of value on your career. You enjoy harmonious relationships in your professional workplace and may even decorate your office beautifully. Aesthetic in the office! You want to perfect your career and may spend too much time working just to make an extra buck. It's important that you place value on the other things in your life as well. Others might look at you as successful and easy to work with. You want to work hard so you can afford all the luxurious things that life has to offer. Just remember though, money can sometimes be the root of all evil.

11th House Venus

You're a true humanitarian. You probably have many friends and get along with them well. You can be quite popular! Your friendship circle is large and you enjoy socializing with many groups of people. You're the person who can be found at a peace rally and standing up for the underdog. You believe in fairness because you think by playing fair, the world would get along. You cherish your friendships and those in your community. Your values are placed on making the world a better place. You're not one to settle for the way things are, you want to lead things in the direction on how you think they should be.

12th House Venus

Venus in the 12th house makes you value the peace and quiet. You're known as a lone-wolf and can have a hard time trusting others. You rather indulge yourself into the unknown, the spiritual realm, the arts of the occult. Your vision is always looking forward rather than taking in the current moment. You can be very intuitive when it comes to your relationships and be an sponge that absorbs others moods. You're easily hurt by the actions and words of others but you come across as resilient. You're compassionate and sensitive but appear as aloof or standoffish. Only those who truly understand your character will know that sometimes all you want is just a hug. You want to merge yourself with another and fall deeply in love. Past experiences may make this hard to do though.